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For the first time, I managed to complete this game 100%

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That's right. For all the years I've owned this game, this is the first time I complete it 100%. Not because I dislike the game or something, but because there was always some stupid problem that didn't allow me to finish it before (like accidentally deleting my save, or my save getting corrupted, or mostly other similar problems with saves). But today, finally, I managed to 100% this game, and I'm so proud of that.

Also, I forgot how anti-climatic and disappointing was the final mission. Damn, that f*cking sucked, and it was such a lame way to finish the game. Now I wish I didn't leave it for last, but it's done now, and I'm so glad that when I started the game this time, I was able to make it to the very end, which didn't happen in all my other attempts. Now I guess it's time to boot San Andreas.

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Posted (edited)

Congrats dude. It must feel awesome to accomplish something after years of effort. As someone who's too lazy to go for it myself, I commend you. What was the hardest part of completing 100% for you? 


Interesting observation about the final mission, for me it's one of my favourites if not the most favourite final mission. I liked the shootout in the mansion and the Lance part felt like a gutpunch even on subsequent playthroughs. But it's interesting to note your opinion too, perhaps I'm viewing it with a slightly biased lens


Have fun with San Andreas, did a playthrough of it recently(though I didn't go for 100%) and it was fun. 

Edited by Utopianthumbs
2 words

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Evil empire


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Congratulations and good luck beating SA.

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You've completed 100% Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and all you got was this lousy T-Shirt...


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