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GTAV Coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S March 2022


Recommended Posts

Did C* take a liquid plumber cause i can smell the doo doo and it starts to leak all the way out from my monitor by watching that sh*tty "EnHaNcEd" GTA 5

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Grotti Vigilante

"You know, I actually don't want another GTA game and would be more than happy if Rockstar chose to bring GTA V to the next gen consoles"

- No one ever

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More like, As recently revealed at Sony’s PlayStation 5 digital event, the adventures of Grand theft Auto Online are coming to a new generation of consoles, including PlayStation 5, in the second half of 2021. Follow us how we cheaply Expand and enhance the full Grand theft Auto experience by an old RAGE engine modified back in 2010. 


A polished up turd is still a turd with all its defects. It gonna lie though those 1,000,000 every month gonna help out though. I know for a fact @Kirsty  had a great time in this stream. Bunch of  Cool Cats!:p



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I literally just had the trailer pop up from the Rockstar Games YouTube channel on my feed before venturing over to the forums to see Kirsty creating a topic for this.


I haven't posted in this section for, what, maybe 2 years? But this is bloody pathetic. I've been a fan of the GTA series since being loaned copies of GTA 1 & 2 from a friend back in 2000. My admiration for Rockstar Games grew with the following games in the franchise, and then the Max Payne and Red Dead games. The Rockstar I loved is no more. The Benz left, and so did Dan Houser. Now I see why. The trailer doesn't even look that impressive to me at all. V is a great and amazingly fun game, but for God's sake, nearly 10 years since the last announcement of a new GTA, and we're still getting the same game?


Rockstar have always been shrewd and unpredictable, but with the aforementioned departures of prominent figures in the GTA games, I'm not so optimistic. 

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Literally my reaction when the Rockstar logo popped up on screen to go from that to this...





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They didnt even bother to recreate the content of the old trailers with the new "enhanced" graphics, they just slapped all the trailers together, with some of them being 9 years old. Will it sell well? Im not saying it wont, but I have my doubts thats for sure.

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1 hour ago, Algonquin Assassin said:

What kind of bullsh*t is this?


I didn't mind buying GTA V again on current gen consoles, but this...this is f*cking bullsh*t. This is the result of the cancerous thing called GTAO and it's a massive kick to the balls that we wont see a GTA VI announcement anytime soon. How sad that by 2021 the only GTA game we'll have seen since 2013 is a re-release of an 8 year game.:/


What the f*ck has happened to R* seriously?

This is the kind of bullsh*t that happens when you throw money at all problems. This is like the 4th time the game is being released. The enhanced edition was as confusing as it already was. Shark Cards, micro-transactions and GTAO. Three elements of doom. It's really sad that we won't get a GTA VI, even a small trailer or teaser at most. No SP as well. If they were going to do something, they might have just ahead and added a DLC. But no, it's just extra money to spend for them. I'm terribly disappointed. There goes any hope we had of GTA VI news.

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Let’s try to take some sh*tty news and make something positive out of it. 

Maybe it’s time that we finally see Liberty City come to Online. 

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Already posted in the reveal thread but suits here too:



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Will they bring over the GTA Online-exclusive vehicles and weapons to singleplayer in the PS5 version?

Edited by Ivan1997GTA
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I don't even find words for this. Pathetic. Please let this stop. Also this was all PS4 footage, just in case people weren't aware.

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Rockstar is dying and it's really evident now. I'm embarassed and even frustrated with how they keep disappointing their fanbase and keep pushing a 7 year old game that made them billionaire. F*ck this

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I'm pretty sure that the next GTA V for PS5 trailer with remastered graphics will be breathtaking, SCRATCH THAT, they'll put the game for ps5 without any enhancements!

Why there is no GTA SA or IV/EFLC for ps5 with remastered graphics!?   

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They're shameless

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Here are my main problems with this announcement:


1. It was just an announcement, there wasn't ANY kind of snippet or screenshot or anything about this 'enhanced version'.

2. Rockstar should expect this kind of backlash not because of the game per se, but because now it's associated with the new Rockstar that releases a new game every 5 years, and honestly I don't blame the people that do. You wanna port a PS3 from 2013 to the new gen because people play it and like it? Okay, but at least try to look like you care. Give us a single player DLC (this would have been the perfect time to do so, and they still blew it), or a teaser of not just GTA 6, but a new IP, Manhunt 3, Bully 2, hell even a simple RDR remaster or an RDR2 port would make people happy, whatever. Not even footage, just the literal title of the game and that's it, Elder Scrolls VI style. I bet if they did even one of the things I listed people wouldn't be so mad about this


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29 minutes ago, FulValBot said:

That was a PS4 footage of game...

Not to mention they reused footage (which are manipulated by the way and probably still won't look as good on the PS5) from the original trailer. It was a very lazy move.

Edited by GhettoJesus
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Here's the reason why we didn't get footage from this "enhanced" version of the game:

It doesn't exist yet. At this point they might be upstreaming RAGE code so GTA V can look and play better but other than that... Nothing.

Edited by BlackScout
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cba to make the jump again look what they did w/ rdr2’s online character transfer, if they offer an update for pc I’ll be staying there.

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Somehow they went from masterful trailers like this



To whatever that garbage was. I can't BELIEVE that awful misleading beta hiking shot from the 2011 trailer is in there :lol: :lol: :lol:. It has to be a joke.

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I thought GTA V single player was a complete story and didn’t require DLC?


but rockstar releases a new version with additional content on 2 newer consoles.. with all that work why not just do a proper story DLC?


Wheres the North Yankton Prequel dlc ?

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Not only did nobody ask for this, I also wonder how does a company like R* release that "trailer". Reusing PS4 and even PS3 footage, literally taking some footage from the announcement trailer from 2011. What the hell? There are thousands of fan-made trailers which required more effort than what they did.

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11 minutes ago, billiejoearmstrong8 said:

Somehow they went from masterful trailers like this



To whatever that garbage was. I can't BELIEVE that awful misleading beta hiking shot from the 2011 trailer is in there :lol: :lol: :lol:. It has to be a joke.

The thing is I thought the trailer they made for GTA V being released on the launcher was pretty good..



Atleast it had a different vibe. This one on the other hand is basically a remix of the 2011 launch trailer. So lazy and minimum effort it isn't even funny.:/

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