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Cannot login to GTAMods Wiki

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Whenever I click the top-right button GTAForums login at GTAMods Wiki, I get the following message: [426277eefe94d3a5db44f2e6] 2020-05-23 12:04:02: Fatal exception of type "MWException"


This is the first time I try logging since the wiki changes, so this problem may be here for a while.


Thanks in advanced for your support.


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Posted (edited)

I was logged in fine so the issue is recent and I think I know what it is - we were doing some background maintenance and attempting to migrate the sites to a faster server this morning, but something came up and we had to revert again and it looks like not everything was resumed as it should from this "old" server. We'll be making updates within the next 24 to 48 hours (fingers crossed tomorrow by this time we'll be fully running!) so the issue should be fixed by then.


Thanks for the report though, I'll be adding it to the checklist in case it was a longer term issue. :) 


Edit: Seems I can still login fine. I'll bring this up during the upgrade tomorrow then, might be a longer term issue for certain members.

Edited by Spider-Vice

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Just wanted to mention I just tried to login right now and it seems to work fine here too. (Tried on edge chromium)

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@LINK/2012's logins were all logged in the admin control panel so it considers them successful but then something happens. We'll be trying to look into this once we migrate and update all software.

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Thanks Spider.


No problem, I have changed my GTAF username to contain only alphanumeric characters, but now I have another problem. It seems like I got a new user in the wiki (thelink2012), instead of keeping the old Link2012 user. Is there any way to fix this?

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Apologies for the late reply. Your GTAMods Wiki user will always be the same as your GTAF username so it made a different user for you and didn't merge your changes. There is no way to natively merge accounts within MediaWiki I don't think but we'll be looking into it.

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Okay. If you guys don't manage to find an workaround, could you please rename my GTAF username to Link2012 so that it matches the GTAMods Wiki user?

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