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Thoughts on my timeline connecting the GTA and RDR universes.

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Posted (edited)

I was thinking about what happens to Jack Marston after 1914 with the events leading up to the start of the GTA timeline 3D and HD universes, 1984.  I was thinking of the idea of a trilogy of games, the first game where you play as Jack Marston in interwar-America (1920, 1928, 1934 and 1940), the second where you play as his son Jim Marston in post-war America (1948, 1956 and 1962) and the third and final one where you play as his son, Jack's grandson, Jeff Marston in 1970s America (1970 and 1978).  


It's an idea I've been working on, forgive the typing and spacing I made it on Microsoft wordpad.  


Here it is, my timeline idea



In 1916, Jack meets a local orphan turned homeless prostitute on the street after a hurricane hit Blackwater a year earlier and destroyed the home of the man whom she lived with the general store owner.  She is the daughter of Karen Jones and Sean MacGuire who Sean impregnated the night before he was killed in June, 1899.  The 16 year old girl's name is Elizabeth (Beth) Jones, the two fall in love instantly and get married in March, 1917.  Meanwhile, Archer Fordham investigates the death of Edgar Ross, comes to the conclusion that is was Jack who murdered him after interviewing Edgar's brother and wife.  Makes Jack join the US army during the beginning of US involvement in World War I right after Jack gets married.  The BOI confiscate the money in Beecher's Hope and then leave them.  In August, 1919 Jack and Beth have their first kids, twin boys named Charles (Charlie) and John Marston (Johnny or John jr) Jack returns home and starts a family but struggles financially and the farm is eventually forclosed on in May, 1920 because of the double-dip recession/depression following World War I and the very high inflation with stagnant food prices making it hard to earn money.  They move to Carcer City where Jack gets a job at a local car parts plant.  One day in July, 1920 a mob boss labor racketeer threatens and intimidates workers at the steel mill to paying dues but Jack sees an opprotunity grabbing a length of rope ontop of aggrigate bags and uses it to throw a lasso around the Capo's neck and pull him into a steal beam right as the Capo had put on a pair of brass kunckles and was ready to beat the factory head manager temporarily incapacitating the capo, immediately then going into quick action mode and shooting the shooting hands/arms of the three soldiers beside them disarming them, he then has the other workers kick the soldiers out, and makes the capo apologize to the owner by throwing his knife into a wooden plank underneath him right underneath his crotch - reference to the movie City Slickers.  A new Soldier in the Carcer Outfit named Joe DeMici convinces the underboss of the Carcer Outfit, Al Colossi to spare him and have him join the organization instead, that's where the story starts.

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Part I (The First Game): Outlaws and Gangsters


America, 1920

Just two decades into the new century, the age of the outlaw and gunslingers was dead and buried...

the West has become a land of laws and rules.  Even the west was becoming a land of cars, cities and factories. 


The gangs have been hunted down, meanwhile some outlaws learned to adopt the modern ways and changed their image with the times.  


These gangs are called "families" and these new outlaws are called "public enemies" 


better known as "gangsters" 




Prologue - late-summer to early-autumn 1920: Death of the Outlaw, Rise of the Gangster

Jack loses the family farm moves to Carcer City, accidentally looses his job after an incident with local mafia racketeers ends up becoming an associate in the Carcer Outfit under Joe DeMici whom he befriends as it turns out they have a lot in common, do a few jobs for the local underboss Al Colossi after which Jack travels with Joe to Villabate, Sicily to get revenge for his parent's murder in 1908 and complete his connection establishment with the local mafia.  After returning home Jack finally gets the money for the medicine to treat his son's diptheria which does no good and they travel back from Carcer City to Blackwater to bury little Charlie Marston next to the graves of Jack, Abigail and Uncle as a oil field development begins to takeover the ranch.  After this incident Jack becomes more grateful and appreciative of his wife and kids and becomes more protective of a father although he is still a bitter, cynical angry young adult.  Sadie Adler returns to Beecher's Hope to hopefully meet her old friends but is greatly saddened to hear what happened, she is now a farm owner in Colombia which she bought with bounty hunter money.  


Part I - autumn 1928: New Changes, New Similarities, New Problems


Jack is now a father of four kids John jr (Johnny) aged 9, Sarah (Sadie) aged 7, James Arthur Marston (Jimmy) aged 5, Dorothy Abigail (Dorothy) aged 2.  The family now lives in North Alderny, meanwhile Joe DeMici became a boss of his own family after attending a meeting in Cleveage, Ohio two years earlier and by this point is now controlling numbers, prostitution, and his own bootlegging rackets.  Meanwhile, Beth (Jack's wife) is becoming increasingly worried about her husband's job and wants him out vowing not to let her family slide into criminal life.  Joe DeMici is now a married man to one of the bosses daughters, Nina Calegossi, he married her in 1920 and they now have four kids with a fifth one on the way.  


Meanwhile the Independence City bootlegging operation goes under after one of their key lieutenants becomes a government witness and Joe DeMici and Jack begin to take over the operation.  Jack Marston is taken hostage by the bootlegging operators after 13 of them draw their guns on him during a moment of suspicion, Joe has some of his soldiers and himself go rescue him.  Meanwhile, Joe Massino (mobster based off of Joe Masseria) head of the Pavano Crime Family sends Joe DeMici and Jack Marston settle a dispute between Joe Morello and Al Colossi (who by this point is head of the White City Outfit), however Morello ignores the peacemaking effort and threatens them while Colossi ignores the peacemaking effort and tries to kill them having Jack and Joe DeMici escape in a shootout.  Joe Massino sends Joe DeMici and Jack Marston to settle a dispute with Gaspar Lolino the Boss of the Carcer Outfit to get support for ending the White City Gang War, however, they also refuse to support an end to the war, and a split is formed in the entire American Mafia.  After this Ron Rosenstein the leader of the Jewish Mafia is murdered.  In  the aftermath of this, Liberty City mobster Chirs Nickadimo of the "Homeland Ascent" faction which includes Mikey Gambetti begins negotiating with Joe DeMici to declare independence from Joe Massino, which Joe DeMici agrees to.  


