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Getting XBox1X online without letting RDR2 update

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sorry if this has been discussed, but is it possible to let Xbox go online, but keep the game at v1.00? I’m in the middle of my first playthrough and would hate to have to reinstall and potentionally loose my save games. 


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Posted (edited)

Guide Button - RB to the right until you see Profile and System, under your profile (s) will be Settings, click on that


In settings, go down to System, then Updates & Downloads, click on that


There you will see "Keep my console up to date" and "Keep my games and apps up to date" UNCHECK both of them


Now the game wont update while online. However, you still can't play the game while online, doing so will prompt you to download the patch, which you can reject but can't play the game.


When playing go to settings, the first tab is General Settings, then go to Network Settings, you will see the option on the right that says GO ONLINE/OFFLINE, depends on which you already have it set to. I go OFFLINE whenever I play the game. And then I go back to this setting and GO ONLINE when I want to play xbox live games.


Remember all updates will now be added to the games and apps library and you will have to manually choose which updates you want and when to download them, including some system updates. I prefer it this way myself. I don't want to download the latest 10g patch for a game I may have installed but am not playing at the moment.


Just top clarify remember to always go OFFLINE before you start the game/put the disc in.

Edited by SneakyDeaky
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