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The Walking Dead Role Play (FiveM, PC)

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Posted (edited)


Welcome to a new world of play, welcome to the apocalypse. 

Focused on realism, looting, crafting, and fighting to survive. 

A serious Role Playing server, the best zombie survival server 

on FiveM. If you're bored with the same ol' causal econ servers,

come give us a try. Come build an empire with your faction rule

the streets of Los Santos in this apocalypse, rob players, help players,

torture players. Whatever your heart desires, we strive to give you the 

best RP experience a zombie apocalypse server can give! check our discord 

out at this link






Learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse in Vancouver at this ...








The Walking Dead Roleplay Episode 1: The Beginning

After a very intense election year the world finally was able to come to a peaceful time of minimal war, crime was at an all time low the the stock market was booming. Everything seemed fine as the world inhabitants went about their day and enjoying the balance that was restored to their community. During this time, a new experiment was being discussed among the nations regarding a cure to cancer. All nations agreed to partner on this project as the undertaking was going to be costly and require the best of the best scientists and doctors from around the world. 

Los Angeles was chosen as the main headquarters for this cure, which resulted in the construction of the Humane Labs. This became a huge announcement in the media and soon people were donating to support and offering as much as they can to help this experiment become a success. The lead project manager Brian Gracie was going to take lead of the project and ensure everything was operated with safe practices and ensure efficiency in the project. 

The project was now in full swing, the best of the best doctors were now centrally located in Los Angeles working day after day, hour by hour to discover this cure knowing that they were close to a possible way to prevent cancer and cure it completely. The team was ahead of schedule things were going exactly as planned. Knowing the current status, Doctor Gracie decided to introduce a few volunteers to test the cure.(edited)
[3:13 PM]
Leaving their families behind, saying their goodbyes knowing they may not return, 4 volunteers with different stages of cancer were transported to the labs to commence the testing stage. The day was January 19th 2018, all the leading doctors were in attendance, during this first test the president and vice president flew in to witness the first official test of the cure being attempted on the 4 volunteers. 10 hours after their arrival it was time to begin the first round of doses. Isolated in the testing room, all other patrons watching through the one way mirror with anticipation. 

Doctor Gracie directed the administering doctors to begin the injections, the patients looking with excitement towards the injections knowing this could be the cure they’ve been praying for since day one. The doctors injecting each patient one by one, hoping to see no negative responses. They awaited patiently, looking up at the doctors with hopes of something possibly happening. The doctors left the room to join the others behind the mirror. Everyone in a room of dead silence looking into the room, waiting for any sort of reaction, nothing. Doctor Gracie looking towards the doctors, directed everyone to the briefing room to begin the monitoring of the patients as the cure circulates their body. Informing the president that they will be directly updated as time progresses. 

24 hours has passed, with constant checkups and reviews of the patients. After 24 hours, nothing has changed nor noticeable. Doctor Gracie calling another meeting of the Doctors to discuss what the next plan was towards testing. The discussions began, the arguments erupted regarding the request of more patients to be tested on. The discussions went on for over 4 hours…(edited)
[3:14 PM]
In the middle of their conversation they noticed high spikes on the patients monitors. Doctor Gracie silencing the room, moved towards the monitors noticing the spikes continuing to rise and rise. With fear in his eye, he switched over to the patients cameras. All the doctors rose to their feet noticing one of the patients violated eating the flesh of another patient. Doctor Gracie immediately ran from the room to the one way mirror of the patients, all the other doctors followed. Looking with fear into the patient’s room, they noticed two of the patients now ripping the arms off of a screaming patient. Doctor Gracie calling for security for a red alert two military personnel entered the room and at the command of Gracie, began to fire upon the corrupted patients, killing all 4  immediately. 

All the doctors stood in fear, looking to Gracie for the answer to what they just witnessed. Gracie immediately walked away with fear of what the cure caused these patients to do. With direction of the Facility manager, the room was to be sterilized and the bodies to be saved for testing.