Peter J. O'Driscoll, the son of Colm's murdered brother, now a multi-millionaire investor in real estate, movie studios and bootlegging hires DeMici and Jack to help sabatoge his competition in boot legging.  Something familiar about Peter rubs Jack the wrong way but he ignores it while remianing very distrustful of him and not liking him very much.  Jack is given the job of killing Salvatore Bronte, head of the Independence City crime family, motivation given to Jack about this is that he is the son of Angelo Bronte, whom kidnapped him in 1899.  The operation goes sorta wrong and he ends up kidnapping Joe DeMici's children which Jack and Joe rescue.  The spark that sets off a full blown mob war is when head of the Gambetti Crime Family and the Don of Dons for the past 16 years, Nicky Scalero is killed and a power struggle begins and Jack Marston's wife children are kidnapped by Joe Massino, he has to tie up Beth cause she keeps assaulting the kidnappers and even shoots one of them.  The Marston family are rescued by Jack and Joe after which DeMici throws Massino into a meat grinder in the meat packing plant they were held captive in saying "I don't care how much wrong a man did, you never involve his wife and kids". 


After this moment, Beth decides she's had enough of Jack's violent career path, personality and chip on his shoulder and leaves taking the kids.  Jack realizes that he's been a absent minded father and a bit of a violent cynical asshole much like his father John was before 1907 and decides to change his ways.  He takes the fall for a murder of a police chief to get rid of wanted charges on the closest thing to a best friend he's ever had Joe DeMici.  Following this, Jack Marston is wanted by the BOI in Liberty, Pennsylvania, Mashuntuckee, Pontiac, Ohio, Illinois and Florentia, he also uses this as an excuse to leave the life for a while and gets Joe DeMici to look after him and his family and make sure none of the other families try to harm him becoming a "fall guy".  Many in the mafia commission see this as a move of Jack "only caring about and wanting to protect and save himself" a move of selfishness, Joe DeMici claims it is to take the heat off of them and assures them that he "witnessed federal agents murder his father in cold blood and that he himself is the closest thing to a best friend he ever had."  


Jack takes visits Blackwater where he buys some land just outside the city to give ranching a second chance and finally do what his parents wanted him to do and stop feeling guilty about himself.  Jack buys a 50 acre plot of land southwest of Blackwater and names it Marston Ranch, and has his families graves moved down there.  He convinces Beth to stay married (high honor) to him having her and the kids continue to live with him.  Jack teaches his kids how to fish and farm, feeling like they need how to do that and get rid of the Liberty and mob influence on them.  Jimmy is the one who learns the fastest as he is the smartest Marston child and already reads at a level of a 9 year old despite only being 5 years old. 


Al Colossi orders a hit on Joe DeMici's home shoots up his family home but thankfully nobody is killed except the four men who broke into the house.  Joe DeMici moves out into more of the countryside of Alderny and begins building a family compound in a secluded area thats impossible to see from the street.  



Part II - late spring 1934: Blackwater to the Future


In 1931, revenues and finances on the Marston's ranch begins to turn negative from a collapse in prices as the Great Depression takes place.  Al Colossi was arrested in 1930 for tax evasion, feeling betrayed he organizes a new gang behind prison walls using fake letters to family members creating the two-State gang behind the scnees.  He attempts to rat out his former capo Joe DeMici in exchange for a massive shortening of his prison sentence from 25 years to 10 years and avoiding the death penalty.  After reading one of Jack Marston's new novels Mary Beth-gaskill decides to visit the Marston family to reunite with her long lost friends John and Abigail Marston only to be surprised to learn that they've both been dead for a long time, even more surprising when she finally learns about what happened to Karen Jones and isn't surprised about her ending noting how traumatized and grief stricken she was after Sean's death, she visits for a few days and befriends the children telling them about their grandparents on both sides and their adventures together.  Meanwhile Jack is teaching his oldest son John jr how to drive a car.  


Meanwhile, Liberty City's newly elected mayor Charles Lemenco orders a police raid on gambling parlors, where the raid damages over 1,000 slot machines owned by Joe DeMici.  Jack Marston is called in for a favor by his friend Joe DeMici as a potential mob war might break out again.  In a North Yankton shootout, Jack Marston kills an FIB agent, (the BOI became the FIB in 1933).  Jack Marston goes into hiding in a spot where only Joe DeMici knows where he is for two weeks while they plan the perfect robbery in an attempt to set up Charles Lemenco's biggest supporter and front-runner in his campaign donations and the two-state gang.  The robbery is a reference to the 1973 film The Sting, this time Jack brings an accomplice along under a fake alias for the robbery Mary Beth-gaskill, who acts as a distraction to the robbery about to take place by faking a fall accident.  After the robbery with the approval of the commission Jack comes out of hiding and he along with Joe DeMici take on the two-state gang.  


With the money after the robbery attempt, he pays off his bounty, and expands his ranch and distances himself from the mafia as much as possible, where he begins to have land ownership issues with a local wealthy real estate developer and oil man named Ron Carrington, Avery's father who now uses the land for real estate and oil drilling.  



Epilogue - early summer 1940: Bad Influences


Joe DeMici picks Al Colossi as he is released from prison, drops him off at his home in Broker where he has Colossi killed and the body thrown into the fireplace.  Jack Marston goes down to Lake Don Julio where the cabin in 1914 has been replaced with a small fishing lodge resort and throws his gun into the San Luis River a symbolic reference to the ending of Red Dead Redemption 1 and a message that Jack is done with his outlaw ways doing the exact opposite of what he did back in 1914 this happens simultaneously while Joe DeMici kills Al Colossi symbolizing the two moving on from the demons of their pasts showing Jack's character development since before the events of 1920 going from a depressed, angry, bitter, cynical apathetic husband and father who feels inferior compared to his father and feels like he's disappointing them, to a happier, warmer, more optimistic loving husband and father (high honor) who feels like his own person and feeling like his parents would be proud of him.  As the game credits start rollling a 1940 style newsreel reports Al Colossi has gone missing from his Vice City home found dead remains show a result of cardiac arrest, the newsreel says it could not be confirmed if someone tried to kill due to him being a mobster under house arrest with all his authority and power taken away from him who made too many enemies, but that they've narrowed it down to 26 potential suspects.  Then it shows the Marston family celebrating Jimmy Marston going into university and it shows how respected and powerful of a mob boss Joe DeMici has become and how happy of a family man he is with his wife and six children saying nothing can ruin this happy moment as news of "The Blitz" breaks out on the radio.  




