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Will I need to buy a NEW GTAV when on next gen

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Title says it all :p 

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Posted (edited)

Well, GTA Online is going to be free for new console owners for 3 months, but I don't know if that means it will go to a "new and exciting, rewarding" (get r$ and such monthly, discounted items and homes, something exclusive, etc) subscription model after that, or just remain free to them and become a buy-once to play, and then "also receive gta v, the classic story, enhanced for the PS5" for other users, or be taken away after the three months to be sold (unlikely as people would have accumulated currency, items, and potentially status, meaning to then strongarm for access to those items would be ridiculous).


There may be a paid upgrade, much cheaper than the paid "3 months later, buy gta v a 16th time" version, that unlocks the single player story and downloads key assets to make it run or something. Think CoD recent entries, most notably the F2P Warzone with a buying path for the campaign and multiplayer modes, or the previous entries with the "battle editions" that gave you MP but no BR or SP. 


You can often look to Activision's yearly pattern evolution and Ubisoft's model to get an idea of what T2 and R* are going to do with GTA, probably since GTA IV, but really since GTA V and GTA Online's continued support is where you can draw parallels more often than in the past. Activision and Rockstar tend to have had some similar offerings whenever Rockstar coincided with CoD games (think of how MW2 in 2009 was met with 2009's Ballad of Gay Tony's MP features that featured many of the most popular weapons and similar game modes as Modern Warfare 2 even though it dropped directly prior or direclty after in direct, cross-genre, multiplayer competition, so they had to know what the other was putting out to have such a similar offering of modes and weapons, or 2012, when Black Ops 2 took place in LA, a game which would have been going into pre-production around when insiders would be talking about GTA amongst themselves being in LA again, and then being revealed in the first GTA V reveal. The latter, ubisoft, tends to try to be like a T2 and Rockstar brand; Their games appeal to me for the same things I like in GTA games (for example, watch dogs 2 is SF and reminds me of GTA gameplay and San Fierro, while the girl protagonist in Assassin's Creed Odyssey is absolutely Niko Bellic in female form. Could literally be his ancestor, too, in some weird inter-company crossover that only ubisoft knows about lol you get the idea - you can sort of see the three of them, and EA, and sort of - not predict - but sort of get an idea what you "might" see rockstar do with a new release, or what they will do with their live service games now, or what they are doing when ubisoft mimics the success, successfully, yet still a bit more transparently.


SO: Will you need to pay for a new copy of GTA? Almost certainly for the single player, with returning player bonuses. Almost certainly for GTA Online, with or without including GTA V I'm sure, as a bonus or as above or as an add-on like Warzone, or "as usual", after the 3 month freebie expires.



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Depends on, how often do you play it?

if the game is in a dust, then not.

if you play regularly, updating the game will be a good decision. I don’t think the price will be high. 4K and enhanced will be a fresh breath for us, example: comparing PS3 and PS4 versions.

In ps5 we should get all enhanced features from RDR2 as volumetric clouds, saturated forests, reflections, etc. 
At least, you could play it for free first 3 months, so you could decide by your own :)

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I'm pretty much unsure what's the policy going for the for the free 3 months deal. Is it going to be free for the people who buy it in the first three months? Or it'll be free for the first three months of gameplay, post which you need to buy an activation cost (most likely). If you're someone who's a PS regular and likes updating the game frequently, let alone spends most of his time on GTAO, it should be a sure purchase. The price won't be high for all I know. There may be discounts for returning members with character transfers (ofcourse).

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