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Positive From The Negative

The Time Ranger

Recommended Posts

So what are your favourite things from your least favourite Gta titles, lets try and find positive aspects in those titles that just didn't click with you, be it gameplay features, story, map, etc.


Gta V

I like how they brought back car customization, it's fun tricking out vehicles, I like to go to Grove street with my bulletproof car, do a driveby and see how much damage the Grove street bangers can do before I speed away.


Gta V

I'm a vocal critic of Gta V's story and characters but Trevors rampage cutscenes are pretty funny. 


Vice City Stories

This game was pretty meh for me but I like that you can grapple and throw people. 




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Liberty City Stories - the Karmageddon side mission (causing mayhem in a firetruck)

Vice City Stories - fabulous soundtrack and the fact Phil Collins is in it as himself

GTA III - revolutionary first 3D era GTA with all the stuff that introduced, brutal gritty atmosphere, Catalina and Asuka

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VCS - The first GTA game where the AI characters properly have the appropriate one-handed and two-handed movement animation groups applied on them when wielding certain weapons.

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- Liberty City Stories: Running with two-handed weapons. Toni's outfits. There aren't too many in comparison to those of San Andreas, but most of them are quite decent.


- GTA V: The cutscene-in-game crossover system.

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GTA The Ballad Of Gay Tony : Abdul Amir

GTA Advance: the Protagonist and the story,kinda

Online: the very high customization,and the very high amount of weapons

GTA V: Trevor Phillips and the Graphics

GTA TLaD: the biker tone and Johnny Klebitz

GTA VCS and LCS,almost everything in these two

Edited by Ahmedmfroezspeed
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Oh yeah something I really liked from GTA Advance was the speedometer

Edited by KingAJ032304
I said "sped limit"...
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GTA V might be my least favorite in the series however i do have alot of positives about the game still, i think the game is really enjoyable if you want a action based game with great gameplay tbh, beautiful graphics and some great voice acting, i like the customization also i think it is a step up from GTA IV.

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  • 3 weeks later...

VCS: I really liked empire building.

VC: Robbing stores was cool, the soundtrack was great, and I really liked Tommy Vercetti. Also I actually liked the helicopter controls in the game at the time.

IV: Niko Bellic is the best protagonist in the series and Liberty City felt like a living breathing city.

GTAO: So many vehicles to choose from and the return of lowriders!

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GTA 3 - Liberty City has a certain charm and a well assembled diversity. The ability to maim the enemies' legs and arms and turn them into a mere trunk using explosives is very enjoyable. Their burning screams are better than in the other episodes. The taxi job pays much better than in the following episodes which makes it more enjoyable.

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GTA III - One of the best talk stations in Chatterbox


GTA LCS - Some fun side missions like the pizza delivery missions, the vehicle salesman missions and Karmageddon for example. 

I also appreciate that it was the only GTA so far to actually have us be a part of the Mafia rather than just work for them

(I'm also in the minority, if any, that like Radio Del Mundo :p

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  • 10 months later...

LCS - Side-missions, atmosphere, soundtrack, and sprinting with two-handed weapons.

Advance - Story and protagonist.

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GTA V - most modding-friendly installment of all the GTA installment, despite Online modding block, issues with memory leaks and (not always) possible random crashes.

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Online - More weapon variants and crime empire management (yeah despite the repetitive missions)

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On 6/20/2020 at 1:47 AM, Limefong said:

GTA V: Amazing graphics


everyone knows that, because good graphics are only in GTA V for that in this year

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The Tracker
Posted (edited)

Advance: The story and characters are kinda interesting, the fact that it was featured in a early 00's handheld console is as well.


LCS: The late 90's atmosphere, the car handling, the outfits, the cheat-codes, the kickass MAIN THEME and the considerable amount of crazy, unique side missions that never were repeated in the franchise (Trash Dash, Noodle Punk Delivery, Car Salesman, Bike Salesman, "See the sight before your flight", Avenging Angels, AWOL Angel, 9mm Mayhem, Karmageddon, Slash TV, etc).


V: The graphics and style, both which have aged incredibly well, the amazing dialogue, I actually kinda like the three protagonists (Even Franklin has his own charm at times) and some side characters (Such as Lamar or Dave Norton), the amount of customization options, especially in cars, that I WISH were in IV, some weapons that actually feel and sound unique (Like the Carabine Rifle or the Pistol .50), the plane and sea vehicle handling, a few radio stations which are actually fire, with satisfying consistence and well done selection (West Coast Classics, Radio Mirror Park, Worldwide FM, and a few more), the original score, which feels like its own thing and suits the atmosphere pretty well, some missions which are part of the best in the franchise, the mission replay option, the ragdoll button, and some minigames which are actually fun (Tennis and Golf).


Online: It's almost perfect for roleplaying with friends, the amount of clothing, vehicles and bussiness options just make up for it, GTA Online is, in some aspects, what the single player should be.

Edited by The Tracker
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