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Hello dear DYOM designers!



I've been inactive since many, many months again - and I'm back again because there's new hype for a newer DYOM version. Since it's still bugged - i want to collaborate with somebody to do a mission - maybe for future MP.


This mission will be the second mission for "Secret Cult" missions which the first one was uploaded to GTAinside [i upload there, because of daily 100+ downloads] = https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/147375-dyom-crazy-oath-with-voices/ - you can test it out - it's with SD [voices in-game].


I have unreleased mission text [little script with dialogs, etc] and i decided to make Mission with it. But right now I updated that "script" [txt file of what it should have] and its up to date, describing what should be in mission along with other dialogs etc


I noted everything - how mission should look - and if somebody want's to collaborate - feel free to download it from Mediafire mirror:




If you can make the mission - that's similar with a "script" that i wrote - i would check it, make my own changes - put voices and release it soon - or hold it till I release the MP. If nobody would want to collaborate, then i'll try to do it later - but since I don't have so much time right now - it would be harder to make alone.


If somebody is intrested, let me know

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