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This is getting rediculous; modding pc

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I am a very dedicated returning player from approximately 2-3 years ago and recently transfered from ps4 to pc and Im sure this topic has been drilled into the ground, buried alive, and there is no bell attached to its finger to ring for help (or at least it better have) but modding on pc is getting way out of hand. I am practically flipping a coin as to whether or not there is some modder who effects my gameplay in a drastic way. This usually comes in the form of making it snow which popular opinion held that snow around christmas time was cool but extremely annoying back in the day, teleporting around to every player in the lobby in god mode killing everyone practically roleplaying an actual god, or (and this is my least favorite) teleporting to you as you while you are doing a sale mission from the mc/ceo/bunker dlcs and blowing it up in a multitude of creative ways.


Expanding on the last point, I have found several articles regarding griefers in gta and most of them said something along the lines of "I RARELY get griefed". I understand how subjective that sounds but it definitely says something when I have NEVER gone a single day without one of my businesses griefed. If i have to be honest its not just because of modders because gta was recently released for free by epic games for a limited time so theres a lot of new players that dont know any better but 4 times out of 5 it usually is. Personally, I kept teling myself "Its fine it wont happen that often" but it is nearly guaranteed in a larger lobby. It is so rare on console in comparison to pc that most gta youtubers and forum posters would recommend selling in full lobbies. 


Every time something drastic happens like with the last two cases listed out earlier in my statement. We are pretty much forced to change sessions and bear the 2-3 minute load screen that comes with it. I think daily I have to change sessions about 5-6 times a day as a result of purely the extreme; usually within around 5-6 hours of playtime.


This is rediculous.


Im honestly amazed R* has put so little effort into fixing this issue and I find it incredibly dissapointing. I also see forum posts adamantly stating that you will get banned if anything other that the core game is found but after several personal accounts that is clearly a load of bull. From a few acquaintences of mine they would say they modded for over a month on pc liberally and never got banned (not that banning them would fix modding in the first place). 



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I'm sorry to say but Online has always been absolute trash on PC and will remain so until the end of time. It's broken on such a fundamental level that the underlying code would have to be rebuilt from the ground up to even stand a chance against cheating. All you can really do is jump on over to the PS5 version next year and pray Rockstar's next game has dedicated servers.

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It's the first time I played a game that, being multiplayer, I had to play alone in public sessions using the freeze process trick to ENJOY PLAYING this game with all their features.


What kind of game design is that?


What kind of game design forces you to freeze the game so you get a session on your own to play and have some fun? 


GTA is a good game, but online direction it's annoying. Unplayable if you don't use unrelated glitches and tricks.


I've learnt the lesson: I won't ever play it again.


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