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Is the Grand Theft Auto V singleplayer DLC out yet?

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you know what, forget about GTA V. just go back to EFLC and undead nightmare if you want single player DLC

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Big company nice people the whole fanbase whilst rolling in fat dough they "earned" from Online.


Story DLC is out of the game for GTA's going further. I just don't see how you guys don't get that they're too busy developing flying yachts that cost $60 billion for all of us to enjoy in the glorious Online experience

Edited by MarshDanni
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El Penguin Bobo

Seriously? It's 2020 and you're still expecting some sort of DLC? Let it go man, that ship's sailed a long time ago, I think even Rockstar themselves said they're not gonna release it at all.

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First Rockstar will release VI as a marketing strategy. Then we will finally have the awaited SP DLC of V.

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h3ad tr9p

I gave up on it. It would be nice for R* to do some add ons to the story but I don’t see it happening. I really wish they would make a concept for even online to be similar to that of San Andreas where you could take over territories agains other gangs implement the street part go to jail for crimes do sh*t in jail or prison. Even sell drugs to random mpcs to make money or do home invasions. If they could look at the modding community they would get some real good ideas f*ck even recruit some of these guys. I guess when gta v hit I was expecting it to be more along the lines of SA 

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It was cancelled 5 years ago, bud.

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I think that much of the content that was intended to be in the dlc, such as casinos, heists etc., ended up int he gta online updates.

A pity but still better than nothing

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