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How to make gta sa using External graphic card


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Now I know how to fix gta sa uses internal graphic instead of dedicated graphic


Now go to your gta sa

Click right mouse button

Click properties

Go to compatibilities

now tick run compatibility mode for: WINDOWS 7

now tick Disable fullscreen optimisation

Click apply


Go to nvidia control panel

Go to Manage 3D Settings

Go to program setting

Click add and search for the game

Click Select preferred graphic processor for this program : High performance nvidia processor

Click apply 


Now you can play gta sa without lag with enb......


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Thanks for sharing these helpful steps on how to make GTA SA use an external graphics card. It can be frustrating when games don't automatically use the dedicated graphics card, so it's good to know how to fix it. I was considering buying one of the cards on https://finalratings.com/the-best-graphics-cards-for-vr-in-2023-performance-prices-and-recommendations/, but I'll also check out your advice as soon as I can. Thanks again for sharing!

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