Part II (The Second Game): J. Marston's Revenge


America, 1948

The 20th century is nearly half over, after industrialization, intense modernization, two world wars, a great depression and the failure of prohibition, America is a changed land, the outlaws and Old West, either dead or successfully tamed by the federal government are now relics of the past emulated in movies, novels and re-enactments.  New ways of life for soldiers returning home the war takes place in the form of sprawled out suburbs and increasing pollution is threatening the farms and ranches near the big cities.  The cities are slowly becoming more blighted and desperate leading to the first street gangs.  The towns and cities of the West are now indistinguishable from towns and cities anywhere else in the country. Organized crime is reaching the height of its power and influence.  The feds have successfully tamed the west, now they're looking to do the same to the mafia.  Little do they know that there is a way around this through legitimate businesses.  They do this through casinos, wine manufacturing, and bribing local police organizations and politicians.  The families again are on the brink of war with tensions rising, at this point, it's only a matter of time before a spark ignites the increasingly inevitable fire.



Part I - late spring, 1948: The Sins of our Fathers


Jimmy Marston (now going by Jim and now a WWII veteran) is now married to his college sweetheart whom he met in college before joining the army, Geri Sawicki, on April 7th of that year they celebrate the birth of their second child a son named Jeffrey Marston.  He has a daughter born in January, 1947 named Linda and graduated from Elizabeth Tech University in December 1947 becoming the first college graduate in his entire family.  Meanwhile, the FIB assistant director of the criminal investigative division, former Lemoyne Representative Louis McCann comes up with a plan to self-destruct the mafia by having them turn on each other by having undercover informants infiltrate meetings to convince the family heads to kill anyone who could potentially rat them out, his plan for this is to get the mafia made men to leave the family and go into witness protection after the loose ends are tied up.  Meanwhile, Jack Marston travles to Vinewood because a movie producer wants to make a movie out of his book Red Dead, with a movie titled the same name (a reference to the irl 1948 John Wayne movie Red River) directed by Issac.  


Soon the mafia begins ordering hits on potential rats, former associates and potential leaks including their adult children.  Jack Marston successfully defends his wife and himself.  Johnny Marston is enjoying a meeting with an old childhood friend of his whom he reunited with during the war Vito Gravelli (Jon's brother).  They're gunned down in the restaurant unexpectedly by two hit men with assault rifles.  Sadie Marston who is now a happily married housewife to a man named Larry Phillips with their six year old son Ryan Phillips are enjoying a pleasant morning when Ryan goes off to work only to have his car explode with a car bomb which was intended for both her and her husband but only kills Ryan.  Making her a widow and three assassins storm into the house, she sends Ryan to run off to a neighbors house while she hides, one of the assassins finds her in a  bedroom closet and attempts to rape her, only for Saide to grab a gun in the closet and shot the rapist/assassin in the mouth.  The two other assassins come into the bedroom hoping to find the job finished only to get murdered by her as well.  Being traumatized by this event, her personality goes from being a content small town housewife to a vengeful, violent and at times rather cruel person, especially towards the Gambetti Crime Family, leading her father Jack to comment "I knew it was never a coincidence I gave her that name, perfectly suits her".  Jim shoots off his potential murderes and goes to rescue his sister Dorothy and her recently married to husband Robert "Bob" Peters.  


Meanwhile, Jon Gravelli recently a made man in the Calegossi Family becomes a soldier within the family, and decides to help out in finding out who is pushing the families onto the brink of a war.  


Jack Marston overwhelmed by the grief of the loss of his oldest son decides he wants revenge but he doesn't want to lower himself to the level of his killers, his wife Beth becomes very overwhelmed and secretly blames Jack for this and threatens to divorce him and enter the kids into witness protection.  His 25 year old son Jim says he will help save his family and avenge his older brother's death, Sadie also joins in for vengeance eagerly and holds a grudge against Jack for living a life that got him involved with these people.  Meanwhile a fued begins in Vinewood between Fred Quincy and Abe Schwartzman leading to the death of the movie director Issac having him replaced by movie director J. Lee Andrews who resigns and is replaced with Arvell Kane.  Jack's hat is stolen in his office and is placed in a trashcan by the murder scene thus framing him for murder.  


One of the first scenes with Joe DiMici in Part II he is seen aging because of health issues becoming somewhat of a shell of his former self, he is with Jim Marston saying he wants to know more about the men who framed his father for murder and who attempted to kill his family.  Vowing that Jim keep it a secret Joe tells him the truth about his father before he moved back to Blackwater and what they did, there Jim finally learns about the sacrifices his father made and how the mafia gave his family a second chance at a free life with a cost, also how he and Jack never really like Manbano where Joe agrees to convince The Commission to take down Manbano if he refuses to step down.  Jim Marston along with Jon Gravelli, Sadie and Nick DeMici (Joe's son), Jack secretly joins them against the wishes of his wife and son and together they singlehandedly take on the army around Vincent Manbano at the Manbano Compound.  Jack and Sadie are injured in the firefight and they're both taken to the hospital in the same ambulance where they fully reconcile their differences.  Vincent Manbano is kidnapped and brought to Sonny Calegossi in a coup who becomes the head of the Gambetti Crime Family and in return allows the Marstons to return to a private life, making them immune from any violent actions so long as they don't tell any authorities about their actions, and given Jack's hatred and bitterness towards government authority hapilly agrees, Jon Gravelli is also promoted to a Capo within the family.  Sonny Calegossi is made head of the Gambetti Crime Family which is renamed the Calegossi Crime Family and head of the Commission in the conservative faction where Fred Carmelo is head of the liberal faction.  


Jim Marston visits his father in Los Santos on the movie set where Jack is a screenwriter.  While Jim Marston is at the train station in Los Santos about to board a train back to Blackwater, he notices a stow away in the form of a 70 year old con woman being confronted by security and ticket checkers for conning her way into getting free rides (similar to the elderly woman in the 1970 film airport) and sees whats going on.  They briefly recognize eachother where Jim takes control of the situation and offers to pay for her ticket and apologies.  The woman reveals herself to be Mary-Beth Gaskill and gives Jim a photo of the old Van der Linde gang from 1898 which features his grandparents, right after John returned to the gang after a year of absence and points out which ones are his grandparents, the photo also reveals a 3 year old Jack Marston, she also gives him a news article from 1899 about the Blackwater Massacre, after she leaves and they go on their way Jim discovers he's been pick-pocketed and all the cash in his wallet is gone.  Surprisingly, he decides not to chase her down for the theft and just lets it go.  After this, Jim decides he wants to be in his own business and takes out a loan to buy a ranch to start a cheese making business using the same style and methods for cheese making as the Sicilians use but on a industrial scale.  Jack after screenwriting for his first film decides to split his ranch with 75 acres going to each of his children.  



