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Do you want GTA 6 to have glitches?

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Posted (edited)

OK, you probably think that this is a crazy think to ask, but think about this. Do you find that glitches or undocumented features/things you are not supposed to do is a vital part of GTA?


GTA 5 was polished to an (almost) perfection. It is very hard to find anything technically wrong with it (compared to the older GTAs), and for me it's actually a counterproductive approach that takes away the enjoyment of the game. Just to mention a few:

- In GTA 3 you could fly to the Ghost town or fly under the hills and see developers' names

- In GTA 3 you could also jump Callahan bridge before it is re-open

- In Renderware GTAs you can freeze the mission timer if you hit the last checkpoint at the last time

- In SA you could run under the water or visit Blue Hell. There is also a floating yellow door in the desert.

- GTA 4's ragdoll animation and the vehicle collision provided for some hilarious results. Now add a swingset to that....

- In VC you could drive a three-wheeled blown up cars

- in SA you had the tear gas glitch, and you could sneak to the locked territories earlier on a train or a motorbike - before a plane crashes onto you.


I don't think I ever encountered anything like this in GTA 5 - even it it was it would be a one off.


The other day I was playing Mafia 3 - granted, a lot of negative things have been said about this game, but just seeing all these glitches in it gave me that feeling I haven't felt since I launched GTA 5. There's cellotape floating in the air because the box underneath it is missing, dead guys casually leaning against the walls, being able to get around the road barriers - all these kind of things.


So do you want a perfectly polished GTA 6, or do you too miss these probably unintended things?

Edited by Lioshenka
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McIn Tyler

i'd like it not too, but some glitches can be fun and not game breaking. Besides, glitches are always bound to happen even in a very well polished game. Look at RDR2.

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Algonquin Assassin

I want GTA VI to be as polished as it can be, but any game no matter how polished it is can be prone to glitches. In GTA V once I remember seeing a bus float in the air lol. In saying that it doesn't really have the infamous glitches like the "swingset glitch" that are obviously unintended, but have gained their own fame over the years.


Glitches that can be unintentionally hilarious/fun are gold like movies with bad dialogue that make them unintended comedies or something.


Anyway I've always found it interesting that one of the reasons the series even exists is way back when GTA 1 was being developed there was a "glitch" in the programming that made the cops really aggressive towards the player and hence the GTA concept was born. Had that glitch not happened we'd be waiting for Race N Chase VI.;)



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No matter what, you will always have glitches. Just don't do it Bethesda style. Now that you say it though, it is kind of a tradition by now to find fun glitches so bring them on. As long as they are fun. I enjoyed the monster truck glitch the most in San Andreas, spending lots of time to see how high can I fly with cars.

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Posted (edited)

GTA V had its fair share of fun glitches in the beginning. There was a door that could launch you to air like the swingset glitch (though you needed another person to make it work). Countless wall breaches also did exist. The difference is that R* fixed these because of online after a while. I'm afraid the same will happen to VI. Every game will have glitches. But the difference now is that devs have to fix them for their multiplayer modes to avoid exploitation. In the past they just didn't care. Especially if it wasn't game breaking. 


I'm always up for fun glitches though. 

Edited by TheSantader25

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Evil empire

As long as they don't break the game and are more hidden bonuses like you mentioned Lioshenka I'm not against the idea.

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