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RDR2 Common Bugs & Solutions Research

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Posted (edited)

You know, in the RDR2, every patch has his own game breaking glitches. Even in 1.00 version. So in this topic, i will give you info about these glitches and show you how to avoid or fix them. We still need more info about some glitches. You can help us to find what causes or how to fix those glitches.


Knife Holster Animation Bug

What causes this Glitch?

Still Unknown

How to fix it?

Still Unknown. Just restart from an old savegame

How to avoid it?

Still Unknown



Missing Pitchfork/Cow Milking Job in Beecher's Hope

What causes this Glitch?

The Noblest of Men and a Woman: Emmet Granger

How to fix it?

There is no way to fix it. It will stay forever.(Solution still not found yet)

How to avoid it?

Just compete emmet granger mission before the epilogue. If you complete emmet granger mission in epilogue, this glitch will appear.



Missing Strawberry Butcher Map Icon

What causes this Glitch?

Money Lending and Other Sins IV: Winton Holmes Debt Mission. Its exist since 1.00 version

How to fix it?

There is no way to fix it. It will stay forever

How to avoid it?

In the Winton Holmes Debt mission, Skin Cougar and dont stow it to your horse. Just take it to strawberry butcher while pelt in your hands and sell it.



Two Lanchester Repeater or Double Barreled Shotgun Bug

What causes this glitch?

If you pick up Double Barreled Shotgun from an open world and Lanchester Repeater from Rhodes Gunsmith before the An American Pastoral Scene and The First Shall Be Last missions.

How to fix it?

There is no way to fix it.

How to avoid it?

Wear Lancherster/DoubleBarreled guns in your back while doing those missions.(Not shoulder) or just dont pick those guns before these missions.



Unable to trigger Pearson Rabbit Request Bug

What causes this glitch?

Its not glitch tecnically. Its just rare to find Pearson as ready for Rabbit Request. Maybe after leatest patches made it more rare.

How to fix it?

Reduce your cores and save your game around 9:30-11:00 A.M. jump off the cliff to death. Return and the camp and become an afk. If pearson still not ready for it, reload your savegame and try again.

How to avoid it?

Official guide says its avalible in Chapter 2-3-4. But its impossible to trigger this request in Chapter 3 or Chapter 4. Just stay in the Chapter 2 if you dont want to miss this item request.


I will add more.


Edited by GroveStGTAV
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