[3:14 PM]
12:22am, the janitors began to sterilize the room, with the bodies covered up awaiting to be moved to the testing room. It was silent, the sterilization process being completed, the janitors began to hear strange murmurs coming from the patients. Slowly moving towards the bodies confused, they stared with anticipation of the what was happening. One of them slowly kneeling down to remove the cover of the bodies, soon was grabbed by the once dead patient as the other janitors pinned themselves against the wall. Watching as their co-worker was violent attacked by the dead patient. The janitors began to scream in fear watching as all the 4 patients were now now standing up slowly looking towards the janitors before attacking and killing the remaining janitors. 

As security was making their rounds they noticed that the testing room was now covered in blood, the bags were open with no bodies. The security guard slowly approached the room inspecting what could have possibly happened. Noticing that no bodies were in the room, they started to call for an immediate code Red lockdown. The alarm was sounded, secret emerging from the halls began their search for the missing patients.(edited)
[3:14 PM]
Doctor Gracie arriving to the facility after receiving a call at 2:50am comes running into the labs to notice a barrage of security searching the building. Gracie heads towards the security office, pushing past petrified guards. Making his way to the front he looks into the face of a security guard with fear, pointing to the camera system noticing that the patients and janitors were now corrupted from the virus had escaped the labs and were now out in the world. Gracie immediately runs from the room, to make his call to the White House.

January 21st, after receiving call of the breakout. The President was now back in the city of Los Angeles to address the issue. All personnel were called to the briefing room where they began their next plan of attack to track and locate these missing persons and to figure out what caused them to react so aggressively. Doctor Gracie began to inform them of it possibly being a virus that erupted from the cure that was untraceable. During his analysis, another doctor bursted into the room, slamming his laptop onto the table which was tuned into a news station. 

News Anchor: “We are live on scene with the LAPD who received a call of what they are calling a possible intoxicated person attacking innocent people, the suspect was reported biting people and attempting to consume the victims flesh (anchor laughing). I guess we have Zombies on our hands now Mark. LAPD is now investigating the situation as… (anchor is interrupted by screaming)”(edited)
[3:14 PM]
The news cameraman has now panned onto the victims who were assaulted begin to attack LAPD officer, as an LAPD officer is bitten they all began to open fire on the once victim. The victim taking a barrage of bullets begins to continue to attack officers. Soon the cameraman is attacked and the feed is interrupted. 

News Anchor: “ We do apologize ladies and gentleman…looks like we are having some technical difficulties… (off set voice; go to f*cking commercial!)”. The feed instantly cuts too commercials. 

Doctor Gracie looking to the president with fear, notices that this may have caused something severe. The president looking to the vice president. mouthes to him “we execute plans 999”.  Everyone looking at him confused, they await his response. 

The president stands up to make his address to the labs employee and doctors. “Ladies and Gentleman, this is something we assumed would never become a thing… but it looks like it’s happening. If we don’t stop this now it can become much worse. We have planned a special task force to handle situations like this and now it must be implemented to track down these individuals who are infected and get them back into our control. This task force is known as the Guardians and we must implement them now. Doctor Gracie, it’s time to shut down the cure for cancer and figure out how to revert this f*cking virus. Anyone who was in contact with those patients needs to be quarantined immediately.” 

The president directs his team it’s time to leave. Doctor Gracie confused by what is happening, looks towards the doctors that had contact with them while issuing the injections look to Gracie in hopes that nothing happens to them. Gracie looks towards security, and then nods. The doctors begin to uprise trying to prevent Gracie form quarantining them. The security then have to forcible take them, one of the doctors draws a gun from the security guards holster pointing it at Gracie. Everyone screams and ducks down.(edited)
[3:14 PM]
“You are not f*cking going to quarantine me Gracie! We had nothing to do with that thing and look at us! We’re all fine! It’s the ones that escaped that are the issue… not us! You cannot put us into a quarantine, I refuse to go.”

A sudden shot is fired off, everyone ducking down not wanting to look. The Doctor falling to the ground. Everyone looks up to see the doctor is now dead and the gun has flown across the room. Everyone looks around and stops their glance at a figure in the doorway wearing all black. They all standup not sure who that person is. Everyone standing waiting for some sort of confirmation. Another figure all in black appears from behind the figure in black. He removes his helmet.

