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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Is anything going to be done about modders?


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Ok, here we go again. Let me just start off by saying that I am an almost 50 year old man that has been playing mmorpg pvp , and open world sandbox pvp games longer then the average player here has been alive. The modding is completely out of hand atm , worse then any other game I have ever played. People just openly admit it in lobbies, and it has been basically accepted. Lately I barely play the game anymore, I just spend my time filling out in game reports of people modding as soon as report recycles there are many more ready to report. After doing some research (watching youtube videos of what modders can do) it appears that they can subvert the report function. The way the game works is you put your time in to make money, and buy stuff. Sure you have the option to buy shark cards to get started, or if you are impatient,but the only realistic method to making a lot of money is the grind. I have 1200 + hours in, and I'm fairly new, I'm sure many have 10000+. I don't understand why someone thinks they should have 2,or 10 hours in and be on equal footing. The game was designed to be a grind, and that is what is great about it. There are plenty of 1st person shooters out there where everyone is "equal".  Things like god mode in pvp is just pathetic, but the issue is that now you have 15 year old boys with undeveloped egos crashing peoples games when they don't get their way. Some people complain about griefers, and tryhards. Id take full lobbies of them before id take 1 modder, because in reality unless a so called griefer, or tryhard is modding there isn't much they can really do. There are a lot of options available, and if getting beat in pvp, or losing an argument hurts your ego... GROW UP, don't crash my game. 


My basic question is what is being done about modders, or is the game just hopelessly flawed, and you are unable to moderate it. Other games have employees (and even some volunteers) patrolling games and banning people for cheating, IP bans for repeat offenders, yes I know they get around this with vpns. There needs to be a way to identify a player with an account. modders can change their names. There needs to be a report system that modders cant subvert. 


I was warned this was a sensitive subject for the forums, and would receive some grief, but that's ok, I can handle it.


On a side note I for one would be more then happy to pay Rockstar a small monthly fee for the ability to play in mob free lobbies.


Edited by kfiskal
thought of the mod free lobbies
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If R*’s history with their games is any clue, nothing will happen. That’s why I avoid PC like the plague. If you want a mod free experience. Play on PS4 or Xbox One. 

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It's only a sensitive subject on the Rockstar forum where you get insulted to death by trolls. Here, there are actual moderators. With that said, Rockstar bans players every single day but for every one banned it seems like two are born so to cut this short and to the point, there is nothing you can do except to switch to console. Rockstar can't fix it and I doubt you will see dedicated servers.  I play on XboxOne almost every day and haven't run into a modder/hacker since I bought it around 2016.  Not one. 


So, I would wait till the new generation consoles come out and buy one. That's what I'm going to do even if I have to start over.


Good Luck to you.

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This is just a Bitch and Moan combined with your previous thread here: 


Not really sure how you're expecting a better response on a fan forum.


Furthermore, Rockstar Games technically support "modders" because a large percentage of those that get banned, go and buy another account to keep on modding. 

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A bitch and moan? literally when I report a modder they know and spawn  cop cars in my apartment, or cages in my apartment...They know they know they are being reported. They are literally subverting the system that is in place to deal with them. Its broken

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