Part II - early autumn, 1956: Red Family Redemption


With a drought taking place since 1949 in New Austin, since 1950 in East Elizabeth, and since 1951 in West Elizabeth Jim's business isn't doing very well, even though he is very intelligent and good with numbers.  Dorothy was the first to sell her lot of land to real-estate developers in 1953, Jack decided to stop screenwriting after seeing how racist Vinewood was during the production of his second screenplay being made Bullwhip Fury.  Continious drought and a failed season cause Sadie Marston to sell her farm in 1955 and move to South Yankton to take up work as a professional hitwoman, as that spring her son was put into juvenile detention for setting his school on fire killing people and later that summer in juvenile detention summer camp for ramming a shotgun up the butt of one the heads of the camp after being punished for starting a fight with a fellow inmate and shot the insides of the camp leaders torso.


In June, 1956 hit attempts again are taken on both Jack and Jim Marston by the son of Vincent Manbano where Jim assures him that he'll fight this one himself and joins his old time friend Jon Gravelli in finding out answers.  In July of that year a mafia conference is being held the Lanapean Mountains called the Lenapean Conference, which is a meeting of all the heads of all the Commission families which was organized in secret through secret codes by payphones.  During the meeting the FIB storm the meeting and Jim Marston and Jon Gravelli are forced to shoot their way out of there and go into hiding for a couple of weeks where Jon Gravelli and Jim Marston are made as the "rat" scapegoats even though they had nothing to do with the raid.  Jim Marston calls Geri from a payphone in Annesburg and tells her to take the kids and some money and head to Florentia under the name "Jenny Milton".  Jim Marston and Jon Gravelli temporarily lose everything with $100,000 wanted bounties on their heads and head to Cuba where they lay low and Jim takes up the fake name "John Milton".  They lay low in Cuba for about five weeks in the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, while Jim occasionally writes letters with fake names back to his wife.  During this time, Jim realizes that he's been a rather absent, work focused cold indifferent father and husband and decides to work on improving himself and the way he interacts with others, becoming less uptight and somewhat sociopathic (consequence of war trauma).  


In September, while Jim and Jon are hiding in Havana, suddenly guerrilla soldiers attack the army base nearby and students mount attacks on the streets of Havanna.  Realizing that the nation is on the verge of a civil war or revolution and how imminent it is, Jon Gravelli has a unknown contact make false passports for them to sneak back into the United States, Jim is also beginning to realize how much he misses his wife and kids and how distracted of a parent he's been.  


Jim Marston and Jon Gravelli get found out by authorities right before they escape and end up taking refuge in East Los Santos in a small apartment where they counter local Mexican-American gangs with the street violence.  Meanwhile, the south and east sides of Los Santos are becoming increasingly racially segregated and urban declines is taking place as white residents are leaving for more open affluent areas.  One of the residents of the hispanic neighborhoods where gang wars are now becoming very commonplace a distinguished 24 year old Korean War veteran named Luis Cortez is looking for a way to permanently end all the Mexican gang infighting.  Jon Gravelli decides to end the local violence by working with the Mexican gangs and convinces them to ally with eachtoerh and form a system of alliance and collaboration with gangs who they have a common main enemy with.  In exchange for this the Gravelli family gains a very important ally with eachother and form a system of alliance and collaboration with gangs.  During this time they get introduced to one of the smarter more ambitious gang leaders Luis Cortez, and his lover Consuella Madrazo and their illigetimate three year old son Martin.  This also starts the point where Jim Marston becomes a fan of Mexican cuisine much like how his father became a fan of Italian cuisine after becoming a mob associate.  The Los Santos Vagos are founded by Luis Cortez by organizing all the local Mexican street gangs into one cohesive unit under his leadership, the next few missions are getting the remaining Mexican street gangs in line and getting them to submit to the Vagos in order to stop such chaotic street violence the Latin American neighborhoods.  


With the casino buisness doing better than ever, Joe DeMici finds out about where Jim Marston and Jon Gravelli are and arranges one last heist for old times sake from his rivals, to make extra money from refusing to go into narcotics and against Luca Bello who ordered the hit on the Marstons and to get them the bounties to payoff the government officials.  Massive preparations begin on teh robbery attempt at the warehouse where most of the drug money is stored at Bello's compound, preparations are a reference to the 1955 French-US film Rififi.  The robbery attempt is successful and following this Jim buys a new ranch of 500 acres and returns to his family and decides to take a trip with them to Quincyworld in Analheim on a family vacation where he decides to raise his family in the way his father would've like to and how his grandfather could not.  Luiz Cortezx has the local Mexican street gangs successfully coordinated into the Vagos and Jon Gravelli is promoted to the position of underboss within the Calegossi crime family.  



Epilogue - spring, 1962: Marston's Law


In March, 1962 Jack Marston is pistol whipped entering his car after drinking and his gun is stolen where he is framed for two murders.  Meanwhile, Nicky Genaro an enforcer for the DiMici crime family attempts the ultimate betrayal and kidnaps four of the highest ranking members of the DeMici crime family except for Anthony Ancelotti whom he lets go, and Joe DeMici who escapes to Florentia.  During this time Lemoyne Senator Louis McCann the former FIB director begins the Saldante hearings, investigating organized crime where several key figures in mafia history are being brought into Capitol City to testify mainly Salvatore Saldante of the Pavano Crime Family is called to testify and a massive investigation into the organized crime world begins exposing the information to the world about the mafia including the term la costra nova.  Jon Gravelli and Jim Marston rescue the members of the DeMici crime family and track Genaro down to kill him in a shoot out.  


While this is going on Luis Cortez  using his organizational and discipline skills he learned from the mafia to create the Los Santos Vagos is now using his skills for the black street gangs on a young 22 year old protege named Spines Fress do the same with the black gangs of the city.  After learning most of what they need to know Senator Louis McCann makes a deal with Jon Gravelli and Jim MArston that they can kill Salvatore Saldante and have the law look the other way in exchange for torturing a few public enemies thought to be Russian-Soviet spies.  These "Russian-Soviet spies" include supposed communists, civil rights leaders and labor leaders, they agree on the suspected spies and Soviet leaders but Jim is disgusted by going after the Civil Rights leaders and refuses to do so along with Jon.  