“Good evening, my name is Damian. Guardian Commander, your operations have now been seized by the Guardians. Escort these doctors to quarantine immediately.” Suddenly a group of about 10 Guardians fill the room and escort the doctors to the quarantine. Gracie looking with fear, then is directed to follow the Guardian Commander to a private meeting room.(edited)
[3:14 PM]
“We were called upon to retake control with very little information getting out. We need your help Gracie…. this virus you spoke of needs to be identified and something needs to be figure out to revert it before it gets out of control. I have my team attempting to track down those who were infected. I need your team to figure out a testing method to test al your staff for this virus as soon as possible. My men have been directed to lockdown this building, no one gets in and no one gets out. Am I clear?”

Gracie nods agreeing to the lockdown, watches as the commander puts his helmet back on and leaves the room. Gracie sits in his chair frustrated knowing that this was never supposed to happen. Hours pass-by, Gracie fell asleep. He awakes to a sound of screaming, he quietly gets up and slowly leave his office looking around. He hears the screams again, he slowly wanders down the hall as more screams are heard. Everything goes silent for a second. 

Suddenly more Guardians come barging through a door, Gracie slams himself against a wall watching as the Guardians are seen transporting the patients and the guy he saw attacked the LAPD officer on the news. The Guardians transport them into the quarantine zones, throwing each of the infected into their own private rooms. The Command following behind them. Gracie follows as the infected began to violently attack the doors trying to get out.
[3:15 PM]
Gracie looking at the commander worried about what is happening. The commander informs Gracie that there has been more reports of these infected people spreading the disease. Noticing it’s getting worse minute by minute as it’s spiraling out of control. More Guardians come barging in with more of the infected being slammed into the quarantine cells. 

The commander looks to Gracie yet again “I suggest you get into that office of yours and figure out how to stop this thing, before we cannot control it anymore”. Gracie agrees and scurries to his office to began his research. 


The Walking Dead Roleplay Episode 2: It’s Just Business…

July 22nd 2018

News Anchor: “Ladies and Gentleman reports have come in that a mandatory lockdown will be executed in 72 hours. Live with us now is Guardian Commander Damian. Damian can you shed some more light on what this lockdown will be consisting of exactly”

Damian: “As it suggests, all civilians will be forced to stay in their homes. We advise you to stock up on your supplies now. Anyone caught outside of their home during lockdown will be taken into custody by the Guardians.”

News Anchor: “Has there been any talks about how long this lockdown will last exactly?” 

Damian: “At this time we are unaware of how long the lockdown will go into place. Until we have regained control of the virus we cannot allow people to be in public with fear of catching this virus.”

News Anchor: “While being on the topic of this so called “virus” it’s been over 6 months since the first case was reported. Apparently this virus has come from some test done in the new labs facility here in Los Angeles…Is that true”

Damian: “As of right now, we aren’t clear on what caused this virus or where it came from”

Doctor Gracie is in his office watching the news report, his phone rings noticing the call is coming from the White House. Answering his phone worried about what may be the next plan of attack coming for them.

Doctor Gracie: “This is Gracie” 

President: “I saw the email…what do you have for me”

Doctor Gracie: “Sir…It’s worse than we thought. We’ve be running tests now on the infected we have turned in. Their immune system is collapsing sir. But, nothing happens to them exactly.” Gracie is now back into the halls headed towards the quarantine chambers. “Their eyes lose their color, it’s like their fogged completely. With the blood tests we’re getting it’s showing us nothing. It’s like the cure we administered to those patients completely destroyed their system, but is keeping them alive somehow.”(edited)
[5:25 PM]
Gracie is watching the infected person start to vomit and then makes eye contact with Gracie violently running towards him to break the door. Gracie backs up disgusted. He moves into the lab where doctors are tirelessly studying the cells extracted from the infected patients. He picks up one of the testing tubes filled with some of the blood of an infected, the blood is a dark gray and is bubbling. 

