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Grand Theft Auto: The Inner Circle


Recommended Posts



The 3rd concept by DownInTheHole.


Note: I plan on redoing this concept soon. I don't like the state of it at present.


(Theme Song)

Michael Gray (feat. Shelley Poole) - Borderline


Other concepts by me:

Grand Theft Auto: Borders

Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City








About 20 miles west of Carcer City, Musketoon lies its sister city Ellis (also known as EL ILL), located in the state of Illinois. A city with an unsurmountable love for all things sports, alcohol, and house music, is marred by a dark past, ranging from the Prohibition-era gangster slayings in the 20s and 30s, Civil Rights clashes with the police in the 60s and 70s and the Rust Belt period in the 80s and 90s.


Based on the actual city of Chicago, Illinois, Ellis today in the early 21st century looks to be a shining example of how a city can rise from its ashes and triumph over its problems, even building a new stadium, known as the Hope Stadium, in commemoration of its struggle. And yet, with the advent of a new opportunities and a growing interest in yet another dubious war initiated by foreign policy, a wave of political ambition and greed looms over Ellis, and many cities like it, as members of the elite clamor at the prospect of becoming mayor during the city’s big election year.


Taking advantage of the city’s high crime and murder rate, prospective candidates manipulate and spin the volatile climate of the city to their favors, performing all manners of vice, each more depraved than the last to get to the top; spreading misinformation, hiring gangs to destroy campaign materials and blackmail their rivals, throwing lavish soirees and parties to curry favor the big dogs and even going as far as to hold an opponent’s family hostage.


Two big political factions in the city exist, the Populists and the Traditionalists. The Populists, signified by the color yellow, are known for their progressive politics and Laissez-faire economic policies that are supported mostly by the city’s lower class, whereas the Traditionalists, signified by the color blue, have a more conservative approach towards the city, being staunchly anti-globalist and are firm believers of trickle-down economics, popular among the city’s elite and big business. That said, the two factions will stop at nothing to climb over one another this election, even if it means taking the lives, and/or destroying the livelihoods of innocent people.


A local band of hitmen and assassins, known as The Inner Circle, with roots to the gang wars in the 1930s, are among those criminal elements to have their services called in, taking jobs from the highest bidder. These jobs become progressively inhumane as the elections continue, and members within the organization find themselves at loggerheads with each other, taking jobs from opposing clients. This grows into an internal struggle, as members clash with one another to either protect or kill a target, as the definition of what an assassin is becomes increasingly muddied as they find themselves caught up in a relentless game of violent chess between the elite.




The city of Ellis is split into 9 districts and 1 outskirt town, each having a distinct flavor and atmosphere, occupied by different groups of people of varying socio-economic and racial backgrounds. There is a saying that goes in the city of Ellis, “If you want to lose your life, head south, if you want to lose your humanity, head north.”


Serviced by the local bus depot and the El, a colloquial term for the rapid train line, much of the city can be traversed with public transport in a matter of minutes, considered to be one of the more complex and efficient systems in the United States, after Liberty City, though automobiles are still very much the preferred mode of transport for most Ellisians.


The overhead Interstate freeway I-13 serves as the main connection between the districts, which also connects to other Midwestern cities such as Carcer City, which is unseen in-game, though the scenic Lakeside Driveway, which runs through Aubrey, Sligo, East Ellis, Holliwock and Basquiat, is also used.







The northwestern suburban district of Ellis, and one of the most affluent. Old money runs the district of Aubrey, with gated communities, private security and boutique restaurants and shops. A local country club known as the Chandelier Country Club rules the neighborhood with an iron fist, keeping the real estate prices up and driving off the poor, heavily implied to be financed by one of the city’s most influential gangs, The Armagh Syndicate, among others. Many of the city’s elite politicians and aldermen reside in Aubrey, where they cautiously tread outside to other neighborhoods to gather votes.





A small district which shares some of its turf with the neighboring Sligo, and is home to the Greek and Polish/Ukrainian diaspora in Ellis. Often called the Hove Beach of Ellis, many of the city's Eastern European and Southern European immigrants can be found in Barclay, running restaurants, flower shops and car dealerships.  A local subset of the Greek Mafia can be found here, hanging around Tomasi's Gyros in Greektown. A newly-formed gang in the city, the Greek Mafia, also known as the Loukanis Crime Family, are making moves in the shipping business, and worke closely with Vito Cattaneo's clan of Mafioso.





 The city’s northeastern district with a large Irish-American diaspora, overlooking the iconic Ellis River to the west, that flows towards central. Famous for its taverns and nightclubs that blast French House, UK Garage and Trance, Sligo is also famous for its picturesque scenery of Lake Musketoon, which its pier overlooks, visited by thousands of tourists from all around, the Ellis River flowing perpendicular to it. That said, the area also has a notable Armagh Syndicate presence, acting as muscle for the various nightclubs in the area, as well as running protection and fraud rackets in the area.


The city’s flagship airport, Ellis International, is also located here, which is one of the busiest airports in the Midwest, along with Warrington Airport in Carcer City. The runway runs between the north and north eastern areas of the furthest ends of the map, cutting off directly before the lake shore.





A part residential, part commercial district of the city of Ellis, where rows of middle-class suburbs are interspersed with layers of small-to-mid-sized apartment blocks and some malls. A large Italian-American diaspora resides in West Ellis, having been around since the early 20th century. The district is also known for being the site of an infamous massacre in 1932, where 10 mobsters from the local Ellis Crime Family were brutally slain in cold blood in the private room of a nightclub by a group of armed assassins, possibly hired by the Irish Mob. The nightclub has since been turned into a bar named Walton’s, which capitalizes on this chunk of mob history to attract new customers.


The district is also home to a local chapter of the Delta Chargers MC, an outlaw motorcycle gang with an affinity for Japanese import motorcycles and old-school hot rods, which was founded in Ellis in the mid-80s.





The commercial district of Ellis, Illinois, and a place where business is conducted, and the largest district in Ellis. Colloquially known as the Ellis Loop, many of the city’s famed landmarks and skyscrapers are located here, built in various architecture styles ranging from the Steel Renaissance and Art Deco of the early 20th Century, to the more Brutalist-inspired modernist styles in the 1950s and onwards. A famed landmark, The Rosetta Stone, affectionately known as the Ellis Polished Turd, is very popular among tourists to Ellis, with its reflective surface used as the basis for many vacation photobombs. Additionally, many companies and corporations are based in this district, mostly congregating at the Balister Financial District.


The Ellis River runs through the center of the district, which is dyed green during St. Patrick’s Day in spring.





A district where all the big stadiums and trendy bars in town are, facing the majestic Lake Musketoon, such as the Cavalier Stadium and the Hope Stadium, currently under construction. It is also home to Ellis’s small slice of Greek culture, the neighborhood of Athenia, also home to a large casino called Capone’s Chips, offering games such as roulette, craps and baccarat to out-of-town executives and tourists.





The most dangerous district in Ellis, located in the south-west, facing inland Illinois, surrounded by the woods. Brockwell is notorious for being home to some of the most infamous housing projects in the Midwest, The Cipriani Homes, where homicides are commonplace and shootings are widely considered to be daily occurrences. A powerful gang founded in the projects, known by the local name, The Killa Mob, appears to rule the projects and most of the district, and also appear to dabble in politics as well, judging by their uncanny ability to influence black and Hispanic voters living in the district. That said, not all hope is lost in Brockwell, and there are attempts by the local community to pen up a truce between the gangs in the district, though this has yet to reach fruition.





The south-central district of Ellis, noticeably more well off than either Brockwell or Holliwock, in part due to its closer proximity to Central. Houses the city’s Chinese-American population, complete with its own Chinatown, peddling all manners of food and goods. Some of the city’s most renowned fine-dining restaurants are located in Darwin. A Triad organization exists in the district, though it is not as influential as the other Chinese syndicates in the east and west coasts, being mostly confined to counterfeiting and money laundering gangs that operate on behalf of their more powerful compatriots.





The south-eastern, mostly-industrial district of Ellis, and considered to be the most second-most dangerous district in the city, though crime is mostly confined to the housing projects in the area, not unlike Brockwell, and partly due to the district facing the city’s Interstate freeway, the I-13, and as such is often policed by the EPD. Crime aside, the district is known to house some of the biggest ball courts in the city, as well as being home to some of the best soul food places in the Midwest, owing to African-American immigration from the South in the 1950s and 1960s.





A smaller, yet considerably more run-down industrial city located southeast of Ellis, formerly an automobile powerhouse not unlike Carcer City a few miles away, loosely based on Gary, Indiana. The effects of the Rust Belt have not been kind on Basquiat, as the city struggles with a high crime and corruption rate, underfunded and understaffed public services and police, rows of abandoned factories and housing and a diminishing population. That said, despite its decrepit nature and not being incorporated into the Ellis metropolitan area, Basquiat is still considered to be heavily active in the Ellis mayoral elections, composing a medium-large cast of the African-American vote.




