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My suggestions

Mr JoeStalin

Recommended Posts

Mr JoeStalin

-Ability to change the default colour palette may be cool for people who like using a same set of coloured texts


-There isn't a need for a mobile app when every thing is available on the site


-Ability to paste images directly without any URL


-A fix for the "Create Poll" which redirects the user to the home page


-et cetera

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1. If people want to use a different colour or font and they're dedicated, they can apply that wrapping each time. We did have a setting in the past that let people post in a default colour but I think some colours can be harder to read than others. I don't know exactly why this wasn't put in place but I'm willing to bet that IPB4 doesn't support it. I might be wrong.


2. We don't have a mobile app, so I don't know what the issue is here.


3. Uploading images to a hosting site means people have some responsibility for what they post. If the images are stored locally or hosted here, that opens up a can of worms, and might get the forums in legal trouble should somebody end up sharing a salacious image.


4. I don't know about this one, I'll leave it for someone with a bit more know-how.

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Mr JoeStalin
59 minutes ago, Rhoda said:


2. We don't have a mobile app, so I don't know what the issue is here

I know, I don't have an issue..Its the people who keep suggesting a mobile app

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1. We had that feature in an extremely hacked version of our forums way back then. Nowadays we're running properly supported and updated software and the less mods we have, the better for maintenance it is. No plans that I know of to reimplement such a feature.


2. Starting with 4.0, Invision forums became responsive sites. No need for a mobile app and every feature is available on all platforms, big or small screens.


3. @Rhoda nailed it. We will never let anyone upload images themselves to our servers, sorry.


4. Our custom GTAForums skin has some features IPB doesn't like much. Alas, it's not a very simple fix, so if you're on a computer, press Esc to force stop the page load when you need to click in that poll area.

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