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[MP] [WIP] The Green Affair


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The Green Affair


Energy is one of the biggest industries of San Andreas, and the Green Life Corporation has been on top of it for the last two decades, being the fifth richest company and second richest energy company in the whole country. First founded by Elena Williams about 45 years ago, it was then passed down to her son John Williams after she decided to retire and move away. He ruled it well and got it to the top, yet unlike his mother, he had questionable methods of doing so, and many who tried to expose him had misteriously retired, disappeared, or had accidents that either got them killed or disabled for life. After the rise of gangs in the city, they began influencing a lot of things in the city, and the company was no exception to getting involed in deals with the gangs.

Fast forward to the present, John's daughter, Cara, works for the company, and is soon to take her father's place. Things take a turn when she finds herself under attack from a group of people, but a male named Marcos shows up, who was apparently hired by Cara's father as a bodyguard. However, Marcos' intentions might not be what they seem, and there's more to him than what he says.




Play from the perspective of both Cara and Marcos, uncover secrets of the past over the course of several missions, and ultimately make the final decision: help maintain the corrupted business empire of the Williams family, or destroy it once and for all and make place for the uprising of a gang.




(coming soon, in progress)


Season 1 will feature between 8 and 16 missions, played from the perspectives of either Cara or Marcos, alternatively. Season 2 will be released in 2 versions, each for each character. You choose Cara's side? Then play her season 2 first. Of course you can play Marcos' set too to see how it is, but you can only consider one canon :) choose wisely.

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Hmm...I'm interested to see how the story, gameplay, dialogue will play out!


Hopefully it'll be unique! Good luck 😀😀😀!


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