Inspired by games and movies such as Killer7, Black Lagoon, The Wire and Bad Times At The El Royale, the game’s prologue begins with members of The Inner Circle at odds with one another in early 2005, during the inauguration of the new mayor, before going back to the start of 2004 and beginning with the storyline, with each protagonist having their own arc (With the name of each arc being that of their names). These arcs briefly explore their respective histories and backstories, as well as how they joined the crew, before going through the events which lead up to the events of the prologue and the epilogue, from their individual perspectives.


Finishing all the arcs leads to the epilogue, where the story ties the actions of all the characters together, and a majority of the protagonists are killed canonically during this arc. That said, all the characters will still be playable once the game is complete, and can be switched, GTA V-style.

As Ellis features four seasons, much like Chicago in real life, there is a gradual progression of seasons with each arc, as the game shifts from 2004 to 2005.
































Given the nature of The Inner Circle, there exists five playable protagonists in the game, each with their own skillset and personality and also having their own respective motivations and loyalties to explain their backstories.



Cheyenne “Che” Ricci




“Seems like no matter I go, there's always gonna be some asshole with a paper crown that's gonna kick me down.”



Driving: ****

Fighting: ***

Stamina: ****

Marksmanship: *****

Charisma: **


The de facto protagonist of the game.


A 26-year old Italian-American novice assassin and former US Army sniper who served two tours in Afghanistan, and the illegitimate daughter of late Ellis Crime Family enforcer, Antonio “The Electrician” Ricci. She is the newest member of The Inner Circle, having only joined in late-2003, not long after returning home from Kabul, where she sustained an injury which also lead her to be briefly captured by the insurgency. She joins the circle in part due to the turbulent economy cities like Ellis were experiencing at the time post-9/11, as well as to not let her military experience go to waste.


Prior to her service, Che has only heard stories of her biological father, most of which ended grisly with the victims involved. Growing up in foster care and in relative poverty, she only learns of her mafia past after her foster mother, Josephine Salinas, reveals this before she enlists in the military. Returning to Ellis, she attempts to hook up with the don of the Ellis Mafia, Vito Cattaneo, whose organization is currently growing obsolete in the new century and having problems with informants and the law, and is harboring intentions of going straight.


Despite this, Vito, whose son was killed by the EPD in 2002, embraces Che with open arms, expressing regret for not adopting her himself. They form somewhat of an odd father-daughter bond, though Che is generally hesitant of this, believing the man to be crooked and having ulterior motives.


She also meets a mysterious figure named Emika Dharan later in her arc, who appears to front a large, shadowy company named Greytex Holdings, which intends to profit from the elections, and its ensuing collateral damage. She claims to know of Che and her past, and tells her that the EPD are trying to crack down on the Ellis Mafia. With this bargaining chip, she asks Che to do wet work in exchange for Vito’s freedom.


With the two parties breathing down her necks, and proving her worth to The Inner Circle, and attempting to survive the inner conflict in the squad after that, Che continually hones her craft over the course of the storyline, and learns who her true friends and family are, in a city that damns loyalty.


She drives a silver 2004 Dundreary Greenbelt, which is normally tuned to WROC: Ellis Rock Radio, Ellis Pirate Radio and WATH: Ellis After Dark.



Micha Lin




“Ain’t no use fightin’ the inevitable. This life of lyin’ and cheatin’ is the life you chose, if I may be so inclined as to say some final words on your behalf, least you could do is accept this with dignity.”



Driving: ****

Fighting: ***

Stamina: *****

Marksmanship: ****

Charisma: ****


A 36-year old Chinese-American assassin born and bred in the Mississippi Delta, and a former mistress and hitwoman for the Algonquin Triads in Liberty City during the early-90s, who speaks with a thick Southern twang that surprises most people unfamiliar with her. The third-oldest member in The Inner Circle, she joins the hit squad in 1996 out of necessity due to the Triad war east side as well as a passion for contract-killing, after two years of laying low in the city. A sadistic yet honorable killer, Micha is the first member that Che meets in the circle, they quickly form a close bond together, which lasts throughout the storyline.


Growing up, Micha ran and dealt with the local moonshine runners in the Mississippi area, where she honed her shooting skills learning from the men in the business. After killing an important member of a rival Triad and unwittingly starting a civil war in Liberty City, she leaves the city immediately and heads to Ellis, where she meets her handler Gemini, of The Inner Circle. She also gets acquainted with the local Chinese-American diaspora in the city, including a man named Eric Teng, a garage owner, JDM mechanic and gambling addict who is in hock with Ellis Triad boss Johnny Wang as well as Greytex Holdings, and a man who has provided Micha cash, a job and a place to stay after her exile from Liberty City. As much as Micha would want to kill Johnny and save Eric the trouble, the man has connections to the Triads back in the East Coast, who would not take a liking to that sort of thing.


She eventually crosses paths with Emika Dharan of Greytex Holdings, who is coincidentally acquainted with Che Ricci. Both women do wet work for her under The Inner Circle name, and likewise gets tangled up in the political mess. With Greytex Holdings, Johnny Wang and later other members of The Inner Circle holding knifes at their throats, it is only a matter of time before Micha's luck runs out, unless of course, she reaches a solution, even if that means piling the Ellis River with bodies.


She drives a red 2004 Declasse Sundancer, which is normally tuned to WNMD: The New Mode 101.3FM and WWPT: The Sound of the Future.



Orlando Rojas




“Y’know, Alderney’s paradise compared to this sh*thole, at least over there the suits act like they know they’re dickheads.”



Driving: ***

Fighting: ****

Stamina: ****

Marksmanship: ****

Charisma: **


A 29-year old Cuban-American assassin originally from Alderney City, formally working as a hired gun and hitman for the various street gangs and criminal organizations since his teens. He is the second-newest member of the Inner Circle, having only joined in 2000.


A boastful contract killer, proud of his kills and achievements, underneath all that hubris lies a deep-seeded sense of insecurity and a moral conflict, and in reality, is only in the business to make money for his parents back home. He is mentored by Kellock Wilkes on his first contract from The Inner Circle, where they express similar thoughts regarding views on mortality and the act of killing. From that experience, they form a friendship not unlike that of Micha and Che, though it appears to be manipulative in nature, at least from Kellock’s end. This relationship begins to rock towards the end of 2004, when the violence brought about by the mayoral elections in Ellis takes form. Both men begin to take part in violent contracts against rival members of political factions, some against people who have nothing to do with the violence to begin with. He grows disturbed of this, and secretly moves over to Jerome to ask for help.


With his moral dilemma at full swing, Orlando has to eventually decide what kind of a hitman he wants to be in the city.


He drives a black 2004 Schyster PMP GT, which is normally tuned to WMTL: Metallish FM and WULF: Unleaded Fury 94.8FM.



Jerome Hills




“Real troopers know when to stay quiet when they need to.”



Driving: ****

Fighting: ****

Stamina: ****

Marksmanship: *****

Charisma: ****


A 56-year old African-American veteran assassin and a native Ellisian who grew up in the infamous Brockwell district, working as a hired killer for the street gangs between the 1970s-to-early-1980s, prior to the existence of the infamous Killa Mob. He is the oldest member of The Inner Circle, having met Gemini around 1982, and was part of an earlier incarnation of the circle. He has learned much from the experience, and still keeps in contact with the surviving members of the old crew.


The voice of reason for the entire crew and a close friend to Gemini, he attempts to use his influence as a veteran criminal to stop the political turmoil in Ellis from getting worse, choosing only to assassinate individuals he deems disruptive to the greater peace of the city. Disliked by both Micha and Kellock for being too conservative and with Che and Orlando uneasy around him due to his stoic yet deadly demeanor and feared reputation, the only solace and friends he can look out to are Gemini, his old partner and former Inner Circle hitwoman Jackie Solange and local Brockwell businessman and childhood friend, Logan Parnell, who is running for the 2004 Ellis mayoral elections.  


With the 2004 Elections becoming progressively violent and corrupt, and being the lone wolf in The Inner Circle, Jerome goes independent, choosing only to take contracts that matter to him and his community, and to do whatever he can to protect Logan from becoming another number in the campaign killings.


He drives a 2004 silver Bravado Recoil, which is normally tuned to WUND: The Underground 100.1FM, WCRK: Wile Out Radio and WRNB: The Fire 104.2FM.