Doctor Gracie: “Something in that cure didn’t want to mix well with the human system. The blood samples being pulled are giving of signs of an acidic like formula. Looks like the virus circulates the body, causing internal bleeding, intense vomiting and a thick saliva. With the virus running through their system it seems to cause some sort of mass hysteria within their brain. Forcing an extreme aggression… That's what's causing those who are infected to…attack people. Because that virus is in their system it’s being passed through them biting their victims thus putting that virus into them..sir this is unlike anything i’ve ever seen.”

President: “Gracie, this is exactly why we are implementing that mandatory lockdown. I need your team to continue the research on this. We cannot have this spread too far. We have locked off all travel from  and into the city. Id advise you bunker down in that lab. We have more Guardians on their way… do not get in their way Gracie”

Doctor Gracie: “yes…(the phone disconnects)…sir” Gracie putting his phone back into his pocket takes another look at the doctors and then at the infected patients again. Watching them continue their silent behavior. He picks up a notepad and begins his work with the Doctors.(edited)
[5:26 PM]
Out on the street, we watch about 20 barrage vehicles emerge from the freeway and begin to split up throughout the city. All black attack helicopters emerge from the fog and begin to drop Guardians into each zone. City folk watch as these advanced like military soldiers begin to patrol the streets. Civilians quickly complete their errand and make no contact with the Guardians. Watching as Guardians setup checkpoints, stopping potential infected and checking them for signs of the virus. 

More Guardian vehicles show up to the city, and begin to make their way into the county. Freeways being clogged by traffic as Guardians prevent those from leaving the city and directing them back to their homes. Once rural areas now swamped by Guardians, checking homes for potential infected persons. People being separated from their families and shoved into blacked out vehicles and then taken away. Mothers crying as their children separated and thrown into the back of a transport vehicle.(edited)
[5:26 PM]
The city has become complete chaos as people scramble to prepare for the lockdown. Guardian Commander Damian is now leading a task-force team as they swarm a home that had an infected person. Kids begin to scream afraid of the blacked out men forcing their way in. The mother grabs her screaming baby, watching as the Guardians close in on the the young adult son who was locked in his room. The door is kicked down as the mother screams for them to leave him alone. The Guardians flood the room noticing the young boy vomiting into a trash can, eyes glazed over. The mother attempting to stop the Guardians explains he’s had stomach issues for a while now. The Command grabs her forcing her out of the room, the commander looks to the Guardians giving the “okay”

The mother is thrown into her room and the other kids follow her in. The Commander closes the door on the screaming and worried mother. She falls against the door as she begins to hear gun shots. She screams in horror knowing that her son was killed. She waits for silence, she slowly opens her down to peek out and watches as Guardians are carrying out her now dead son. She screams. The Guardian Commander takes one look at her and exits the home. Neighbors begin to close their doors after being curious of the guns shots. 

The Guardians vacate the area and continue their patrol. The mother in the home is now laying on her sons bed grasping his jacket as the kids watch her cry with agony continue to scream in pain. The kids climb onto the bed with her to help soothe their crying mom.(edited)
[5:26 PM]
Back out on the streets Guardians are now seen locking down big gathering areas. Malls being closed down, Guardian soldiers now equipped with sniper rifles can be seen on roof tops. Waiting for the moment to execute anyone who could show signs of an infection. 

Back at the lab, Gracie is working with the Doctors to figure out ways to prevent the virus. A discussion has broken out about a possible way to force an immense system shut down, but using different forms of medication to rebuild it. The news is on in the background.

News Anchor: “More Guardians have been seen swarming the city and now locking down the county. Blockades have been setup preventing anyone from entering and/or leaving the area. The LAX airport now turned into a Guardian transport area for their personnel. Ladies and gentlemen, please stay inside your homes. This is far worse than we expected. Guardians are advising you to refrain from opening your doors to anyone that is not a Guardian.” 

Gracie is watching the news in shock, that one small test has turned the city into complete chaos. “Them choosing to shutdown this city now will do nothing. Who knows how many people were infected and managed to get out of the city area…”

Damian: “For your sake, I hope none.”

Gracie: “Commander.. what can we do for you?”
[5:26 PM]
Damian: “A solution would be good right about now. This city is going to fall, if something doesn’t happen soon Gracie.”

