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Appleseed Timber Company

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Hello there,


im having a question about the appleseed timber company. the father, that is building a house, asks me to get some lumber for him. told me where to find it, everything ok. i go there, i can speak to them i need lumber, but they dont offer me any. i already helped them selling them supplies and helped a man who was under a tree, lifting it and get him out under the tree. still they dont offer me any lumber. i tried to pass some game days with sleeping, roaming around etc... the foreman always says thats everything looking good but the lumber for today is already sold. i tried to approach them at all daytimes, he is saying always the same. i did go back to the father and talked with him, saying that i could not yet find some lumber for him, and repeated going back to the company, let some days pass etc, still nothing.


im despaired right now. are there any other specific requirements i have to meet to get that lumber from the company? (no stealing, cause there is no wagon to steal it...)


would appreciate your help.


i already searched for the problem, but i couldnt find any specific detail about how to get. all the ppl say is: save and reload (already tried that multiple times, does not work) let some days pass (as i mentioned above, doesnt work) or they just got the lumber at first encounter.


have a nice one and im looking forward for some help :)



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Cutter De Blanc

You can just steal any lumber wagon

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ok, this is an option. but are there any ways to get the lumber from the company?

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On 6/26/2020 at 7:30 PM, Aschereiter said:

ok, this is an option. but are there any ways to get the lumber from the company?

Try doing any mission (including the bounty hunts) and then come back there. Not sure if it works for you, but this action did once unstuck me from a similar situation.

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