 Kellock Wilkes




“So, an Italian, a Chinese, a Cuban, a Colored man and an Irishman walk into a bar. The bartender sees this and makes a mental note. He tells ‘em to wait, walks to the back room and pulls out a 12-gauge from the armory before headin’ out again and blastin’ ‘em all to hell.”



Driving: ***

Fighting: *****

Stamina: ****

Marksmanship: ***

Charisma: *****


A 45-year old Irish-American assassin and former enforcer for a local sect of the Armagh Syndicate, known as The O’Haras. A thoroughly violent and sadistic killer with a nihilistic and hedonistic streak who takes pleasure in destruction and murder, he joins the Inner Circle around 1990, due to a falling out between him and the higher-ups of the syndicate. Unsatisfied with the progressively bureaucratic and legitimate direction that the Armagh Syndicate is taking, as well as the arrest, and later life imprisonment, of one of the only leaders he respects, Floyd O’Hara, Kellock gets into a fight with the other leaders of The O’Haras, which ends with the man blinding another enforcer, Daryl Moran, in the right eye. Daryl, now the de facto leader of the Armagh Syndicate, continues to harbor hatred towards Kellock to this day.


He leaves the gang, and soon joins The Inner Circle through a chance meet-up with Jerome Hills, who happened to be in the same bar together that night. Fortunately for Kellock, the circle was hiring, and soon he was taking contracts all over town. Fast-forward to 2003, and he becomes one of the most feared contract killers in the city. This captures the attention of Traditionalist mayoral candidate Alderman Barry McCarthy, who offers him several contracts against Populist candidates, including his rival, businessman Max Burrows, in an attempt to discredit him and his campaign.


He shifts away from the workings of The Inner Circle, and for a time with his partner, Orlando, who unknowingly tags along, he continually takes part in the chaos of the city with absolute compliance, while evading, and trying to get back at Daryl and his crew when he has the chance.


He drives a 2004 Albany Palatine, which is normally tuned to WCHL: Pure Sound and WCLS: Ellis’s Neo-Classical.



Characters that play a big role in shaping the narrative and gameplay of the storyline.







The handler of The Inner Circle. A seemingly harmless old man with a wealth of knowledge on Ellis’s history and politics, he is the go-to for many of the circle’s contracts, having been in the business since (allegedly) the mid-1930s. Continuing where founder Thomas Ringer left off, Gemini’s past remains a mystery, with many, even the longtime member Jerome Hills, not knowing his real name.


He anticipates the violence that wrecks the city during the tumultuous mayoral elections of 2004, as well as the internal conflict affecting The Inner Circle during this time. That said, he is a man a few words who takes his duty as a job-giver seriously, believing that the circle is able to resolve their issues independently, and that he is only there to give advice when needed. That said, the closest to a friend he has in the circle is none other than Jerome himself, owing to their long history together.



Emika Dharan




The shadowy CEO of an international brokerage known as Greytex Holdings, with ties to several corporations, firearms and security details as well as the American elite. Recently coming to the city of Ellis, Illinois on business, she uses the political situation in the area to her advantage, supporting the campaign violence in the districts and forging a temporary business relationship with leading Populist candidate, Max Burrows, a local millionaire and businessman with ties to the Ratchet Mob, as well as the other gangs in the city's projects.


Her motives remain a mystery, but it is likely that she intends to profit from the fallout of the decimation of the city. Manipulating people like Che, Micha, and Max, the city of Ellis, to an opportunist like Emika, is her chessboard, and sees the people that work for her and her crew as nothing more than disposable pawns.


When she appears in that dark grey 2004 Grotti Vanguard of hers, expect her heavily armed security detail to not be too far away. That said, she can hold up on a fight on her own as well, having the ability to wield dual Helsings; the only character in the game to do so.



Maximilian "Max" Burrows




An African-American businessman, record label executive and investor who is currently running for mayor as part of the Populist party. Growing up in poverty in the ghettos of nearby Carcer City, Max moves to Ellis in the early 60s as a young teenager, and quickly rises through the ranks in the local street gangs. An intelligent and cunning man, he leaves the hood and makes it big, forming his own hedge fund and record label in the 1980s, and soon becomes among the city’s richest men. He even marries a former model with the maiden name Pauline Temple, who was at one point, the Miss USA of 1994.


Max continues to use his gang connections to his advantage, paying the Ratchet Mob to go after his opponents during the 2004 elections, and even forges a relationship with Emika Dharan. Maintaining a progressive and liberal image for the voters, he continues to fight his way up the political ladder, with the mask that hides his corruption slipping over the course of the storyline.



Alderman Barrington "Barry" McCarthy




The top contender for the Traditionalist party and their leading mayoral candidate. Popular among the city’s whiter and richer populace, and a strict conformer to family values. A former DA before going to City Council, Barry knows the workings of the justice and political system inside and out, though he is not afraid of using the gangs in his city to his advantage, as his relationship with current Armagh Syndicate leader Daryl Moran, as well as former member and contract killer Kellock Wilkes, proves.


A vicious and opportunistic man not unlike his rival Max, sculpting a family man image for himself, along with an aggressive electoral campaign to gather as many votes as he can, though unlike his competitor, he is blunt and offensive with his public remarks, choosing to feign ignorance and stupidity and sew outrage when the situation calls for it. That said, Barry puts his family first before everything else, with a wife of nearly 20 years and two daughters in middle school. This proves to be his Achille’s heel, as the safety of his family becomes threatened over the course of 2004, when things go out of hand in the midst of all the political chaos and misinformation.



Logan Parnell




A community businessman and the owner of several fine dining restaurants and soul kitchens across Ellis, most notably in Holliwock, and a man who is running for mayor as part of the Populist party. A painfully inept, yet humble man, his campaign staff consists of only two secretaries, one sociologist, three campaigners and one statistician, though he continues to garner a modest following in the southern districts of Ellis as well as in the nearby city of Basquiet.


Childhood friends with Inner Circle hitman Jerome Hills, the last thing Logan wants is to be corrupted by the system he wishes to be part of, though over the course of the storyline, this proves almost impossible to do, and the man often finds himself getting into life-threatening situations where he needs the killer’s help. Frequenting Poppy’s, one of the most famous soul kitchen joints in the Midwest, where his wife, Joanna Parnell, is a head chef, he continues to use the back room of the restaurant as an office for his campaign in an attempt to remain true to his community, as he continues to face obstacles and dangers over the course of 2004.







A woman dressed in an Ellis Cubs mascot suit who happens to be a notorious arms dealer in the city. Working on an exclusive contract for The Inner Circle, Alfie offers her services to all members of the crew, driving a gun van, a light blue 2004 Imponte Olmec, on-location to sell her guns to these individuals, as a result of a nationwide ban on military-grade firearms.


Never seen outside of her suit so as to maintain her anonymity, Alfie can sometimes be found frequenting the many bars in the city of Ellis at night, where she gets maudlin after a couple of pints or is observed to exhibit hooligan-like behavior watching the game on the mounted bar television, sometimes getting into fights with the other patrons in the bar.



Antagonistic characters, excluding certain protagonists and major characters, that play a major role as boss characters during the gun duels at the end of each arc.


Kenneth "Poncho Ken" Wesson

The leader of the Killa Mob in Brockwell, and an Afghanistan War veteran not unlike Che. A volatile and violent leader with no regard for authority, he dislikes Max and his campaign crew for manipulating the good people of Brockwell, and as such, he and Emika want him out of the picture and replaced with a more malleable and obedient puppet. On behalf of Max, Emika sends Che out to the projects to kill him, in exchange for allowing Vito Cattaneo to walk the streets, unmolested by the law.


Johnny Wang

The local boss of the Ellis Triads, with connections with other Chinese organizations in the east coast. Proficient in firearms, Johnny thinks he is untouchable due to his prowess and connections, and uses this as leverage against Micha, who has other reasons for disliking him.


Jason "Ironman" Welder

One of Emika Dharan's top security personnel, who works as her personal enforcer, among others. Actively working against the Traditionalists on behalf of Max, Jason performs due diligence on the electoral campaigns and rallies across the city, before determining the best course of action for Emika to take. He gets his name from his durability, where he is able to soak up plenty of bullets without going down.


Daryl Moran

Former enforcer and current leader of the Armagh Syndicate, distinguishable by an eyepatch that covers his right eye. He used to work with Kellock Wilkes when they were part of The O'Haras back in the late-70s and 80s, until their falling out in '89, when the latter gouges one of his eyes out in a fight.



Characters that play a major role in a character-specific arc, or to another major character.


Vito Cattaneo

The current don of the Ellis Crime Family, or what's left of it. With the Armagh Syndicate running the game, he confines himself to West Ellis and bits of Central, where he runs small-to-medium rackets and underground casinos that make enough to keep the gang, a far cry from their golden years in the 20s and 30s, afloat.