Gracie: “You don’t think I already see that? My apologizes commander, but i am indeed aware of what is happening. I still don’t understand the need for these executions. We could help these people.”

Damian: “Seeing as those monster in those cages are still trying to breakout. I doubt anything can be done at this point. It’s either we take out the threat or let it grow.” Looking at some of the beaker with the infected patients blood in it. “Without us, your precious city would be gone”. 

Gracie: “Well, you seem to be the ones causing more fear than the damn virus Commander”.

Damian: “Well they have the right idea to be afraid of us Doctor. My team will not allow this thing to get worse. So I suggest you figure out something quick, before you end up on the other end of it”. The Commander throws the beaker to the ground as it shatters, the blood spilling to the floor. 

Gracie quickly runs to clean it up, without any protection he attempt to scramble the blood back into a new beaker. He looks at the other Doctors who are avoiding to make eye contact with him, knowing that what the Commander said is true. Gracie grabs his clipboard and leaves back to his office and begin to conduct more research on immune system shut downs. 

A few hours have passed, Gracie began to come restless. trying everything he can to focus on his research. He receives a text from his mother. “Honey…the Guardians are here for your father”… Gracie quickly stands up grabbing his coat. He leaves the room pushing past a doctor who attempted to speak to him. Gracie begins to pick up his pace, running to get to the garage.(edited)
[5:26 PM]
Hopping into his vehicle, he quickly speeds out hoping to make it there in time. “f*ck!!! f*ck f*ck f*ck!!”  he starts to pick up the pace. Looking out his window watching Guardians rip people form their vehicle and throw them onto the ground. Panicking even more, he starts to call his mom. No answer, he tries again “pick up, pick up!” He rolls up to another blockade, he pulls up and shows the Humane Lab badge. The Guardians let him through.

The Commander is now sitting down with Mr. and Mrs. Gracie… she is holding onto her husband who is looking sick. Guardians begin to flood the room. She looks around in fear knowing what is about to happen. 

Mrs. Gracie: “It’s just his old age sir….please..we’ve stayed home for months. It would be impossible for him to catch it…please” (Continuing to cry)

Damian: “Mrs. Gracie… you understand the severity of this virus…we cannot take such risks.”

Mr. Gracie: (in pain) “It’ll be okay honey…” refusing to let him go, Mrs. Gracie holds him tighter. Guardians walk forward as she clenches up. 

Damian: “Mrs. Gracie…please don’t make this harder than it has to be. Let him go.” She refuses, looking into the eye of her husband, who is now starting to cry knowing this will be the last time he sees his wife of 67 years.
[5:26 PM]
The Guardians approach her, and begin to force her hands off of her husband. She tries to grab on stronger as she cries harder and harder, which then turns into a scream. More Guardians enter the home to carefully pry her off. 

Doctor Gracie, is still attempting to call his mother. Banging on the steering wheel frustrated he isn’t there to help her. He is now slamming the gas pedal as far as it will go. Refusing to slow down for anyone. Continuing to pass more Guardian vehicles as they fly past him in the opposite direction. “What have I done….”

Back at the house, the Guardians have now become frustrated and have gotten the lady off her husband and have thrown her to the ground. Mr. Gracie panics and tries to help her. A Guardian grabs him and pries him away. Mr and Mrs. Gracie exchange one last look as he mouths “I will always love you….we will be together again in heaven.” She screams again watching as her husband is dragged away. 

Gracie finally making it to his parents house, slams on the breaks and gets out running towards everyone, watching as his father is put into the back of a vehicle. “Nooooo!!! Don't you f*cking take him!” A Guardian slams Gracie to the ground. As Damian walks over…

Damian: “We cannot take any risks..”

Gracie trying to fight off the Guardians is slammed by another Guardian. Brian Gracie screaming out to his dad while choking back tears “Dad! I love you!….I love you”

Mr. Gracie: (peering form the window bars” “I love you son…please….watch for you mother…find the cure…I believe in you my boy” The vehicle drives away as Brian Gracie drops to his knees. Damian kneels in front of him.

