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Please Fix the Quotes


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More often then not the quotes bug out and it's very, very, very annoying, especially when it's a long post. The main problems I've encountered are the following:

- The feature "Delete quote and keep its contents" NEVER WORKS

- Sometimes I can't even copy the inside of a quote, delete the quote altogether and paste it outside, because it won't let me select the text inside the quote or edit it in any way, so I literally have to write everything again manually, including links, videos and pictures.

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  • 2 weeks later...

An update on this: I've discovered that "spoilers" (hidden text) also works like sh*t. In particular with embedded videos. If I type "spoiler" between square brackets, then add two youtube videos one after another and then type /spoiler between square brackets

(the command to close the "hidden text" section) it's all fine and dandy, it closes where I tell it to and I can type anything else I want after it.

The problem comes up if the video in question is one. In fact if I do the exact same thing as before, but instead of two videos it's one, this site just pretends the "[/spoiler]" command was never there, thus never closing the spoiler. This becomes a big problem if I repeat the same mistake unknowingly multiple times, as a long, well-made post becomes an infinite and ever-shrinking sequence of hidden text after hidden text after hidden text. 


And the worst part is that you can't even delete it, the option isn't even there! At least with quotes when you press ctrl + right click there's "remove quote" (which works fine) and "remove quote and keep its contents" which never works but, you know, at least it's there. Instead with spoilers the only two options that come up are "Paste" and "Paste without formatting". Seriously? And no, pressing "backwards" on the keyboard ain't gonna cut it, since most of the times when you go and edit the post to try and fix it, it doesn't even let you type under the hidden text thing. You're basically stuck with it. Really haunting.


I don't know why these problems were never brought up (at least I can't find any thread about it) but they're really annoying.

Edited by LodwigRedemption
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  • 4 weeks later...

We need more information- mobile or desktop? Browser?

Quoting is a PITA on mobile, but IME works fine on almost all desktop browsers. Either way I think most of the issues are down to IPB as I experience similar on other IPB forums. 

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I found no issues on a desktop using spoilers within quotes. As stated, a lot of that are IPB related issues, and also CKEditor related issues, which is the editor they use in their software. Not much we can do about some of that at all.

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