One of the final scenes with Joe DeMici before he is betrayed by his son-in-law Anthony Ancelotti, is where he is seen with both Jim Marston and Jon Gravelli saying be minddful of who they associate with and choose to trust along with their new friend Luis Esceula, also Joe DeMici mentions the monster whom his mother claims he was, and that he was actually one of the most reasonable mafia men, tells Jim the story about how he actually saved his father's life.  


In May, Joe DeMici is murdered after being betrayed by Anthony Ancelotti as Caligula's Palace is completed and opened.  Mr McReary is framed for the murder and becomes a fugitive where Maureen McReary his wife takes over the Irish Mafia where it is revealed she is pregnant with her second child.  The reason for his murder was about being heistant and trying to avoid the narcotics trade, his extreme frugality with his soldiers, his growing ineptitude, but the main motive was being passed over for a promotion to underboss.  After this a major heist occurs at Ancelotti's Las Venturas Casino to get back at Joe DeMici's murder and his dope supply routes are sabatoged combined with a robbery on the new casino - a reference to the 1960 film Ocean's 11 but more like the modernized 2001 remake.  


Later, Carlo Messina is killed after Jim Marston, Jon Gravelli and Luis Esceula raid the Messina compound, with everything being done Jim is finally allowed to never have anything to do with the mob life ever again and returns back to his family and business for good while Jon Gravelli is promoted to underboss of the Calegossi Crime Family.  One final act is commited with Luis Esceula, Jon Gravelli and Jim Marston commit a revenge mission, Luis Esceula wants the remaining leaders of the local individual street gangs gone, and all three want revenge on Senator Luis McCann.  They sneak into the Senator's home at night, kidnap him and leave him hogtiedd dropping him off at a local gentleman's club in Saint Denis and send information of secret deals and conversations with the Senator to unknown mafia controledd newspapers - there it was revealed that he planning to keep Jim Crow laws enforced (Southern Manifesto), the torturing of law-abiding US citizens without evidence of being "communists" or "civil-rights activists".  The following day newspapers read with headlines of "SENATOR RESPONSIBLE FOR MOB WARS".



Part III (The Third Game in the trilogy): Rise of Hoodlums


America, 1970 

America is now beginning to reach its full sexual and social maturity.  The past 8 years have been a tumultuous time for the country. The old social orders are given way to new ones, the war in Vietnam has turned out to be a never-ending disaster.  The continued blight and decay of the cities have led to urban riots, soaring crime and new kind of gang activity being formed in the streets.  The calm and innocence of post-war America can no longer hide the growing problems underneath the surface, as a new age of rebellion and passion has formed leading to an embrace of sex and drugs.  With this comes new opportunities and a new kind of outlaw, the street gangs, narcotics dealing and prostitution but it also leads to new forms of old problems: gangs, violence and STDs.  




Part I - late-spring, 1970: Old Gangsters, New Gangstas


Fred Johnson is returning home from his second tour of Vietnam his first tour was from 1965 to 1966 after being arrested for joining the newly formed Ballas after the "Riots of 65" his second one was from 1967 to 1970.  Meanwhile, Jeff Marston is returning home from Vietnam after spending three years there, at this point he is a self-centered, directionless, somewhat rebellious young adult who wants to make his own path in life, typical for a young adult of his generation, although he was a very dutiful good soldier with incredibly exceptional marksmanship skills.  Fred Johnson reunites with his wife Beverly and his two kids 2 year old Carl and 5 year old Sean.  Jeff reunites with his family and can't decide what to do with his life so he decides to find a quick job for an honest living.  Jeff Marston finds a quick job going into tow trucking and car reposession using his mechanical skills to break into cars which he learned as a kid playing with locks and in the military.  One day one of the cars he has to reposes gets the attention of the Cravelli crime family after he repossesses one of their cars and successfully eludes them.  Eventually, they find out who he is and his family history and call the Commission, they're a reference to the irl Dallas and Houston crime family the Civello family that existed from 1921 to 1990.  Feeling unfulfilled with his dead end repossession job Jeff Marston is being forced into an opprotunity to work with the Cravelli family to do some driving for them smuggling narcotics operations for them by driving a truck filled with heroin filled crates covered in beef (to throw off guard dogs) from Blackwater to Dover to a railroad warehouse with the Dover crime family who control the truck labor unions in the central US.  


Framed by two crooked racist cops officer Julius Thomas (the black cop and leader of the two whom Fred calls Uncle Thomas to piss him off) and officer Richard Miller whom dislike Fred Johnson hire him to drive a car from South San Andreas to Coronado they frame him on drug charges and say if he doesn't cooperate they'll arrest him, while in Coronado he is put on probation for car theft despite the cops telling him to smuggle the vehicle and he is also framed for the 500lbs of drugs in the trunk of the vehicle while in Dover.  About 48 hours after the job, Jeff is at a local cafe to collect the money in downtown Dover while Fred Johnson is trying to get back to Los Santos needing to drive to the airport attempts to steal a car unknowingly being rented by Jeff Marston.  Jeff stops Fred by pointing a gun at his head telling him there are more efficient ways to hotwire a car, then a cop car shows up to inspect the scene, just then a murder happens in the cafe with one of the mobsters shooting an accomplice of Jeff's causing the officer to get distracted and call for back up, then Jeff tells Fred to slide into the passenger seat and hot-wires the car much more quickly and attempts to flee the scene leading to a police chase then evades the cops and heads to his Aunt Sadie's house in North Yankton, where she is a part-time professional assassin, where they will hide for a few days then fly back to Blackwater.  It turns out the murder in the cafe was because one of the local drug dealers got suspicious when a cop car arrived thinking the scene was a set up.  