Damian: “It’s just business Gracie….nothing personal” standing up he gets into his vehicle. The Guardians let him go and also vacate the area. Gracie watches his father be taken away, knowing he will never see him again.(edited)
[5:27 PM]
Gracie stands up and runs into his parent’s house. Seeing his mother on the ground crying, he quickly helps her up. He holds her as she cries…

Mrs. Gracie: “I couldn’t even kiss him goodbye Brian…”

Brian Gracie: I know mom…I know…..” he continues to hold her.

Now at the Guardian Headquarter, the guardians are now transporting the terrified and shaking Mr. Gracie. He stumbles a bit as his knees are not as healthy as they used to be. The Guardians hold him up, continuing to push him forward . Dragging him into a secluded room, he is followed by the Commander. They push him in, as he loses his balance falling onto the floor, screaming in pain from his fragile body. The Commander walks in, as the door is shut. 

Damian: “Hello Mr. Gracie…you understand this is my job correct”

Mr. Gracie: “Im not infected sir..”

Damian: “You’re a risk Mr. Gracie…doctors have shared your medical reports. You have a weak immune system..”

Mr. Gracie: “Im feeling better sir…please sir…we were ready for the lockdown…”

Damian: “Glad to see direction was followed Mr. Gracie…a pleasure to see.” Damian stands up to leave the room. 

Mr Gracie: “Can you at least test me for it first sir…”(edited)
[5:27 PM]
Damian looks back at him…knocking on the door. It’s opened. As Damian is leaving two armed soldiers walk in. Damian looks back at him as the door closes. Mr. Gracie looks at the two soldiers, nodding his head understanding what is about to happen. Damian is walking down the halls, as other Guardians are preparing to hit the streets. Two gunshots are heard, no one acknowledges the shots as its become such a common practice during this time. 

The door is opened, as the solders are leaving the body of Mr. Gracie is now on the ground lifeless. Two men in hazmat suits, walk in and a pool of blood now begins to fill the floors. Guardians now stand in front of the door. Damian leaving the executions rooms stands aside as more civilians are lead into the room, at the end of the escort Damian double takes as two people are dragged past him. He turns back around seeing something familiar about the two, noticing a mother and a very young child around the age of 4. He stands and waits, as the two are brought into a room together. The door is closed, Damian quickly walks to the security room to see from the cameras. 

He stares at the monitor, his face becomes emotionless. The Guardians watching the cameras look up at him “Sir, you okay?” A supervisor walks over to them, looking at the camera monitors himself. Damian puts back on his helmet and immediately leaves the room. The Guardians look at each other confused.

Guardian: “What was that all about?…”

The supervisor staring at the security camera, knowing. “That’s his wife and kid”….

The door to the cell where the mother and child were is opened. The soldiers walk out, as two lifeless bodies lay upon the ground.

The Walking Dead Role-play Episode 3: It’s worse than we thought…

The White House August 16th, 2018. Officials are in and out of offices, running frantically through the halls to deliver information to others. The President sitting in the board room, preparing for the briefing from the Guardian Commander Damian on the current status and growth from the previous month. Everyone looking around with fear in dead silence waiting for Damian to enter. 

The door swings open, Damian enters the room followed by 4 heavily armed Guardians all wearing their protective helmets and gear. Everyone looks up in anticipation for what’s going on. 

Damian: “Well, it’s worse than we thought. What we hoped we can prevent, could not be prevented. Cases are now showing up in over 20 states and now in over 10 countries. We’ve expanded the team and they will be locking down everything as soon as orders are granted Mr. President. We lock borders down now, everyone stays in their homes or they are arrested.” 

Everyone looks to the president for his answer, hoping that was is being said can be executed properly but knowing that there could be an uproar of violence if people refuse these orders. The president takes a look around the room to see other’s reactions to the request.

Damian: “If we don’t act now it could destroy the human race. We project that in 5 months without these orders, 89% of the human population will be infected with the virus. That outnumbers our military and all personnel ready to fight against it.”

Vice President: “Damian, we understand the threat. It’s the concern of what people will do if we force them into their homes. They will uprise against these demands. What then will we do to keep the balance and prevent casualties..”
[4:30 PM]
Damian: “There is nothing to do sir, but execute those who resist.”

