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Heavy CPU usage

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Whenever I play GTA V and am in like LS city Rockford Hills, the CPU usage skyrockets and my CPU fans roar. Population density, texture quality, nearly everything I know I've tried



NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Intel Core-i5 2400


Windows 10


Help would be appreciated

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GTA V loves to use CPU, what you are seeing is normal (maybe except for the fan noise, check for dust). Set extended distance scaling to minimum in Advanced Graphics, that helps.

Settings related to render distance and amount of npcs will affect CPU load. Most other graphics settings (shadows, reflections, anti-aliasing) only affect GPU load. You can use high texture quality no problem, as long as you have enough video memory.

Edited by AirWolf359
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Well I use texture quality on very high it doesn't affect my PC. Distance scaling makes the game's distant objects look like crap ngl. But I'll set it to like 2, that fine? Plus, is there a method to do it without opening GTAV? It takes ages to restart on an HDD

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In settings.xml

LodScale = distance scaling. I use 1.000000 (max) for this.

MaxLodScale = extended distance scaling. I use 0.000000 (min) for this.

Of these 2, extended distance scaling has the largest impact, that's why it is in advanced graphics. If you run game off HDD, I wouldn't use anything in advanced graphics, set all off.

As for TextureQuality, 0=Normal, 1=High, 2=Very high

If your textures still look bad, make sure AnisotropicFiltering is set to 16.

In general I don't recommend editing settings.xml, you could input something outside of valid range and crash the game.


Also, if you want your game to start faster, make sure you start it in story mode, not Online. It's in the settings menu, under Saving And Startup. (this one is not in settings.xml)

Or if you just want to start your game to change settings and run benchmarks, set Landing Page on.

Edited by AirWolf359
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