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QRF San Andreas

[PS4] QRF San Andreas- Milsim-military crew realism

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QRF San Andreas
Posted (edited)

We at QRF SA are composed of real active duty/ former military members looking for mature people to train and operate with. We will train every single member on real world tactics and how to apply it on the field on GTA online. We can guarantee a real milsim experience to anyone that joins.

Milsim info

QRF SA  is a Tier 1 special missions unit stationed in San Andreas. We are capable of responding to any threat at a moment’s notice. 


Mission statement 

To provide a realistic milsim experience to anyone willing to learn



First In Last Out


Crew Info

Our crew consist of personnel who were in the military or are still currently serving. We aim to teach anyone willing to learn about real world tactics and how to employ them during operations. We currently have three branches members can enlist in.


Ground Force 


Machine Gunner




Air Force

Titan Pilot

Lazer Pilot

B-11 Pilot




Rotary Wing Battalion 

Buzzard Pilot

Annihilator Pilot

Hunter Pilot


Primary Missions

Counter Terrorism 

Direct Action

Special Reconnaissance 

Unconventional Warfare 

Hostage Rescue

Security Force Assistance

Air superiority 

Air Traffic Control

Fire Support


In order to enlist in our crew join our Discord server and select a branch and job that interests you.


Discord: https://discord.gg/B3hztDZ
Social Club link: 

Instagram: qrf_san_andreas

If you have any questions feel free to message us on Instagram.

Edited by QRF San Andreas

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