Everyone looks back to the president, knowing that killing citizens should never be the answer to regaining control. All of them hoping that the president won’t agree to such animalistic behavior.

President: “We must do, what we can to control this virus. We cannot risk this getting worse.” 

VP: “You cannot kill people..””

President: “What other options do we have? The longer we sit here and make stupid decisions the more people become infected. It’s now or never, and I will not make another decision that will destroy us all.”

With discouraged faces everyone looks back to Damian. 

Damian: “We shall act now… if I were you sir. I’d get this executed immediately.”

The president looks around the room, seeing the administration worried and afraid of the problems that twill come with this decision. The president looks towards the media team.

President: “Prepare the briefing, in 1 hour we will go live. This is our last fight to control this thing.”

Everyone looks around at each other before making their exit to prepare for this unfortunate announcement. The president walks through the halls of the White House watching as the team frantically prepares to go live. The White House is in utter chaos. More Guardians fill the halls,  Damian begins to make calls over the radio.

Damian: “Execute signal 1001, lockdown begins in 1 hour.”
[4:30 PM]
Back in Los Angels we are at the Gracie’s home. Brian is sitting with his mother, making her some food. She is silent, refusing to say a word, tears falling from her eyes as flashbacks of her husband being ripped from her arms. 

Brian Gracie: “Mom”

As he is trying to give her food. She looks at him with a blank smile, as she accepts the food. She slowly begins to eat, but doesn’t seem to be interested in it at all. She places it down on the coffee table as Brian watches her, saddened by what she is going through. 

The TV pops on, an announcement signal is made. Brian turns up the sound, as they both look in fear of whats going on. Standing in the frame is Damian, Brian with anger grips the remote. The president walks into frame. He is holding a paper, shaking with nerves he can barely hold it still.

President: “People of the United States of America, and those tuning in from around the world….(coughs). We all are aware of the current state we are in around the world. The virus has spread too quickly, and we cannot control it’s rapid growth….”

People in their homes are starting to watch, listening to what may follow. People in their cars are hearing over the radio, airports have now displayed the briefing on all of their televisions. 

President: “After a long month of deliberation, discussions and fear. As of today…(stops in his tracks)….”

Everyone is now staring at their TVs. Waiting to hear what is to follow. Looking around at their loved ones. 

President: “As of today….everyone is now forced to stay in their homes….there will be no exceptions to this ban. Those who are caught outside of their homes will be detained by the Guardians… this is something we must do to protect the people of the united states…travel will be closed permanently. No…no, no exceptions” 

Brian is looking with disgust at the TV, seeing that what will happen will cause complete chaos.
[4:30 PM]
President: “Those who attempt tp uprise against these orders…will be arrested and.or executed by the Guardians…please do not force us to act on these options…please..This is your president….as of today the Government….will be shut down. Once this virus is under control, we shall return…..May god have mercy on you all….” 

The feed cuts.

People are staring at their televisions, confused, lost and worried. People looking around at each other as they look out the windows and notice a barrage of Guardian vehicles flood the streets, helicopters seen above. A loud alarm is heard sounding through the city…. 

Back at the White House people are now running through the halls, grabbing their belongings to try and make it back to their homes. Guardians surround the president as they attempt t escort him to his vehicle. A security call comes over the radio.

Security Officer: “We have a breach! Attention, we have a breach at the front Gates, armed men attempting to get in. All security report to the front now!”

Guardians are seen running through the halls to assist, The president is dragged by Damian down a separate hall. The vice president follows behind closely, as more officials are dragged along. 

Outside the White House are people angrily attempting to take control. Guardians are seen above firing down on the civilians, killing them. A Guardian helicopter above begins to wipe out as many as they can see. More armed civilians arrive and begin to fire back.
[4:30 PM]
Damian: “We have the location, get them to the bunker now! Mr. President, we will get you into the bunker for now. We will locate your family and have them meet you there. Let’s go!”

They begin to guide them to underground tunnels that are filled with more Guardians. Gunfire can be heard above, followed by an explosion. Damian commands other soldiers to head up and assist. 

