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How to increase ammo capacity for MK2 weapons


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hi guys, i just upgrade my special carbine to special carbine mk2. But bad thing is that ammo capacity reduces, from over 9,000 from my special carbine to only 320 for my special carbine mk2. Anyone knows how to make my special carbine mk2 contain 9000 rounds again? Thanks

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If nothing else works change it back to a mk 1 I guess,

I 'm pretty sure but dont quote me, I think it is only the special ammo types that limit your ammo amount, not that it is mk 2, this is to balance things out.

On some of the mk2 weapons under ammo types it has a larger clip option where you can only use standard ammo I use that on my Combat MG mk 2 (because I use this weapon for loads and it is easier and cheaper to refill standard ammo.)

I do not convert all my weapons to mk 2's and mainly use my mk 1s with std ammo tbh.

Edited by MechanicMammal
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if you have reduced ammo capacity, it is probably because you changed the magazine to a non-standard ammo type. Default clip and extended clip give you the 9,000 total capacity and clip size of 30/60

Tracer ammo gives you 30 clip size and 360 total capacity

Incendiary, Armor Piercing, or Full Metal Jacket rounds have a clip size of 20 and a capacity of 240.


Edited by AirWolf359
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^ capacities depend on the gun, ammo or category entirely, but sure. 

Edited by Gaffa
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