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Be EXTREMELY careful while installing .oiv packages and always backup your entire game folder (Yes all of it, not just mods fold


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I want to share a truly hard way learned experience with you, jump to the end if you don't wish to read.


A month ago or so I was found a mod called QuantV, their screenshots were very very close to realistic for me so I downloaded it. Today I finally successfully edited my dispatch.meta and make it fully working so I decided to give this quant sh.t a try.


Since I was always backing up my mods folder, I decided to just install it with it's .oiv installer and if I don't like it, I just restore my mods folder from my backup..


I installed it but when I launched the game I noticed that colors are extremely washed out and no ENB nor ReShade working at all. Their windows are not poping up.


I went ahead to check the oiv's content but there wasn't anything regarding to ENB or ReShade. However I noticed some dlls were missing from my game folder. I was truly shocked with that and I just couldn't believe OpenIV would allow a such stupid thing and was thinking win defender got an update and false positive the regarding dlls. I checked the quarantined items but nothing.


Then I went ahead and checked the assembly.xml inside .oiv and found these lines...
<delete>d3dcompiler_46e.dll</delete>        (THIS ONE IS A REQUIRED GAME FILE, DIDN'T COME WITH A MOD)
<add source="QuantV.ini">QuantV.ini</add>
<add source="QuantV.asi">QuantV.asi</add>


as it's very sadly looking here, this mtherf*cking mod sorry my language but I'm boiling with anger, just went and for no reason deleted my enb, reshade and all the custom settings I have made... I was spent countless of hours to tweak those settings to my liking so my game looks very beautiful and such a sh.tty mod like this just deleted them without even prompting anything.


and truly shame on OpenIV as well for allowing oiv packages delete such things...

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