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Xbox One | Badge of Honor Roleplay [BOHRP] Recruitment (ACTIVE November 2021)


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Badge of Honor Roleplay

An Xbox One GTA 5 Roleplay Community
Let's face it: GTA 5 Xbox One RP has a poor reputation. Many servers fail to be truly immersive in their games, and most are content with simply being "average". Here at BOHRP, however, we strive to rise above the competition in order to provide the most realistic and immersive roleplay experience available on the Xbox One platform. Learn more about our community below!

Established August, 2017

For over 4 years, we've worked countless hours to constantly improve upon our community. Through all of this effort, we have successfully created a community which revolves around maintaining the rigorous standards and ideal roleplay environment that we have strived to achieve over the time that we've owned and operated BOHRP. With the years of knowledge that we have in running a GTA 5 roleplay community, new members can expect an incredibly supportive and experienced Administrative team, as well as an at-home feeling within the community.

Designed for Immersion
Due to the nature of roleplay on Xbox One, many communities fall short with the immersion of their RP. At BOHRP, we understand how important it is to be truly and completely engaged in a roleplay in order to appreciate its realism and fun. As such, every aspect of our roleplay has been designed to offer the best possible RP experience, from our highly advanced CAD/MDT to our remarkably organized Discord server.

An Interwoven Web of Systems
While achieving roleplay immersion is one thing, nothing can compare to the experience of a well organized community. Here at BOHRP, we've spent an innumerable amount of time developing hundreds of pages of documents, each with fluid systems which work together to provide a great experience in and out of RP. These documents, such as extensive Standard Operating Procedures and Handbooks, keep our members well informed regarding the systems and processes within our community and each role, and help to further strengthen our structures such as ranking, supervisors, etc.

Our CAD/MDT system was built completely in-house. Since we've designed it from the ground up, we have the experience and ability to add a large variety of suggested features to the system. While many other systems are very similar to one another and aren't remotely unique, BHORP's custom CAD/MDT is completely exclusive to our community. As such, there's nothing like it available anywhere else!

Advanced Training Procedures
In order to provide the optimal realistic roleplay experience, all of our recruits go through advanced training upon passing the recruitment phase. Training teaches new recruits a variety of specific procedures which they'll need to be able to use for several situations throughout the RP. This ensures that each member of BOHRP has the information which they need to flourish in their department.

Media Team
No server is complete without a group of individuals dedicated to representing their community in the best way possible. Here at BOHRP, we have an active media team that strives to create quality content for purpose promoting our community.

Much, Much More
Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you all of the great things about BOHRP in just one post, so you'll just have to join for yourself to see the rest! Information about applying is available below!


Ready to Join?

It's the community you've been waiting for, so why wait any longer? Join today!

Edited by CollinCF3
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Still actively recruiting and ready for more applications! Join the Discord link on the main post to apply!

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We're ready for more people to join! The link for the Discord is in the main post!

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Always actively recruiting and available to assist! Join the Discord link on the main post today!

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TLew Datruth06

How do I join the role play? 

I have discord, and looking to join a role play as an officer 

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Shiloh Comes

Man, I'm through the looking glass here.


All those words and I still have no idea WHATSOEVER what any of it means.


I'm going to go and play GTA now.

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On 6/20/2020 at 9:56 AM, Shiloh Comes said:

Man, I'm through the looking glass here.


All those words and I still have no idea WHATSOEVER what any of it means.


I'm going to go and play GTA now.

Very sorry to hear that! To explain it in more general terms, we are an Emergency Roleplay GTA 5 community in which we have our members act as one of six roles: Blaine County Sheriff's Office, San Andreas Highway Patrol, Los Santos Police Department, San Andreas Communications Department, San Andreas Fire Department, or Civilian Operations. Each of these roles plays a part in creating and executing scenarios in which each role has a duty to accomplish. The post is geared towards those who are rather experienced with GTA RP, so I apologize if it may have been difficult to understand. I'll be sure to edit it in the near future so more gamers are able to comprehend it without having to know all the jargon. 

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Ready for more recruits! Join the Discord link on the main post to start your application!

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