Mr. McReary comes back out of hiding and reunites with his family and attempts to retake the Irish Mafia, he goes to Blackwater to ask the Marston family for help who reluctantly agree, after realizing they owe him for helping with the 62' robbery, Jeff agrees to do the work much to his father's annoyance, during this part this is where Jeff meets Giovanni Ancelotti who agrees to help bribe the cops to expunge his criminal record if he does favors for him, Fred decides to go as well.  During this time Giovanni Ancelotti a 30 year old capo in the Ancelotti crime family is tasked with kidnapping a film director Mario DeMoro while he is preparing his new mafia movie project and making him disappear, he does this successfully but they find another director while there he bumps heads with Fred Johnson.  Meanwhile, a gang war begins in Beanston's underworld as Mr. McReary attempts to retake the Beanston Irish Mafia.  While this is going on Fred Johnson meets Robert Howard in Las Venturas and helps him clear out a mafia run hotel/casino so Howard could buy it.  After all this Fred Johnson returns to his wife and kids with new connections.  


Fred Johnson with his childhood bestfriend Lamont Davis and his younger brother PJ help establish a new street gang, the Grove Street Families, this occurs after both Johnson and Daivs and several other Ballas confront Spines Fress and Ben Orville in a street attack by uniting all the gangs in the region such as the Cyrus and Green Stones and Glen Park Boys by forming an alliance of non-Ballas gangs called the "Grove Street Families".  By this point Fred has two kids a 5 year old and 2 year old son and a third child on the way.  Fred Johnson, Lamont Davis and PJ begin holding meetings to help organize the Grove Street Families seeing how bad things got, holding meetings in local parks, setting up safe houses in case of attacks, bringing together leaders of neighboring gangs to form unions and setting a dress code of khakis, suspenders, green ace duece derby hats, green leather jacket, an ear ring in the left ear, black glove on the left hand and a green bandanna on the left side.  The original idea behind the Grove Street Families isn't about crime or violence but to promote strength in the community and to protect "the grove" from crime and outsidde threats he demands that all surrounding Grove Families get along and follow the same code.  


During this period, Jeff begins to realize the struggles his father, grandfather and great-grandfather went through with crime and is appalled by the actions of the gangs, he then decides to better himself by going to college and meeting the right girl to get married with and eventually start a family.  Jack says that Jeff resembles his father John in personality, spirit and appearance but that unlike John he had plenty of positive familial influence growing up and knows the value of family.  





Part II - late-spring to early summer, 1978: One Last Redemption


Jeff Marston is now a college graduate, graduating university in 1975, he got married to a woman named Bonnie Ellis in 1973, had a daughter named Jenny in 1975 and now just had a son named Josh born April 12th, 1978.  Jeff Marston visits his grandparents to have him meet their one month old infant great-grandson and spend time with them.  Jack has Jeff drive him to the shopping mall where Beecher's Hope was to tell him to cherish every moment and don't take family for granted and when he sees a historical marker in a parking lot of where his parent's grave originally was, he gets a flash back climbs out of his wheel chair and tries to walk quickly to where teh barn and house used to be only to collapse from a flare up (he has severe COPD by this point) as Jeff prevents him from falling him to the ground and rushes him to the nearby hospital.  While there he decides to call up and do the favors he owes Giovanni Ancelotti so he can get his family out of association and out of the life before any of his children become old enough to remember anything about him so they don't think badly of him or associate any of their family memories with severe crime unlike Jeff himself, his father Jim, grandfather Jack and great-grandfather John.  He also does this to take responsibility for his past actions and clear the family name before his grandfather dies, after the doctor says Jack has a year left at most given how advanced his lung disease is.  


Meanwhile Fred Johnson is released from prison for being framed for a robbery back in 1973, he is released from prison and is picked up by Ancelotti family Capo Giovanni Ancelotti where he is told that he will be left alone in Los Santos to run his own street gang with immunity if he does a "few special favors" for the last of which is taking a flight to Carcer City to murder a teamsters leader.  Fred Johnson has lost everything while he was in prison, his wife and kids, his brother and his control over the gang he established and realizing that his ex-wife wants nothing to do with him and has sole custody of the kids, he decides to take back control of the Grove Street Families and he quickly reunites with Lamont Davis.  Meanwhile, Fred is hired by Jock Cranley to hide the body of his dead wife who Jock pushed off a cliff.  It is also revealed that officers Thomas and Miller are involved in making side money on the drug trade and want Fred Johnson and his gang gone so no one can prevent dealers from peddling heroin on the streets.  Spines Fress has now become the biggest pimp and drug dealer in Los Santos and is head of the Ballas, but never doing any of the dirty work himself unless he absolutely has to in order to avoid a criminal record he bribes cops to look the other way.  


Jeff realizes that he can no longer associate with anything illegal and must get the Marston family line a normal life once and for all he finds a way to do it agreeing with Giovanni Ancelotti if he does a few favors for him, he will be forever legitimate and untouchable, Giovanni realizes he can use Jeff and his skills he learned in Vietnam to help secure a legitimate drug empire and takeover the Ancelotti family.  Jeff's first job is to travel down to Los Santos to work with Fred Johnson on a job of stealing 48 cars in three days in exchange for expunging of their police records (reference to the 1974 film Gone in 60 Seconds).  


After this Jeff Marston, Giovanni Ancelotti, Fred Johnson and the Mendez Brothers are sent on a mission to Colombia to bring a new booming narcotic operation into the United States and to be the first family to secure the drug trade, which is booming in the US thanks to a drug craze among the youth in the US and the disco seen as usual chaos ensues.  While there they meet an increasingly ambitious rising 30 year old drug lord named Pascual Elisondo who is seizing an island from corrupt government officials which has an air strip and a port on it as a spot for his drug cartel he created with his brother two years earlier.  The two are given a mission of traveling down there with drugs, weapons and explosives in a truck down rough roads (a reference to the 1977 movie Sorcerer).  


After they secure and clear the base they travel to Nicaragua to then travel by plane to the United States, bur unfortunately the National Liberation Front begins a campaign to oust the dynastic dictatorship in the country leading to a bloody revolution where they sneak the drugs on a cargo ship now that the airport has been seized by rebels and have no other choice of escape (reference to the Nicaraguan Revolution).  When they arrive back to the US aboard a cargo ship in Vice City it is seized by the US Coast Guard where they must make an escape and shoot their way out where they find 54 tons of marijuana and 10 tons of cocaine on the ship - a reference to the December, 1977 Night Train seizure after this the Melanin Cartel begins smuggling drugs in through planes.  Jeff Marston, Fred Johnson, Giovanni Ancelloti and the Mendez Brothers return from Colombia to help establish a drug trade network although Jeff and Fred want nothing to do with it and just want to complete the favors.  


