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[SA][REL] 1990 Annis Vassal [SA-Styled]


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Annis Vassal released!



" From the manufacturers that brought you overpriced Sports Cars from the Far East, comes a new line of Pickup Trucks to brave the urban jungles and... well, actual jungles of San Andreas! Lightweight, built to last, and very versatile, this new toy will be your trusty companion to serve all your needs, as you see fit. You'll surely miss this baby even after ten years have passed, guaranteed! Annis Vassal, now in stock!"









Comes with Two Canopy Types!

Fit your Truck with one of two canopy types, Type A "Classic" and Type B "King-Size".





Also available with Badges!

Limited Edition Annis badges are available as well, for those dedicated customers.





Hey people! XG417 here once again, and this time I have with me a new vehicle mod for you all to enjoy!


This project has a very special significance to me - this entire thing was inspired by the car that I grew up with, the car of my youth. My family had it even before I was born so it's pretty darn old, but then around 2008 we had to part ways with it as we can no longer afford to maintain it. Suffice to say that I was very upset by its departure as I had great plans for it when I grow up, not to mention that this was the very first car I ever rode in. I never got to actually drive it myself when I came of age.

And so that is why I thought to myself "Hey, since I can mod now why not recreate it in San Andreas?"

And that, I did.


As always, Feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time, and do enjoy this new release! 😎




-SA-Styled PickUp Truck based on Datsun/Nissan 720 (1990)
    -Model completely made from scratch!
    -Vanilla Extras. No VehFuncs/IVF required!
    -One Color Tone
    -Custom Handling
    -Custom Colors
    -SA License Plates
    -Replacer and Added Versions available
    -Normal and Badged Versions available



-GTA San Andreas (Obviously)
    -Modloader (Required)
                        -Fastman92 Limit Adjuster (For Added Version)


Instructions on install is in the Readme file and the mods' respective pages.




Download Here:





-1.0 - Release


Special Thanks:

> R* - For the gift of the gods that is GTA San Andreas
> The People at the C&S Discord Server - For supporting me and giving feedback

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Great work! Love the story behind it too - it makes it even more special. Hope you continue making more great things in the future!

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  • 4 weeks later...

This is a very nice truck and cool looking mod too, but I need to say this as nobody asking here 'cause there's something missing for this mod and I must know if these are on your plans for this truck, where's the damn regular cab and king cab configurations?!





Well, as you can see, the one what we're currently looking at this mod is the 4-door double cab configuration, that is a very unfitting body-style for the game's American setting as San Andreas was supposed to be located in United States of America, and the 4-door double cab body-style is not available in the U.S. market on the real-life 720, and of course, it's about the 90s after all! Would be better if you also make the regular cab and king cab configuration for this truck as well so it would fit the American lore nicely, 'cause these are the very popular cab configurations in the U.S. back in the day.


Keep it up, maybe, if you released your third mod, then consider to open a workshop thread too.

Edited by RushCars24ID
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7 hours ago, RushCars24ID said:

where's the damn regular cab and king cab configurations?!

I will consider creating more variants for it in the future when I update the mod, especially the American ones. Looking back at it now the mod does feel kind of lacking in content - I made it mostly for myself, after all, to celebrate the memory of my family's own Nissan truck, which is the current model for it.

But yes, once I get back to it, I will add more configurations and options to it, so while I can't promise it'll come soon, please do stay tuned!


7 hours ago, RushCars24ID said:

Keep it up, maybe, if you released your third mod, then consider to open a workshop thread too

As of the moment I AM currently working on my next project, and once I release it I will most definitely open up my own workshop



In any case, thank you for your suggestions and your time in checking out my mod! I really appreciate it 😁

Edited by XG417
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  • 1 month later...
8 hours ago, DIABLOSTALLION123 said:

can you release no any extra Vassal? I like the pickup version,thanks



You may refer to my reply to RushCars24ID. I'll be updating this mod in the future, which would include pickup variants.

For now, you can simply change "1f10" in the Vassal's vehicles.ide line to 0, and it will occasionally spawn without the canopy

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  • 1 month later...

Really cool stuff! I would love to see other versions of it, but the current version is awesome!

Keep it up👌

Edited by DefectiveTakata
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  • 6 months later...

  -Vanilla Extras. No VehFuncs/IVF required!


does it mean the vehicle can spawn randomly with extras without using VEhfunc?

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