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A game based around bikers

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1 hour ago, suicidal_banana said:

Nothing against bikes or bikers, but i dont really want this either.

That said if theres different biker gangs to choose from and at least one of them has superbikes then i guess i can sorta live with that, im just not interested in 'chopper' bikes enough, i dont like how they look and also never really understood the purpose of those bikes, so you're picking a mode of transportation thats more agile and (can be) faster then the most common one (cars), so bscly better, but then you choose to drive some slow ass piece of crap that hardly steers? what?! and dont give me bs about how its a more comfortable seating position, thats why we have cars.

You are aware that choosing which vehicle to get is more complex than just comfort=car and fun=sports bikes?If that was the case no bikes other than sports bikes would exist,not to mention that people who prefer to drive cars rather than motorcycles don't drive cars for comfort but because they're safer and more practical (you can't carry 3-4 passengers or 10 bags with groceries on a bike,you can't ride a bike during a rainstorm or in snow,etc.).Cruiser bikes are much more comfortable than sports bikes but they're still more fun than any average affordable car,and that's what most people who ride them (including myself) want,a mix of fun and comfort.

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I wouldn't be opposed to a full themed biker gang maybe in the 70s when they were in their prime. The voting on decisions idea would be cool and I want a biker war clubhouses getting blown up and everything. I don't wanna be a Aod though make the gang a Mongols expy. 

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Shyabang Shyabang

Yeah, would be good for 60s or 70s.



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On 6/17/2020 at 7:49 AM, Utopianthumbs said:

Looking at the lost's wiki page they seem to be involved in a lot of operations. They are listed as being involved in

Drug trafficking
Illegal racing
Armed robbery
Arms trafficking
Methamphetamine production
Contract Killing
Underground Cage Fighting

Arms trafficking and Methamphetamine production are the big things bikers are involved in. Add in their dealings with Mexican Cartels and we'd have plenty of activities to do.



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