After this Fred Johnson works with friend Lamont Davis to clear the Los Santos Grove Street Families territory of heroin and dope pushers and begins to bring back discipline and order to the Grove Street Families.  Fred Johnson discovers that Spines Fress set him up with that robber attempt in 73' and he is the main heroin distributor in the gangs territories and that he actually has Officers Thomas and Miller working for him with drug money.  It was also discovered that Anthony Ancelotti set up his nephew Giovanni, Fred Johnson and Jeff Marston for a misreable journey in an attempt to get them killed for revenge for discovering Giovanni's plot to overhtorw him and Jeff's father's robbery of his casinos and heroin sabatoges, a shootout occurs at the DeMici now Ancelotti Family Compound where Anthony is killed, this is the last mission for Giovanni and Marston.  Jeff Marston returns home to admit that he and the family are free from mafia interference once and for all.  Frank Johnson and Lamont Davis set up an ambush for Spines Fress after it was discovered he was targeting Families members for heroin addiction to weaken the gang and set up a meeting between the two where the cops unexpectedly arrive and Lamont is killed, Frank ends up killing Officer Thomas and Miller in a foot chase but is severely wounded where Spines Fress narrowly escapes but is cornered and arrested by cops, meanwhile Frank sneaks away by jumping into the back of a car being driven by Jeff Marston.  After this Giovanni is made head of the Ancelotti crime family, Sonny Calegossi dies and is replaced as boss of the Calegossi crime family by Jon Gravelli who also becomes head of the commission, and Jack Marston dies of respiratory failure and COPD at the age of 83.  



Characters, Protagonists and Antagonists


Protagonists Part I

Jack Marston (1920, 1928, 1934 and 1940)

Joe DeMici (1920, 1928, 1934 and 1940) - founder of the Ancelotti Crime Family, the last of the Commission families to be organized


Protagonists Part II

Jim Marston (1948, 1956 and 1962)

Jon Gravelli (1948, 1956 and 1962)

Luis Cortez (1956 and 1962) - founder of the Los Santos Vagos


Protagonists Part III

Jeff Marston (1970 and 1978)

Giovanni Ancelotti (1970 and 1978)

Fred Johnson (1970 and 1978) - CJ's father and founder of the Grove Street Families




P.S. I'll edit more as I put more information up.

Edited by Willman249
The events of 1970

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josh coley

why does this not have any comments yet this is an amazing idea

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I don't know, hopefully it will soon.  I still have yet to add more details though.  

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Mafia and Gangster Characters and Real Life Equivalents
Years        Character        IRL Equivalent
1920-1962    Joe DeMici   -    Joe Profaci and Frank Costello (but mainly Profaci)
1920-1928    Jose Massino     -   Joe Masseria
1920-1928    Ron Rosenstein    -    Arnold Rothstein
1920-1928    Nicky Scalero    -    Nicolo Schiro
1920-1940    Al Colossi    -    Al Capone
1920-1948    Chirs Nickadimo    -   Charles Lucky Luciano
1920-1948    Vincent Manbano    -    Joseph Bonanno
1928-1940    Mike Gambetti     -   Salvatore Maranzano
1934-1948    Buddy Goldman    -    Bugsy Siegel
1934-1978    Sonny Cangelossi  -  Vito Genovese and Frank Costello
1940-1978    Jon Gravelli    -    Carlo Gambino and John Gotti
1948-1956:    Andrei Nickadimo  -  Alber Anastasia
1956-1978    Luis Cortez      -   Luis Flores
1956-1978    Anthony Ancelotti  -  Joseph Colombo
1956-1978    Giovanni Ancelotti  -  Carmine Persico
1970-1978    Fred Johnson    -    Reymond Washington
1970-1978    Spines Fress    -    Stanley Tookie Williams III
1978        Pascual Elisondo  -  Pablo Escobar



Other Major Figures and IRL Equivalents
Years        Character        IRL Equivalent
1920-1940    Harry Vapid   -     Henry Ford
1920-1970    H. Ross Jackson    -    J. Edgar Hoover
1928-1940    Daniel F. Waxman  -  Franklin D. Roosevelt
1928-1940    Peter J. O'Driscoll  -  Joseph P. Kennedy
1928-1970    Robert Howard     -   Howard Hughes
1948-1962    Fred Quincy   -     Walt Disney
1956-1962    Francis J. O'Driscoll  -  John F. Kennedy
1948-1970    Larry Jefferson   -     Lyndon B. Johnson
1956-1970    Nelson Ramsay    -    Richard Nixon

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Changes in the world in the time 


1907 to 1920:    Cars become much more common and almost universally replace horeses in Saint Denis
        The Opera House in Saint Denis is being rebuilt and shows signs of major fire damage
        Ther is now a museum of art in Saint Denis
        There is now a zoo in Saint Denis ironically it replaces the long abandoned Prinz & Co.
        Eugene Park on the coast between Cleveage and Carcer City has 2 rollercoasters, although it has a policy "non-whites not allowed" 
        Valentine now has more established buildings
        The first bowling alley opens in Saint Denis, there is one in Broker and White City as well
        There is now a Vapid dealership in Saint Denis, Annesburg and one being constructed in Valentine
        There is now one completed high rise building in Saint Denis the 14 story Bank of Lemoyne Building
        There is one skyscraper halfway under construction in Saint Denis the 20 story Hispania Bank Building
        Rhodes now has paved roads in the town only
        One high rise building now exists in Saint Denis
        There is now a designation to the road from Valentine to Blackwater
        You now start to see cars on city roads and in small towns occassionally although they greatly struggle on country roads
        Gas stations first start appearing
        Every settlement now has a movie theater
        The Klu Klux Klan becomes much more prominent especially in the Midwest, countryside and Leymone 
        The Independence Art Museum is in the early stage of construction
        The Parkland Central Library is under construction in Independence City
        There are signs for newly built neighborhoods in South Los Santos saying "The Working Man's Reward, Los Santos' Finest"
        Hershey Memorial is being built in Capitol City (based on the Lincoln Memorial)



1914 to 1920:    Much more common to see cars in New Austin 
        Blackwater increases 50% in size and is the same population as Saint Denis in 1854
        Streets are now all paved in Blackwater
        Armadillo increases 50% in size and population
        All cars now have license plates on them
        There is now a single textile mill and a oil refinery complex in Blackwater
        There is now one streetcar line in Blackwater
        There are now two high rise buildings in Blackwater the 18 story Blackwater Hotel building
        There is now a Vapid dealership in Blackwater and one being built in Armadillo
        There are now two bridges crossing the Upper Montana River - one for trains and the other horse traffic and motor cars