Outside people are seen jumping fences, driving their vehicles into the gates. Gunfire continues, as more Guardians are seen arriving from everywhere. The civilians are being surrounded, many of them being shot and killed. Finally control is regained. Guardians walking out and firing more shots into the heads of the civilians to ensure they are done for. A civilian who surrender is taken into custody.  A guardian approaches, and radios in a code. With a respond, he raises his gun and executes the civilian. The security agents, back up in fear. As the Guardian leaves. More Guardians have now arrived and have regained control over the area. 

Brian Gracie, is now seen boarding up his mothers home. He attempts to make a phone call, but no luck. Service has been cut by providers. More Guardians are flooding the streets, a gun shot is heard. Brian runs to the window to see that people are in custody and a dead man lays face first on the sidewalk. A woman is screaming, as it seems that was her husband who failed to take direction.
[4:30 PM]
Brian: “Mom, I will be back! Do not open the door for anyone. Do you hear me?”

She doesn’t answer him.

Brian: “Mom, can you f*cking answer me please!” Worried with anger, he kneels in front of her. “I can’t lose you to mom..please do you understand me”?

She nods her head, he quickly runs from the house and locks the door. He is quickly approached by Guardians. He flashes his badge, from the labs. They look at him and walk away. Brian quickly hops in his car and drives towards the lab. He can hear more sounds of gunfire. Watching as people who resist are executed. Vehicles on the freeway are now being abandoned. People are now fighting in the streets. 

Guardians arrive from nowhere and quickly execute the fighting civilians. 

Brian: “Jesus!” swerving to avoid another barrage of Guardian vehicles.

Brian pulls into the labs, he sees doctors running from the labs and getting into their cars. Brian jumps out and gets in front of them. 

Brian: “Where the f*ck are you going? We need you!”

Doctor: “Get out of the way Gracie! It’s over, it’s too late! There is nothing we can do. Now move!” The doctor drives off, knocking Brian to the ground. As he sits up, he sees more Doctors and staff leaving the labs. Brian runs inside to hear the alarms being sounded. Guardians flood the rooms and notice Brian. They walk right past him. Brian walks into his office and notices that all his stuff is gone. Brian scream and slams his fists in the table.
[4:31 PM]
he alarm stops, suddenly the power shuts off. Brian attempts to turn on the light switches, nothing happens. He scrambles around for a flashlight but can’t find anything. Suddenly a loud crash is heard. Brian goes silent..

He pops his head out the doorway, but sees nothing. Another loud crash is heard, he backs into his office and pins himself against the wall. very faintly he can hear footsteps. He stays silent, now knowing what it is. A loud raspy breathing can be heard. Brian stays silent. 

Suddenly more footsteps are heard through the halls, the sounds of of someone dragging along the floor can be heard. Brian looks towards his desk and grabs a pair of scissors. He leads back up agains the wall. This time there’s an infected standing in the door way looking in, Brian covers his mouth and avoids making a single sound. The person standing in the doorway… his father. Tears come down from Brian’s eyes. Knowing that his father was indeed infected and has now turned.

Brian stays dead silent, the zombie slowly starts to walk forward. Suddenly a blast of a gun is heard. The zombie drops dead on the ground. Brian yells out.

Brian: “Hello!” 

Guardian: “Identify yourself!”

Brian: “It’s me! Brian Gracie!”
[4:31 PM]
Guardian: “Come out slowly, keep your hands where I can see them”

Brian comes out slowly whit his hands raised. He puts the scissors into his back pocket. The Guardian lowers his gun. 

Guardian: “Let’s go, come with me”

Brian hesitant to follow, walks slowly with the Guardian. He follows the Guardian outside, who has him hop in his armored vehicle. 

Brian: “What’s going on?”

Guardian: “Im taking you to one of our safe houses. People are out of control…”

Brian: “I need you to take me to my mothers house!”

Guardian: “No.”

Brian: “Sir! please! I cannot leave my mother alone. Please take me to her”

Guardian: “Under strict orders, I cannot…” 

Brian slams the scissors into his neck, The Guardian swerves out of control and crashes. Brian completely blacks out. 

- To Be Continued -

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Hi there.

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