Eric Teng

A mechanic and owner of the Ellis Midnight Club Tuners modding garage in Quazar Heights, Darwin, and a close friend of Micha's. He has a terrible gambling addiction, and finds himself in the debt of Johnny Wang and even big companies like Greytex.


Jackie Solange

A retired assassin and old friend of Jerome's, who was formerly a member of The Inner Circle, as part of its second generation.

Pauline Temple-Burrows

The trophy wife of mayoral candidate Max Burrows, who uses her influence as a media personality and model to help her husband fight against their Traditionalist rivals.


Sarah McCarthy

The beloved wife of leading Traditionalist mayoral candidate Barry McCarthy, and the mother of two children, Yvonne and Talia


Joanna Parnell

The faithful wife of Populist underdog, Logan Parnell, and head chef at the renowned soul food restaurant, Poppy's.


Henry Erickson

The current mayor of Ellis as of 2004. A Traditionalist party member, he intends to use vitriol between the factions as a fodder to support his radical policies in an attempt to look good in front of the folks at DC, and has dreams of becoming a Senator himself.  He has a business relationship with current Traditionalist candidate, Barry McCarthy, and by extent, assassins Kellock Wilkes and Orlando Rojas, as well as Daryl Moran, the leader of the Armagh Syndicate.


The Broker

Real name unknown. A powerful, mysterious man who is only seen at the very end of the game, implied to be a close business partner to Emika Dharan, as well as having a hand in world affairs and politics. He offers Che the chance to move to Southeast Asia with a job as an arms dealer, after the mess in Ellis in 2004-5.



Unseen characters that play an important role in the game.


Thomas Ringer

The now-deceased founder of The Inner Circle, who was once a member of the Irish Mob during Ellis's infamous mob rule in the 1920s, before becoming an assassin himself once The Great Depression hit.


Albert Cattaneo

The late son of Vito Cattaneo, who was murdered at a cathouse storing the Mafia's counterfeit money by the police in New Center, Central in 2002.


Josephine Salinas

Che's foster mother, who the assassin keeps in close contact with. At the time of the game, she no longer lives in Ellis. Instead, the correspondence between the two women is exchanged via email.


Floyd O'Hara

The leader of The O'Haras, a local subset of The Armagh Syndicate that used to rule much of the neighborhood of Masterson in Sligo. Implied to have been set up by his underlings, Floyd is arrested sometime in 1990, and was sent to life in prison for numerous felonies, some which were false charges against him. He dies in prison sometime before 2004, and was among the only people Kellock respects.

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The 3rd concept by DownInTheHole.






Given the smaller scale of the map as well as the diversity of Ellis, there are much more leisurely activities for the five protagonists to do when they are not out taking contracts or protecting politicians.


Ranging from kayaking along the bustling Ellis River, a good old game of golf at Aubrey’s renowned St. Valentine’s Golf Course, dancing and drinking at one of the city’s many nightclubs, singing karaoke at a seedy bar in Chinatown, East Ellis or Central to the classic Ellisian pastime of watching a game at the Cavalier Stadium, and heckling the opposing team, there is no shortage of things to do in the city for fun.


But first, let’s just get down to the basics of the radio stations, TV shows and film, essential staples to any GTA game.




The unofficial capital of the Midwest, the city of Ellis can be best described as the transitory ground between the Eastern, Western and Southern United States. As such, there is sheer diversity of music genres that can be heard across the city.


While Ellis is perhaps best known as the birthplace of house music, many other genres, such as industrial, electroclash, post-punk revival and emo, began their rise to popularity in these areas, owing to the disgruntled, anarchic and dangerous Rust Belt landscape which predated the current state of the city. Many regional movements, such as Southern crunk, DC/Liberty hardcore punk and Carcer City techno, and overseas movements, such as UK Garage, French Filter House, Jamaican dancehall and the South London Broken Beat/Nu-Jazz scene, have found their way into the city through its thriving arts and music scene and culture.


Broadcast around the city are 16 radio stations, which includes 4 dance stations, 3 rap/R&B stations, 2 extreme metal/hardcore punk stations, 3 lounge/chillout stations, 2 rock stations, 1 dancehall station and 1 talk show station. The music featured in these radio stations can be listened to either with a Panoramic Idler, which, together with the music, can be purchased at any music store around Ellis and Basquiat, or at the protagonists’ respective safehouses through either a vinyl player or a stereo set.



WHSE – The European Touch

“Presenting the hottest filtered club sounds straight from Ellis, England and France!”

Genre: Filter House, Nu-disco, Chicago House, Deep House

Host: Michael Gray

Type: Dynamic




The station plays mostly European Filter House or French House tracks from the late-90s to early-00s, featuring artists such as Bassment Jaxx, Daft Punk and Junior Jack, though a few classic Chicago house or deep house tracks are also present.


The station is hosted by Michael Gray, a British DJ and house music producer, whose tracks, The Weekend (which was previously in TBOGT), Borderline and What Do You Want (as part of Full Intention) are featured here. The station is similar to SFUR in that it is dynamic with no commercials.




Modjo – Chillin’ (2001)

Phunky Data – Hard Night (1999)

Jovonn (feat. Krystine Walker) – Better Love (1996)

Glenn Underground – Colouration (1996)

Daft Punk – Revolution 909 (1997)

Daft Punk – Face To Face (Demon Remix) (2003)

The Superman Lovers (feat. Mani Hoffman) – Starlight (2001)

Bassment Jaxx – Red Alert (Jaxx Radio Mix) (1999)

DJ Nekbath – Feel It (Saturday Night Mix) (2000)

Masters At Work – Backfired (Joey Negro Club Mix) (2001)

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (1999)

Michael Gray – The Weekend (2004)

Michael Gray (feat. Shelley Poole) – Borderline (2005)

R.I.P. Productions – Oh Baby (1997)

Ultra Nate, Amber & Jocelyn Enriquez – If You Could Read My Mind (1998)

Junior Jack – My Feeling (1999)

Room 5 – Sunset Café (2003)

Jamiroquai – Supersonic (Restless Soul Main Vocal) (1997)

Sandy Rivera – I Can’t Stop (2002)

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Murder On The Dancefloor (2002)

ATFC (feat. Lisa Millett) - Sleep Talk (AFTC’s Bad Night’s Sleep) (2001)

Shakedown – At Night (2002)

Dahae & Full Intention – What Do You Want (Crispin J Glover’s Vocal Mix) (2002)

David Morales (feat. Tamra Keenan) – Here I Am (Kaskade Remix) (2004)

Kings of Tomorrow – Finally (2001)

Ron Trent (feat. Ital Foods) – Space Is The Place (2004)


WROC – Ellis Rock Radio

“Modern rock tracks from the 90s-to-noughties.”

Genre: Post-Grunge, Britpop, Alternative Rock, Space Rock

Host: Todd Fooks

Type: Dynamic




One of the two rock stations in Ellis, WROC mostly follows a much more adult contemporary format, playing music from the post-grunge and Britpop genres, not unlike that of the cut station from GTA V, Pre-Millennium Radio.


The station is hosted by Todd Fooks, who is an actual rock station DJ, often called by his last name, that hosts the morning show on KFMA in Tucson, Arizona, and was a former host at Q101, a now-discontinued rock station in Chicago.




Sneaker Pimps – Sick (2003)
Placebo – Pure Morning (1998)
Blur – Beetlebum (1997)
James – Just Like Fred Astaire (1999)
The Charlatans – The Only One I Know (1990)
Incubus – Drive (1999)
Filter – Take A Picture (1999)

Audioslave - Cochise (2002)
The Smashing Pumpkins – This Time (2000)
Local H – All the Kids Are Right (1998)
Revis – Seven (2004)
Bush – Hurricane (2002)
Oasis – Champagne Supernova (1996)
Elastica – Smile (1995)

Soulwax - Too Many DJ's (1999)
Ash – A Life Less Ordinary (2002)

Longpigs - She Said (1996)
The Verve – Weeping Willow (1997)
Radiohead – Paranoid Android (1997)
Radiohead – Optimistic (2000)
Echobelly – King of the Kerb (1997)
Feeder – Come Back Around (2002)
Mansun – Wide Open Space (1995)
Stereophonics – Local Boy In The Photograph (1997)
Garbage – Supervixen (1995)
Idlewild – American English (2002)

My Vitriol - Grounded (2001)
Manic Street Preachers – Dead Martyrs (2001)

New Order - 60 Miles An Hour (2001)
Muse – Time Is Running Out (2004)
Primal Scream – Burning Wheel (1997)

Swervedriver - These Times (1998)

Dubstar - Stars (1995)


WNMD – The New Mode
“Melding highlife electronics, lo-fi garage aesthetics, the suburban lifestyle and garishly-colored beads into one sleazy alternative sound.”
Genre: Post-punk revival, Dancepunk, Industrial Rock, Pop Punk, Digital Hardcore, Screamo, Garage Punk, Electroclash, Electronic Rock
Host: Kat Corbett
Type: Dynamic




The second of the two rock stations, WNMD leans more towards the rougher, grittier side of the rock spectrum, playing mostly newer pop punk, post-punk revival, industrial rock and psychedelic rock from the mid-2000s and even a few electroclash and digital hardcore tracks.