1920 to 1928:    The city of Blackwater becomes almost the same size as Saint Denis in 1907 and the same population as Saint Denis in 1894
        the Vapid River Splouge Plant is constructed in the soutwest side of Carcer City
        More skyscrapers in Independence City, White City, Carcer City, Liberty City, San Fierro
            - Zirconium Building in Liberty City is under construction
            - 40 Wall Street in Liberty City is under construction
            - Time Warner Center in Liberty City
            - City Hall in Los Santos
            - Lombank West in Los Santos
            - Russel Tower in San Fierro
            - Whiz Building in San Fierro
            - GK Pursue Tower in Blackwater
            - Rose Hotel in Blackwater
            - Leymone Bank Building in Saint Denis
            - Casper Roland Building in Blackwater is underconstruction
            - Bull Building in Carcer City
            - Cadillac Building in Carcer City
            - Novel Tower in Carcer City
            - Pebble Tower in Carcer City
            - Temple Building in White City
            - Minefield Building in White City
            - Palmlove Building in White City is under construction
            - Civic House in White City is under construction
            - White City Trade Center is under construction
            - Harvey Building in Cottonmouth
            - Mongolia Tower in Dillard
            - Three Plaza in Dillard
            - Bank of Lemoyne Building in Saint Denis
            - Four Moons in Saint Denis
            - Race Building in Bison
        Bridge is built connecting Independence City to Campbell, Alderny 
        Independence City now has a subway line
        Backlot City is built in Los Santos 
        Fred Film Production Company establishes a studio in Los Santos 
        Most cartoons shown in movie theaters are Fred Quincy Productions
        The first college in Blackwater is established its called Blackwater Junior College        
        The Vinewoodland sign is erected 
        Las Venturas doubles in size and popualtion and you see the first neon sign
        Los Santos doubles in size and population
        Blackwater doubles in size and population
        Armadillo more than doubles in size and population
        Vice City triples in population
        There are now large football fields in more cities
            Fodder Field in White City
            Los Santos Memorial Colossieum
            Kazaam Stadium in San Fierro
            Touche Stadium in Saint Denis 
        There is now a tunnel connecting Alderny to Algonquin
        Times square becomes much more lit up 
        Mansions are built north of Vice City
        There are now Wheeler-Rawson Stores in every city in the country
        Some main country roads are being paved
        The Independence Art Museum is completed in Independence City
        The Hershey Memorial Reflecting Pool is completed
        It is now possible to fly from Liberty City to White and Carcer City by airplane
        It is now more common to see cars and trucks than horses and carriages in the countryside
        There are now two majority paved highways 
        The Parkland Central Library is completed in Independence City
        On (Hershey Highway) connecting Liberty City to Independence City to White City to Valentine to Strawberry to San Fierro
        Another (Route 68) conecting White City to Blackwater to Armadillo to Las Venturas to Los Santos
        Blackwater Junior College is renamed University of Blackwater
        The Air Force base in Dillard has been converted into an airport
        Gas stations become much more common everywhere
        The new 69th Street Station in Independence City is in the early stages of construction
        Only the most elaborate theaters now play sound movies
        The Hershey Memorial is completed in Capitol City
        The Federal Triangle in Capitol City is under construction
        The Klu Klux Klan members become slightly less common than they were in 1920
        The price at gas stations falls from 30 cents a gallon to 21 cents a gallon



1928 to 1934:    More iconic skyscrapers completed in White City, Independence City and Liberty City
            - Zirconium Building in Liberty City
            - Rotterdam Tower in Liberty City
            - Columbus Center is under construction
            - White City Trade Center
            - Civic House in White City
            - Palmlove Building in White City
            - National Bank Building in Saint Denis
            - Bison City Hall in Bison
        Bridge connecting Alderny to Algonquin now exists
        The grave sites of John, Abigail, Charlie Marston and Uncle are now at the new Marston Family Ranch
        Blackwater is now the same population as Saint Denis in 1907
        The Golden Gate Bridge is under construction although all you see are the two towering red towers
        The Oakland Bay Bridge is under construction you can see the tall suspension towers with no connections 
        Construciton crews in the countryside are now common
        The Plumbers Skyway is completed in Alderny
        Saint Denis now has an airport
        There are ocassional dust storms in New Austin
        The new 69th Street Station in Independence City is completed
        Harridan of the Seine is the movie portrayed at live action movie theaters
        Drought is occuring in the countryside
        You can now gamble in Las Venturas legally
        Blackwater now has an airport
        Vice City increases 40% in population
        The Clinton Institute is completed in Independence City
        Radios are now avaliable only in the two most luxurious cars in the game 
            Although they can be added in other cars as an expensive modification at local customs shops
        It becomes common to see unemployed beggars on the streets
        First sign of shantytowns in the cities - reference to Hoovervilles
        Only movie theaters in the cities play sound movies
        The Federal Triangle is completed in Capitol City
        The Jake Abrams Library is under construction in Capitol City
        The Supreme Court Building is under construction in Capitol City 
        The price at gas stations falls from 21 cents to 15 cents a gallon



1934 to 1940:    Las Venturas increases 50% in size and population
        Dillard is now the same population as Blackwater in 1928 and Saint Denis in 1894
        It is now possible to fly from White City to San Fierro or Los Santos by plane
        There is now a 567 foot tall monument on the very southern end of Blackwater on the shore the San Luis Monument
            it is on the shore of the San Luis River and a reference to the San Jacinto monument of Houston, Texas
        There is now one hotel in Las Venturas
        Radios are now only standard in high-end cars
        The Golden Gate Bridge is completed
        The Oakland Bay Bridge is now completed 
        The two highways are now fully paved 
        Blackwater is now the same population as Saint Denis in 1920
        Vice City increases 40% in size and population
        The Wizard of Ass is now the film at live action movie theaters
        Movie theaters outside the cities now play sound movies
        The Jake Abrams Library building is completed
        The Jefferton Memorial is under construction in Capitol City
        The Supreme Court Building is completed in Capitol City
        The price at gas stations rises from 15 cents to 16 cents a gallon
        Annesburg peaks in population 



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