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Sports Motorcycles Remastered


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We aim to remaster every GTA SA sports motorcycle. Adapted with Functional Vehicle Components, VehFuncs, and ImVehFt. Two versions of each sports motorcycle (Adapted and SA Styles in HD).


We completed and released PCJ600 Remastered: https://www.mixmods.com.br/2020/05/pcj600-remastered-hd.html . SA Style in HD version of PCJ600 Remastered can be found here: https://forum.mixmods.com.br/f20-veiculos/t2002-sa-pcj600-remastered-rel-s30#p27834 


Working on remastering PCJ600 caused Grinch_ to join us and created a new script called "Functional Vehicle Components" that transformed PCJ600 Remastered into a bike simulator (and still is transforming - more new FVC features incoming).

PCJ600 Remastered's FVC features functional chains, brakes, clutch, gear-lever, indicator-lights, odometer, RPMmeter, and speedometer.

Grinch_'s Functional Vehicle Components can be found here: https://github.com/user-grinch/Functional-Vehicle-Components


Here, a video showcasing PCJ600 Remastered with FVC:


We started working on BF400 a while before we completed and released PCJ600 Remastered.

So, here, an old screenshot of BF400 Remastered we done. I know, super bugged, WIP.







Edited by Zeneric
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Ezekiel the legendary GTA SA modder gave us his permission to do whatever we want with his NRG500 mod and release it publicly.
So, here we are, optimizing, improving, adapting with Functional Vehicle Components, VehFuncs, and ImVehFt, and etc, remastering the Ezekiel NRG500 mod while keeping the Ezekiel and GTA SA essence strong.




Optimized the Ezekiel fairing and some parts by remaking them (10-13k faces of Ezekiel's vs 1-3k faces of this new remade stuff). We ensured the new remade stuff are at least almost identical as Ezekiel's (still not completed. an example: see the holes at the front of the fairing - still need to mod them to match Ezekiel's. WIP). Because of the lower poly count this gave us more dff size space to add more models while under or at the original memory size of Ezekiel's NRG500 dff.

We added a new extra alternative fairing matching one of default NRG500 fairings.
There are now 2 dashboards (one's Ezekiel's and the other's ours - ours is a digital speedometer and rpm gauge dashboard (they're not ready to be shown publicly yet)).

I'm aware of bugs seen in the pictures. Stuff seen in the pictures might be changed. WIP.



What it atm looks like on renderhook (sormed's ps2 preset):



Edited by Zeneric
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Ya, I keep switching between projects (I have 5-10 projects for GTA SA atm, no new projects). I'll come back to this eventually, no worries.

Edited by Zeneric
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No, I cannot upload beta bf 400.


Here, two "paintjobs" for NRG500's 2nd fairing (not actual GTA SA paintjobs. made possible by Vehfuncs' f_extras, f_class, and _cl functions).




Aware of bugs, not done, still tweaking, etc wip.

Numbers are randomized - Set "6" and "9" numbers to be picked more than the other numbers (70% chance).

I also made a Xoomer "paintjob" (blue/black/red color theme) for NRG500 but I didn't like it, so, scraped. Will re-do.


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