The station is hosted by Kat Corbett, an actual radio personality who used to host at KROQ in Los Angeles, as well as a current DJ on SiriusXM. She was also the host of The Faction FM 99.8 in Saints Row 1.




Open Hand – Tough Girl (2005)
Rival Schools – The Switch (2001)
The Juliana Theory – If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop? (2000)
UNKLE – Panic Attack (2003)
Primal Scream – Swastika Eyes (Jagz Kooner Mix) (1999)
Snake River Conspiracy – Somebody Hates You (2000)
Ladytron – True Mathematics (2004)
Warren Suicide – Black Planet (2002)

Kill Memory Crash - Ever Experienced (2004)
Curve – Chainmail (2001)
Tricky – Black Steel (Been Caught Steeling Mix) (1995)
Louis XIV – Louis XIV (2005)
Rock N’ Roll Soldiers – Funny Little Feeling (2004)
Metro Riots – Thee Small Faces (2004)
Hot Hot Heat – Bandages (2002)
The Vines – Get Free (2002)
The Subways – City Pavement (2005)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club –  Whatever Happened To My Rock 'N Roll (Punk Song) (2001)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – US Government (2003)
The Raveonettes – Love in a Trashcan (2004)
We Are Scientists – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (2005)
The Libertines – Campaign of Hate (2004)
Art Brut – Bad Weekend (2005)
The Get Up Kids – Ten Minutes (1999)
Autopilot Off – Long Way to Fall (2002)
Unwritten Law – Fight (2005)
The Donnas – Who Invited You (2002)
Thursday – Understanding In A Car Crash (2001)


WCRK – Wile Out Radio
“Music to play loud from the woofers while spinning 50-inch rims.”
Genre: Gangster Rap, Hardcore hip hop, Crunk, Southern hip hop, East Coast hip hop, Dirty Rap, Horrorcore
Host: The BMX Four

Type: Dynamic (Sets alternate every 2 days)




A hip hop station that plays mostly hardcore hip hop, party rap and crunk from the late-90s to early-to-mid-2000s. The station contains an extremely hedonistic aesthetic, glorifying the gangster lifestyle as well as riches.


The station is hosted by The BMX Four, a quartet of DJs that are current hosts at 104.3 Jams Chicago, an actual hip hop station in that city. WCRK is unique in that each host has their own exclusive set that they play dynamically, which alternates every two in-game days, though in special cases, such as during a storyline mission where a song is scripted to play, this rule may be broken.




DJ Non Stop:

Trillville (Lil Scrappy & Lil Jon) – Neva Eva (2003)

Dem Franchize Boyz (feat. Bow Wow Wow, Da Brat & Jermaine Dupri) – I Think They Like Me (So So Def Remix) (2004)

Crime Mob – Crunk Inc. (2004)

Youngbloodz (feat. Killer Mike) – Hustle (2003)

Three 6 Mafia (feat. Young Buck, 8Ball & MJG) – Stay Fly (2005)

David Banner (feat. Bun B, Too $hort & Jazze Pha) – Take Your (2005)

Ying Yang Twins – Armageddon (2003)

Lil Wayne – Go DJ (2004)

Young Bleed (feat. Master P, C-Loc, Steady Mobb’n, King George, Gangsta T & Silkk The Shocker) – How Ya Do Dat (1999)

Twista – Overnight Celebrity (2003)

Hot Boyz – U Don’t Wanna (1999)

K.P. & Envyi - Swing My Way (1998)


DJ Metro:

Dead Prez – Police State (2000)

Masta Ace (feat. Jean Grae) – Soda & Soap (2003)

Afu-Ra (feat. Masta Killa) – Living Like That (2005)

Clipse – Grindin’ (2002)

Freeway (feat. Young Gunz) – Full Effect (2004)

Black Rob (feat. The LOX) – Can I Live (2000)

Nas (feat. AZ) – The Flyest (2001)

Zion I (feat. Aesop Rock) – Poems 4 Post Modern Decay (2005)

Deltron 3030 – Time Keeps On Slipping (2000)

Blackalicious (feat. Lateef The Truthspeaker & KeKe Wyatt) – It’s Going Down (2002)

Hieroglyphics – Full Circle (2003)

OutKast – Two Dope Boyz (In A Cadillac) (1996)

Goodie Mob (feat. OutKast) – Black Ice (Sky High) (1998)


Julian Jumpin Perez:

Lyrics Born – I Changed My Mind (Stereo MCs Rattlesnake Mix) (2005)

Hell Razah (feat. 4th Disciple) – Who’s Gonna Die Next? (2004)

RZA – A Day To God Is 1000 Years (2003)

Ghostface Killah (feat. Sheek Louch & Styles P) – Metal Lungies (2004)

Masta Killa (feat. Inspecta Deck & GZA) – Silverbacks (2004)

Inspecta Deck – Vendetta (2003)

Scarface (feat. Jay Z & Beanie Siegel) – Guess Who’s Back (2004)

The Diplomats (feat. Cam’ron & Juelz Santana) – Dipset Anthem (2003)

MED (feat. J Dilla) – Push (2005)

T.I. (feat. Daz Dillinger) – My Life (2004)

Mos Def - Life Is Real (2004)



Jadakiss – Kiss of Death (2004)

Cam’ron (feat. Kanye West & Syleena Johnson) – Down And Out (2004)

Jean Grae – Haters’ Anthem (2003)

Masta Ace (feat. Apocalypse) – Too Long (2005)

Danger Doom (feat. Ghostface Killah) – The Mask (2005)

Jaylib – The Heist (2003)

Mobb Deep – Survival of the Fittest (1995)

David Banner (feat. B!G) – Bloody War (2005)

Ludacris (feat. Chingy, I-20, 2 Chainz) – We Got (2003)

Gravediggaz – Big Shot Dead (2004)

Killarmy (feat. Hollacaust) – Doomsday (1998)

Cappadonna – Get Away From The Door (2003)


WUND – The Underground 100.1FM
“Music for the lone ronin.”
Genre: Alternative Hip Hop, Jazz Rap, Instrumentals, Lo-fi Hip Hop
Host: Fat Jon
Type: Dynamic




Another hip hop station in Ellis, WUND plays mostly jazz rap and alternative hip hop from the same time frame, seemingly trying to evoke the subdued aesthetic of oldschool jidaigeki films as well as channels such as Adult Swim.


 The station is hosted by Fat Jon, a hip hop producer and rapper living in Germany whose work includes composing the original soundtrack for the hit anime, Samurai Champloo, together with the late producer, Nujabes. His tracks, Darkness, Bad As They Come (with 3582), Say Intro (with Five Deez) and Omni (with Five Deez) are featured in this station.




Slum Village - Get Dis Money (2000)
Slum Village - Fall In Love (2000)
The Pharcyde - Runnin' (1995)
Madlib (feat. MED) - Set Me At Ease (2003)
Little Brother - Whatever You Say (2004)
Lootpack - Questions (1999)
Zion I - Next To U (2005)
Dilated Peoples - Pay Attention (2001)
Five Deez - Omni (2001)
3582 - Bad As They Come (2003)
Five Deez - Say Intro (2001)
KMD - Sweet Premium Wine (2001)
People Under The Stairs - We'll Be There (2000)
Strange Fruit Project - All The Way (2004)
Reservoir Doggs - The Difference (1999)
Sharpshooters (feat. Four Fifths) - Analyze (1997)
Large Professor - I Justwanna Chill (1996)
Binary Star - Reality Check (1995)
One Be Lo (feat. DJ Virus & Decompoze) - Enens Eht No Kcab (2005)
King Geedorah - Next Levels (2003)
Lone Catalysts - Rennaissance (2002)
Crown City Rockers (feat. Scarub) - Balance (2002)
Lifesavas - Hellohihey (2003)
Gift Of Gab - Evolution (2004)
Aceyalone (feat. Abstract Rude) - The Saga Continues (2003)
Haiku D' Etat (feat. Busdriver) - Transitions & Eras (2002)
Count Bass D - Dwight Spitz (2002)
Pete Rock & INI - Center Of Attention (2001)
Reflection Eternal - Blast (2001)
Nujabes (feat. Cise Starr) - Lady Brown (2003)
Asheru (feat. Talib Kweli) - Mood Swing (2002)
Pole & Fat Jon - Slow Motion (2003)
Square One - Take Your Time (2002)
Specifics - Under The Hood (2001)
J-Live (feat. Asheru & Probe) - Kick It To The Beat (2001)

Lone Catalysts (feat. Talib Kweli) - Due Process (2001)
A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way (1998)
Fat Jon - Darkness (2002)


WRNB – The Fire 104.2FM
“Sultry R&B joints to cruise with.”
Genre: R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop Soul
Host: Frankie Robinson
Type: Dynamic




A R&B station that is popular among younger Ellisians, playing mostly sample-heavy and expensively-produced commercial hits from the era.


