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Why your favourite band/artist is your favourite band/artist?

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In the view that there are lots of topic about favourite bands, I decided to give the topic a twist. Apart from the fact that they recorded your favourite songs and/or albums, is there any other reason to consider any band your favourite? Maybe they have a very particular sound, maybe they are spiritually uplifting, maybe they have amazing compositions (which is not the same that being a good performer). You name the reasons. I start:

- The Who: Because they brought a lot of innovations to rock music, and they mixed like no other band the visceral with the spiritual and intimate in rock.

- The Byrds: Because they were the perfect bridge between traditional american music, the early rock and pop style and the most artistic rock tendencies. Besides, they did all kind of styles and succeded in almost eveyone of them. They could make folk rock (Mr. Tambourine Man), psychedellia (Eight Miles High), jazz rock (Tribal Gathering), pop (The World Turns All Around Her), hard rock (Lover of the Bayou), country rock (Wasn't Born to follow), orchestral pop (John Riley) and could go on and on. The best american band ever, and I'm not even american (from the United States).

Now it's your turn.

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Posted (edited)

Guns N' Roses -

Because the songs they wrote.

Because they let record companies wine and dine them knowing all a long who they wanted to sign with and why.

(Geffen Records, to be on the same label and tour with Aerosmith).

Because Slash is British (I'd admit this is just cherry on the top stuff, but as far as bonuses go, it's a good one).

Because they saved us from the 1980's hair metal synth pop.

Because of the guitars used; when other bands were using Ibanezes, Slash found a good old Les Paul worked best for him and was one of the only guys rocking one at the time.

Because they were the 'real deal' and it wasn't an act.

They were the bad boys selling drugs stealing from purses performing out their brains on substances. 

They broke convention and rose to the top despite being a bunch of no good druggies and outlaws.

They're actually from Hollywood, that's kinda cool, imo.

Had released an album of pure covers which spread the wealth to musicians/bands they liked; they included as a bonus track a song written by Charles Manson and then donated the proceeds they saw from that track to victims of the Manson Murders families.



In 2018, the group "Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs", which helps maintain the sculptures, began a crowd funding campaign to raise £70,000 to build a permanent bridge so visitors can visit the islands the sculptures are scattered on. The guitarist Slash endorsed the fundraiser, saying the dinosaurs have a "special place" in his heart, and donated an item for their charity auction.[19] The mayor of London later donated £30,000 for the campaign.[20]


Also,  this week/in 2020;



That's cool to me because it's local.

Edited by ilovebender.com
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Iron Maiden: For me, they were great until A Matter Of Life and Death album, I like Dickinson, Paul and Blaze vocals (I like him because I hear some pinch of Danzig/Lee Ving aka the dude who did the project MD.45 with Dave Mustaine).


Also, Nicko and Clive Burr were my first heavy metal influences to play drums. 


Megadeth: In my opinion, they don't have any bad album, many talented musicians has passed in the band, I like every change of sound Mustaine does, he is a genius and one of my favorite guitar players and lyricists in the metal music field.

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