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Red Dead Redemption 2 next gen

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... And the ability to remove the ugly ass satchel would be dandy. When R* are are it they could just as well throw in a regular belt.

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Nulla Lex Ink.

I'd love it if they put some finishing touches on the companion feature and finally put it in. Though to be honest, I expect if they did that there'd be a trade off, and I expect that trade off would be "You can only bring one or two along at a time," even though through this glitch it has been proven it can handle 10 just fine. Which wouldn't be bad if they put in some new dialogues so we could get to know the characters even better, but somehow I doubt that would be the case. God's honest truth, I think R* is just screwing with us at this point. The companion feature is RIGHT THERE and mostly finished, but instead of finishing that and rolling it out, we get... camp members in pajamas.


Anyways, barring that, I'd be happy with any sort of new single player content. Even if it's just the "five hours of cut content" finally implemented, I'd be fine with that, or heck, just a few more companion activities so we can get to know some of the less explored characters better like Swanson, Molly, Mary-Beth, Javier, Pearson, so on. I'm down for any addition to enhance the single player experience, really.

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I have an Xbox One(fat) and when I join to Red Dead Online it takes over a minute to fully load and it's horribly maddening.. I hope they release the next gen version ;(

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