The station is hosted by Frankie Robinson, an actual radio personality who is currently a host on WGCI, an actual R&B and hip hop station in Chicago.




Floetry – Sunshine (2002)
Jill Scott – Cross My Mind (2004)
Raphael Saadiq – Live Without You (2004)
Dwele – Find A Way (2003)
Eric Robertson – Couldn’t Hear Me (2003)
Hil St. Soul – Pieces (2002)
TLC – Quickie (2002)
Amerie – Nothing Like Loving You (2002)
Blaque – As If (2002)
3LW – No More (Baby I’ma Do Right) (2000)
Nivea – Complicated (2005)
702 – I Still Love You (2003)
Nelly (feat. Kelly Rowland) – Dilemma (2002)
Tamia – Imagination (1998)
Toni Braxton (feat. Loon) – Hit The Freeway (2002)
Total (feat. Mase) – If You Want Me (1998)
Missy Elliott (feat. Aaliyah & Da Brat) – Stickin’ Chickens (1998)
En Vogue – Whatever (1997)
SWV – You’re the One (1996)
Next – Too Close (1997)
Jagged Edge – Visions (2003)
Cherish (feat. Da Brat) – Miss P. (2005)
Brandy – When You Touch Me (2002)
Keyshia Cole – You’ve Changed (2005)
Monica – Knock Knock (2003)


WDRY – Di Reverb Yard 91.7FM
“The dubby sounds of dancehall, straight from Jamaica and beyond.”
Genre: Dancehall, UK Garage, Reggae
Host: DJ Target
Type: Dynamic




A station in Ellis that plays mostly 90s-to-00s dancehall and reggae, though the genres may sometimes crossover with others, such as UK Garage and hip hop. A number of tracks in the station were formerly featured on Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, another game by Rockstar.


WDRY is hosted by DJ Target, who currently works as a dancehall host on BBC Radio 1Xtra.




Smith & Mighty – B-Line Fi Blow (2002)
Eek-A-Mouse – Politics (2004)
M.I.A. – Fire, Fire (2004)
M.I.A. – Sunshowers (2004)
Buju Banton – Up Ye Mighty Race (2003)
Lady Saw – Messed Up (2004)
Tanto Metro & Devonte – The Ride (2005)
Buccaneer – Hypocrite (1998)
Degree – Don’t Break The Rules (2001)
Born Jamericans – Prodigal Sons (1997)
Cutty Ranks – Hitman (1996)
Chaka Demus & Pliers – Front Line (2005)
Super Cat – Ghetto Red Hot (1992)
Red Rat – Italee (1997)
Sean Paul – We Be Burnin’ (2005)
Sean Paul (feat. Wayne Marshall) – Yardie Bone (2005)
General Degree – Bag A Tings (1998)
Shabba Ranks (feat. Rebel Princess) – Action Packed (2005)
T.O.K. – Money 2 Burn (2001)
Lexxus – Good Hole (2002)
Patra (feat. Yo-Yo) – Romantic Call (1993)
Mr. Vegas – Latest News (1998)
Notch – Nuttin Nuh Go So (2003)
Elephant Man (feat. Killah Priest) – Who We Are (2003)
Nneka – Warrior (2005)


WULF – Unleaded Fury 94.8FM
“Hardcore punk from the sewers of Washington D.C. and Liberty City.”
Genre: DC Hardcore, NY Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Post-hardcore, Thrash, Skate Punk, Protopunk, Grindcore
Host: Anthony “Civ” Civarelli
Type: Dynamic




WULF plays mostly hardcore punk from the DC and NYC areas, which is not unlike the format on IV's LCHC, though many post-hardcore, protopunk and grindcore bands are also featured here. Contrary to its tagline, the station also features a number of non-American punk bands, such as the Swedish Refused and the British Users.


The station is hosted by Civ, the lead singer of the straight edge hardcore punk band Gorilla Biscuits. Two tracks by him, Can't Wait One Minute More and Big Mouth (with Gorilla Biscuits), are featured here.




Gorilla Biscuits – Big Mouth (1988)
Judge – Warriors (1989)
Floorpunch – Stick Together (1997)
Youth Of Today – Disengage (1990)
Ten Yard Fight – The Only Way (1999)
Hands Tied – What Lies Ahead (1997)
Bad Brains – Banned In D.C. (1982)
Dag Nasty – We Went Wrong (1992)
CIV – Can’t Wait One Minute More (1995)
Kill Your Idols – Can’t Take It Away (1998)
Mission Of Burma – Playland (1987)
Fugazi – Bulldog Front (1989)
Rites of Spring – Other Spring (1985)
One Last Wish – Hide (1986)
Cro-Mags – Street Justice (1986)
Earth Crisis – Firestorm (1993)
Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer (1977)
Burn - …Shall Be Judged (1990)
Minor Threat – Screaming At A Wall (1984)
Strife – Blistered (1997)
Snapcase – Caboose (1997)
Sick Of It All – Step Down (1994)
Converge – Distance and Meaning (2001)
Breakdown – Kickback (1987)
Chain Of Strength – True Till Death (1995)
Death – Politicians In My Eyes (1976)
Refused – Rather Be Dead (1996)
Botch – EBB (2002)
The Users – In Love With Today (1977)


WMTL – Metallish FM
“The metal apocalypse glooms over the city of Ellis, together with their sponsors, of course.”
Genre: Progressive Metal, Extreme Metal, Metalcore, Post-hardcore, Industrial Metal, Nu-Metal, Gothic Metal, Horrorpunk
Host: Morgan Lander
Type: Dynamic




An extreme metal station in Ellis that plays mostly nu-metal, horrorpunk and industrial metal, though progressive metal and gothic metal tracks are also featured here.


The station is hosted by Morgan Lander, who was the lead singer of the now-defunct alternative metal band, Kittie. One of the band's tracks, Career Suicide, is featured in the playlist.




Disturbed - Mistress (2002)
Static-X - Kill Your Idols (2003)
Coal Chamber - Fiend (2002)
Fear Factory - Archetype (2004)
Machine Head - The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears (1999)
Trivium - Pillars of Serpents (2003)
Opeth - Deliverance (2002)
Lamb of God - Omerta (2004)
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants (2004)
Killswitch Engage - My Last Serenade (2002)
Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It) (1997)
Korn - Trash (1999)
Rob Zombie - Dead Girl Superstar (2001)
Ozzy Osbourne - Facing Hell (2001)
Godhead - Penetrate (2001)
Stabbing Westward - When I'm Dead (1998)
KMFDM - Attak/Reload (2002)
Gravity Kills - Love, Sex & Money (2002)
Slick Idiot - I Feel Fine (2002)

Pitchshifter - Please Sir (1998)
Nine Inch Nails - Getting Smaller (2005)
Dry Kill Logic - Rot (2001)
Godsmack - Mistakes (2000)
Saliva - Click Click Boom (2001)
Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song (2000)
Chemlab - White Room Black Eye (2004)
Murderdolls - Dead In Hollywood (2002)
The 69 Eyes - Feel Berlin (2004)
Type O Negative - I Don't Wanna Be Me (2003)
Pantera - Revolution Is My Name (2000)
Kittie - Career Suicide (2004)
American Head Charge - Just So You Know (2001)
Scum of the Earth - Murder Song (2004)
The Union Underground - South Texas Deathride (2000)


WCLS – Ellis’s Neo-Classical
“Pure orchestral sound, none of that electronic crap.”
Genre: Modern Classical, Classical, Opera
Host: Candice Agree
Type: Dynamic




A classical station in Ellis catering to those with more refined tastes. Many famous composers, such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Debussy, have their compositions featured, though new-school composers such as Henryk Gorecki and Ryuichi Sakamoto, are also present.


WCLS is hosted by Candice Agree, who is a real-life radio personality who currently hosts at WFMT, a classical and folk station in Chicago.




