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No red blip,target and mission location in GTA San Andreas

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Hi, I am suffering with a problem in GTA San Andreas after installing some mods like no red blip, no target and no mission location. Is there anyon who can tell me the fix for that problem.

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At least one of your mods is probably adding extra blips every time the save is loaded and save again. Eventually the blip pool fills up and no more can be created. You will need to remove the bad mods or the problem will occur again.


Check out this topic for a strategy for removing extra blips. The strategy described involves using a hex editor with a template that parses, labels and formats the data. It isn't easy but it's the best tool I'm aware of that can do the job. Keep in mind that the search string in the first example is specific to that particular save. Chances are your data will be different. Read through some of the other posts for problems encountered by other players.

If you have problems please post in the topic linked above. May as well keep all related info in the same topic.


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Is there any tool to remove it instead of changing the codes for that because it crashing my game and I am unable to understand this. Can anyone do this for me, I will be very thankful to you.

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Posted (edited)

upload your "data\script\main.scm" and save file ill do it for you and yea as OrionSR you better remove other mods before you get same problem again 

Edited by Strs
didnt saw what i wrote white text in editor

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