Henryk Gorecki - Symphony No. 3 Movement II. Lento e Largo (1976)
Takashi Yoshimatsu - Symphony No. 2 "At terra": II. Requiem, from the West (1991)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Amore (1989)
Beethoven - Fur Elize (1867)
Verdi - Requiem: Dies Irae (1874)
Tchaikovsky - Valse sentimentale, Op.51, No.6 (1877)
Bach - Air (1731)
Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre, Op.40 (1874)
Chopin – Nocturne No. 2 In E Flat Major (1832)
Chopin – Nocturne No. 19 in E Minor (1832)
Hisato Ohzawa – Piano Concerto No. 3 in A-Flat Major (1938)
Rachmaninov - The Isle of the Dead, Op. 29 (1908)
Mussorgsky - Night On Bald Mountain (1867)
Kalinnikov - Symphony No. 1 - Movement 2 (1900)
Grieg - Death of Ase (1875)
Wagner - Tristan und Isolde, WWV 90, Act 1: Vorspiel (1859)
Debussy - Reflets dans l'eau (1905)
Debussy – Claire De Lune (1905)


WWPT – The Sound of The Future
“Breakbeat and neurofunk for the lakeside race.”
Genre: Breakbeat, Neurofunk, Drum n’ Bass, Acid Techno
Host: Adam Freeland
Type: Dynamic




An electronic station in Ellis that plays a mixture of breakbeat, neurofunk and drum n' bass, seemingly trying to evoke the aesthetics of racing games during the era. The radio code is a reference to the hit video game series, Wipeout.


It is hosted by Adam Freeland, a British DJ and producer known for his work with the breakbeat duo Evil Nine and fellow artist ILS, and whose track, Borderline, was previously featured in the EFLC version of Radio Broker. Two of his tracks, We Want Your Soul (remixed by Ed Rush & Optical) and Burn The Clock, are featured in the mix. Like WHSE, the station is dynamic with no commercials, meaning the each track is not mixed and the set list is arbitrary.




Fluke - Absurd (1997)
Fluke – Hang Tough (2003)
2 Bit Pie – Fly (2005)
The Crystal Method - True Grit (2004)
ILS - Music (Evil Nine's Punk Rocks Mix) (2002)
Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical Mix) (2004)
Adam Freeland – Burn The Clock (2003)
Evil Nine (feat. Juice Aleem) - Pearl Shot (2004)
Evil Nine - Restless (2004)
808 State (feat. Lou Rhodes) – Azura (1996)
Underworld – Shudder/King Of Snake (1999)
Underworld - Pearl's Girl (1996)
Leftfield – Phat Planet (1999)

Subsonic - Lost In Space (1995)

Technasia - Force (2000)
Faithless - We Come One (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix) (2004)
Kosheen – (Slip & Slide) Suicide (2001)
Calyx – Mindfold (2003)
Cause 4 Concern & Fierce – Carrier (2003)
Marcus Intalex - Out Of Touch (2005)
ILS – No Soul (High Contrast Mix) (2002)
Roni Size & Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag (1997)
Marcus Intalex & ST Files - How You Make Me Feel (1999)
The Chemical Brothers - Hoops (2002)
Stakka & Skynet - Isolation (2001)
Konflict - Cyanide (1999)
Ed Rush & Fierce - Locust (1997)
Ed Rush & Optical - Medicine (Matrix Remix) (1998)
Dieselboy + Kaos - Submission (2003)
Styles Of Beyond - Subculture (Dieselboy + Kaos VIP) (2002)
Bad Company UK - The Fear (1999)

Matrix vs. Dilemma - Spring Box (Vocal Mix) (1998)


WCHL - Pure Sound
"Music of tranquility and phantasmagoria."
Genre: Ambient Dub, Chillout, New Age, IDM, Ambient House, Post-rock, Techno
Host: Audrey

Type: Dynamic




A precursor of what would eventually become Self-Actualization FM, WCHL is sponsored by The Children of The Mountain, a cult originating from San Andreas. The station follows a similar format to Self-Actualization FM, albeit more IDM and techno-centric than the former, to fit in with the Chicagoan aesthetic of Ellis. Taking on a more trance-like and psychedelic approach to the playlist, the station features mostly new age and IDM artists signed to Warp or Too Pure, two labels known for their experimental approach towards electronica from the 90s to the early 2000s.


The station is hosted by Audrey, a newly-converted member of the cult, former escort and an ambient music aficionado, who would later go on to host the aforementioned station in Liberty City about five years later. She uses the station as a platform to spread the dogma of the COTM, though she noticeably hesitates a few times in her broadcasts.




Monolake - Occam (1999)
Human Mesh Dance - Sunken Garden (1995)
Aphex Twin – On (1993)
Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm (1995)
Aphex Twin - Flim (1997)
Drexciya - Under Sea Disturbances (2002)
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (1991)
Autechre - Nil (1994)
Spacetime Continuum - Floatilla (1994)
Plaid - Zamami (2001)
Mouse On Mars - Kompod (1995)
Boards Of Canada - Turquoise Hexagon Sun (1998)
Boards Of Canada – Left Side Drive (2005)
Banco De Gaia – Desert Wind (The Satsuma Nightmare Remix) (1994)
System 7 - Night Owl (1996)
Higher Intelligence Agency - Ketamine Entity (Axiom Mix) (1993)
Mark Franklin – Release To The System (1993)
The Future Sound Of London – Dead Skin Cells (1994)
Insides – Walking On Straight Lines (1993)
John Beltran – Ten Days Of Blue (1996)
Proem – Long Distance Tiara (2001)
B12 – Hall Of Mirrors (1993)
F.U.S.E. – Dimension Intrusion (1993)
LFO - Ultra Schall (1996)

Esem - Square Lamp (2003)

Push Button Objects - Striffle (2004)
Abfahrt Hinwil – Triology (2002)
Seefeel - Time To Find Me (AFX Fast Mix) (1993)

Slowdive (feat. Global Communication) - In Mind (Reload Remix (The 147 Take)) (1993)
Mr. Projectile – You Need (2004)
Clark - Pleen 1930's (2001)
Squarepusher - Tommib (2001)
Alucidnation - Far Out (1999)
Opus III - Stars In My Pocket (1992)
Radiohead - Treefingers (2000)


WLNG – Lounge At The Loop
“A mixture of jazzy cosmopolitan sounds to have a fancy cocktail to.”
Genre: Nu-jazz, Broken Beat, Techno, Neo-soul, Chillout, Acid Jazz, Worldbeat
Host: 4hero
Type: Dynamic




A chillout station in Ellis that plays music from the short-lived broken beat scene as well as nu-jazz and acid jazz, though there are a number of ambient techno tracks in the mix as well.


The station is hosted by 4hero, a broken beat/nu-jazz/drum n' bass music group that specializes in the genre, and their track, Escape That (remixed by New Sector Movements) can be heard in the mix. This station can often be heard in taxis around the city, as well as in the classier lounges and bars.




Spacetime Continuum – Spin Out (1999)
Underworld – Cups (1999)
Larry Heard – Night Images (Swayzak Remix) (1995)

B12 - Cymetry (1996)
Kyoto Jazz Massive – Mind Expansions (2005)
Silhouette Brown – Who’s In Charge (2004)
Jazzanova – Mwela, Mwela (Here I Am) (2002)
Nuspirit Helsinki – Skydive (2002)
Jazzanova – Soon (Domu Vocal Mix) (2003)
4hero – Escape That (New Sector Movements Selekshan 2 Sector Rub Remix) (1998)
Domu – Let Me Be (2005)
Agent K – Ladies (Maddslinky Mix) (2001)

Agent K - Rideaway Getaway (2001)
New Sector Movements – Voonga Vonge (1998)
Maddslinky – The Story (2003)
Neon Phusion & New Sector Movements - The Future Ain't The Same As it Used 2 B (1999)
Brotherly – Put It Out (Bugz In The Attic Club Extension) (2005)
Blakai – Afrospace (Blakai Mix) (2005)
DKD – Future Rage (2002)
Neon Phusion – Guarana (1999)
Uschi Classen – Dizzy Heights (2002)
The Cinematic Orchestra – The Man With The Movie Camera (Domu Remix) (2004)
Aardvarck - ReSpoken (Domu's Broken Dialect Mix) (2001)
Likwid Biskit – Find Peace Within (1999)

Two Banks of Four - Three Street Worlds (2003)


WATH – Ellis After Dark
“A selection of ethereal, uplifting trance mixed by DJ Lange.”
Genre: Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance, Eurobeat
Host: Lange
Type: Continuous 




WATH plays mostly uplifting trance and progressive trance from the late-90s to early-00s. Many nightclubs across Ellis can be heard blasting music from the station, along with tracks from WHSE, WWPT and Ellis Pirate Radio.


The set is mixed by Lange, a British DJ that specializes in the aforementioned genres of trance music. A number of his productions and remixes can be heard in the station.




Lange - Drifting Away (Original Mix) (2002)
Kosheen - Catch (Ferry Corsten Vocal Remix) (2001)
Agenda - Heaven (Lange Remix) (1999)
Rhythm Of Life - You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch (Lange Remix) (2000)
Svenson & Gielen feat. Jan Johnston - Beachbreeze (Remember The Summer) (Green Court Remix) (2003)
Nu NRG – Dreamland (2001)
Hydra - Affinity (Original Mix) (2003)
Chakra - Love Shines Through (Original Mix) (1999)
Binary Finary – 1998 (1998)
Ayla – Ayla (Taucher Remix) (1996)
Gouryella – Gouryella (1998)
Oceanlab - Satellite (2004)
Afterburn - North Pole (2000)
Ronald Van Gelderen - Sustain (Original Extended Mix) (2003)
York - Farewell To The Moon (En-Motion Remix) (2000)
Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (Tiesto Remix) (2002)
Highrise – Hope For Peace (2002)
Andy Moor - Halycon (Alex M.o.r.p.h. Remix) (2005)
Michael Woods (feat. Imogen Bailey) - If U Want Me (Antillas Remix) (2003)


Ellis Pirate Radio
“A mix of syncopated, funky UK Garage beats broadcast illegally somewhere."
Genre: UK Garage, Speed Garage
Host: Serious Danger
Type: Continuous




The only station in game without a radio code. Ellis Pirate Radio plays mostly UK Garage and Speed Garage from the turn-of-the-century, introducing the Ellisian party crowd to a new wave of British dance music that crosses the boundaries of jungle, R&B and house, from an undisclosed location in the city.


The station is hosted by Serious Danger, a British DJ and Speed Garage producer who has done a number of mixes for the genre during the 1990s and 2000s.




MJ Cole (feat. Elisabeth Troy) – Crazy Love (2000)
Monsta Boy – Sorry (I Didn’t Know) (2000)
B15 Project – Girls Like Us (2000)
Sunship – Heaven (Smooth Step Mix) (1998)
Monie Love - Slice of Da Pie (El-B Mix) (2000)
Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (187 Lockdown Vocal RMX) (1997)
Sneaker Pimps - Post Modern Sleaze (Phunk Force Mix) (1997)
Lovestation – Sensuality (VIP Mix) (1998)
187 Lockdown (feat. Janette Sewell) – It’s In Your Eyes (1998)
Sweet Female Attitude & Sunship) – Flowers (2001)
So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds (2001)
Zed Bias – Neighborhood (2000)
Wookie (feat. Lain) - Battle (MJ Cole Dub Mix) (2000)
Sticky (feat. Kele Le Roc) – Things We Do For Love (1999)
Colours (feat. June Hamm) – Hold On (SE22 Mix) (1998)
Clara – 1,2 Step (Delinquent Mix) (2005)
J Da Flex & El B ‎– When I Fall In Love (Vocal Mix) (2000)
Dem 2 (feat. Tina Moore) – Nobody Better (Dem 2’s Luv Unlimited Remix) (1997)
R.I.P. Productions – Wanna Give You Myself (1997)


WEPR - Ellis Public Radio

"On the crossroads of the Rust Belt in a post-9/11 world, EPR provides a much needed avenue for hostile and provocative political and social discourse."

Genre: General Talk Show Station

Host: N/A

Type: Dynamic



The only talk show radio in the city, and one that you listen to once you get sick of the music in town. 


Covering mostly political, social and cultural issues from a mostly liberal and progressive bias, though the odd republican Christian show isn't out of the question, many topics, ranging from pop culture, fashion to the political rivalry between the Populists and Traditionalists are also covered here on WEPR, in the form of individual radio shows.







The new great American pastime in the early-to-mid 2000s, every TV across Ellis is equipped with four channels, each broadcasting different types of shows for different groups of people.


Special thanks to @Ivan1997GTA for some of the suggestions.

Format: News, Sports, Political Debate


Weazel Sports Live

Given Ellis's thriving sports culture, the act of watching sports as well as betting on them are all part of the experience of living in the city.


The Arlen Richards Show

A right-wing political TV show based on The O'Reilly Factor, starring commentator Arlen Richards.


In The Oval Room With Joe Lawton



Based on Maury.


Spin Or Die!

Based on Jeopardy! and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, with a dark spin.


Format: Reality TV, Animation, Music Videos, Anime


Whippin' It

Based on Pimp My Ride, and hosted by celebrity rapper Clay "PG" Jackson.


Flintlock In Edo

Based on Samurai Champloo and Afro Samurai, guest animated by Studio Trigger.


The Torrents: Hell In The Family 

Loosely based on The Osbournes, starring Love Fist frontman Jezz Torrent, and his dysfunctional, heavily Americanized family at their mansion in Vinewood Hills.


Idiot Stuntmen

Based on Jackass and Mythbusters, starring a daredevil named Mel and his crew of hedonists and off-duty Vinewood stuntmen.


Freaks Of Nature

Based on Full Metal Alchemist and Ghost Stories, guest animated by Powerhouse Studios.


Republican Space Rangers

Returning from GTA V.


MeTV Rundown

MeTV's very own music block, hosted once again by VJ Andee.


Format: Live-action drama, Thriller


Medicate Me

Based on ER, House MD and Grey's Anatomy.


The Fatale Squad

Based on Birds of Prey, Charlie's Angels and Nikita, the show revolves around a trio of sociopathic IAA agents who go out on government-mandated killing sprees.


Over The Hickey Bridge

Based on The Wire, The Shield and The Sopranos, set between Alderney and Liberty City.


Drugs, Sex, Killing & A Big Island

Based on Lost and Prison Break.


Format: Classic TV Shows, Infomercials, Old school cartoons

The Barfs

Based on The Smurfs, with a jingoistic twist.


The Angel And The Knight

Based on Miami Vice and Commando.


The Lords of Misconception

Based on The Dukes of Hazzard.


Infomercials with Clayton Jackson

Returning from GTA: Carcer City.



Some of the biggest and most famous cinemas in the United States are located right here in Ellis. The mid-2000s were a hotbed for cheesy red text romcoms, over-the-top action films and postmodern thrillers. Buy a soda and a bag of popcorn and head down to a cinema near you to spend some time laughing at the piss-poor special effects, overdramatic musical score and bad acting.



Ellis might be the underdog to more affluent and popular cities such as Liberty City, but that doesn’t stop it from providing some world class entertainment and leisure. The birthplace of house music means that the city is home (no pun intended) to some of the most popular and sleazy nightclubs in the Midwest, as well as having some of the best lounges and bars stateside. 


Listed below are some of the key activities open to the protagonists to have fun with.



A complimentary activity to the insane amounts of drinking that takes place in Ellis's many bars, there are a few select establishments that have their own karaoke rooms.



A game traditionally played by old money divorcees, mega-rich CEOs and sleazebag politicians around town, and comes in two forms, Range Golf and Course Golf.


The world's most played racket sport, played by many Ellisians as a way to keep warm.





Dining Out


Bar Crawling


Car Shows


Taking The El


Landmark Surfing & Phototaking


Buying Music


Clothing Stores


Safehouse Renovations


Heckling & Hooliganism



Clubbing & Moshing



Strip Clubs & Titty Bars

Home to some of the finest-looking women stateside, there are numerous establishments, both legal and illegal, that the protagonists can visit.


Massage Parlors & Spas

Places in Ellis that offer an avenue for loosening up, with some of the best parlors located in the city's historic Chinatown.



 Hire the services of someone working in the world's oldest profession, though unavailable to Che and Micha.


Urban Exploration



Modding Garages

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Is it possible that Gemini could be the fixer that Niko Bellic got assassination jobs from on that payphone in GTA IV? When looking at the picture of Gemini and hearing the voice of The Fixer in GTA IV, it just seems to match up perfectly. After the events of this storyline that took place in 2004-2005, did Gemini change his base of operations from Ellis to Liberty City? Things that make you go hmmm...

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I lost my sh*t at the thought of buying weapons from a furry (I know its just a mascot but still)


Keep it up b man!

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2 hours ago, HangTheDj said:

Is it possible that Gemini could be the fixer that Niko Bellic got assassination jobs from on that payphone in GTA IV? When looking at the picture of Gemini and hearing the voice of The Fixer in GTA IV, it just seems to match up perfectly. After the events of this storyline that took place in 2004-2005, did Gemini change his base of operations from Ellis to Liberty City? Things that make you go hmmm...

Could be :)

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Someone is a fan of The Wire, huh?


Anyways, nice concept man!

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Phil McCrevis

What a unique idea. I really like this especially the themes and stuff. Maybe a silly question but does anybody ever do ideas for non GTA games? Because I think this might probably work better like that. Anyways keep up the good work.

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