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Drift Wood: Real Wild West game play on GTA V. New teammates!


Recommended Posts

1 hour ago, MrSmarter22 said:

Why not add all the updates and the current progress on the first page of the thread instead of posting one post after the other. It just makes the thread look messy and convoluted.

Yeah, I don't know much in what I'm doing. I try, I don't have stability in mod yet so I'm not releasing much, yet. Thanks for the input. I've just been logging my progress as I learn. There's a lot to learn. Map editing, scriptung, animations, etc. Glad I finally got people to help me with my concept. 

Anyway, thanks again for your offer and encouragement.


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3 hours ago, MrSmarter22 said:

I think you misunderstood my post lol.

Thanks, my mind gets loopy sometimes. I changed second post to provide link to Spear. Did you try it? I'm still working on it to get trajectory and attachment of spear but I thought is fun enough to share.

Edited by N8Gamez
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12 hours ago, N8Gamez said:

That's what killed my internet, downloading visual studio is like 8gb.

If you download the Visual Studio 2019 Community Installer, only click on .NET Desktop Development and you'll only need to download about 1.3GB, might save your internet if you ever have to install it again in the future. That's all you need for modding.

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We want to welcome our newest Team Member Duuble AA (DaFryanMayan) a weapons and Ped modeller who has provided us with a new Cowboy Ped, colt Walker revolver and will make a sweet Indian ped model I found online. Also he will see about rescaling the horse to fit saddle/player better.


Wow, what a guy. History buff too. 

Thanks for joining us 🙆.



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I made quick script of Morgan and horse to be a ride along partner. First tests are good. 

I need to fix shooting of Morgan when on horse so he's not standing in horse legs flailing, may have h dismount. 

On foot Morgan follows Marston and is his partner, meaning he will protect Marston and attack any enemy that pulls gun or Marston shoots at.


I had a shoot out with cops and Morgan had my back. As I shot at cops in front he was shooting and when cops arrive behind my player Morgan took them on for me.


So this is great progress. I'll do a mission where you meet him and have him as a ride along partner.


Wow Dubble AA (DaFryanMayan) sure stepped things up for the gameplay.


...And he just joined the team!


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Keeping Team members inspired is a full time job, but worth it. 

Barak101 is back to work on Michael, he's close to being done.

Flying_bulletzzz is ready to make more buildings, as he has more time now.

Britishdevelopment has our horse driven stagecoach almost completed, the I'll ask him to work on farm wagon.

MN8R01 has been constantly working on the bow script, we're having issues with the camera going screwy with the Quiver and Arrows attached to player and the Quiver being too far when crouching.

I've been keeping the Team motivated and seeking others who can help, plus writing script to have our new Ped ride horse, follow Player, dismount when shooting so anims look good while not shooting Player Ped.

DaFryanMayan has some issues with Abigail ped but is working it out.

BlueJeansGamer has been sidetracked but will get back to map edits soon.


So all in all our International Team is still going 💪, working towards initial Test release. So far the mod seems to be stable. I reworked the Winchester.dlc as it crashed game for DynsPr, but not other Team Members. This is good for we have different versions, platforms like Steam, DVD versions, not any epic version tests yet though.

All in all we are mostly stable just adding missions, more props and replacing more peds. I need to figure out what ymaps are loaded by game default to make it so when pressing the "end" key on keyboard so script can fade out camera and reload GTAV world map while removing Desert maps, place ped at gunshop in Sandy shores with weapons replaced, give player extra money allowing them buy what weapons they lost.


There's much still to do but we are hard at it.

Edited by N8Gamez
Gall dang phone, dag name spail checking ain't too smart.
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To are seeing an average of 129 visits per day consistently.

This is good.

Let's us know there's interest in what we are doing here.


Feel free to comment or like so we get more input and encouragement 😊.

We're getting an average of 129 hits per day consistently since posting on the 19th of last month, I feel that's pretty good since mods not a download yet. It shows there's interest in what the mod is and if it's available yet.

Thanks all of you for looking in.

Feel free to like or comment 😊, input is helpful.



Edited by N8Gamez
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Jupiter Kasparov just uploaded a new version of GTAV clean map and it works much better than my IPL unloader script. 

If I can find a way to leave parts of GTAV Map then I will be using this new version. It's small not like earlier versions, under a MB in size.


Let's hope I can find a way to leave the areas I want 😬.


For the improvement of performance is great with most of GTAV unloaded.

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After testing the GTAV map remover and finding missing props, no ability to activate parts of GTAV Map I will use, random foliage floating around i decided to stick with my IPL unloader script.

I made it so by pressing the 'End' key top right corner of the NumPad camera fades and my maps are unloaded, GTAV Map is reloaded and player is set in front of Sandy shores gunshop with a cache of weapons plus some extra money to buy the weapons they may have lost.



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Tested Morgan as a riding buddy. He spawns on horse, follows Player. If fight breaks out he dismounts and throws down on enemies. If Player dismounts so does Morgan. He's a protector and won't shoot Player. He can switch weapons, find cover, etc.


This is a first test, next is to give him a holstered pistol, his holster is currently empty. Controlling to animatively pull weapon when fighting will be next challenge. 

He should pull pistol from holster like Player and it'll be tricky having him re-holster pistol after battling. But I like challenges.

MN8R01 has fixed Quiver so it adjusts when crouching.


Things are looking good!


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I got a message from Jupiter Kasparov great guy. He showed me how to keep parts of the Map from GTAV.

I tested and have decided to stick with the

Clean GTAV tool he made. It rocks!


Thanks much 

Jupiter Kasparov for your great work and sincerity in effort to help me get parts back that I want to use.


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I have moved map once again, it sits in Sandy shores Mt. Chilliad area. The ferry is in the lake by Trevor's trailer.

I am using Jupiter's Clean GTAV to remove most of map. It's better than my IPL unloader script.

This will use the hillside and coast line where the lighthouse is. 

I am not committed yet but like the location so far.

I'm still adjusting map placement.


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Yesterday was busy, I spent time trying to get Map in new location with recycling parts of GTAV Map. Had issues removing parts I don't want like factories, buildings, etc. 

If I can figure it out today that'll be great.

 I was also busy going to town for food stock. It's a long haul to a store, about 40 miles one way so it consumed a portion of the day. But now we have lots of food so we, MN8R01 and I, can devote our days and nights without worries.


As soon as I decide today if map will be moved or not we can start adjusting the mission scripts. We found an easy way to get all coords and since missions are already made it should go fast.

The modellers are still making lots of new peds, props, clothing, buildings.


This mod has a big heart, the Team is strong.

So a test release is getting much closer, I feel.


Stay safe, this whole virus thing is almost over, I hope.

Peace, N8Gamez


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The desert sits partly in Chilliad spot, minus Chiliad I've include the Zanduco area to the marsh so the map has diversity and is like 6 times larger. 

There's a few adjustments left but it matched beautifully, complemented with water ways, ambient sound and most importantly navmeshes. 

When it was in ocean there were no navmeshes for peds to follow.


I just have a few areas to fill, maybe return some of GTAV map or use large rock. Then add water surrounding the Map since a lot of San Andreas is gone and we're land there's no water.

After I'll remove instance placement, lights, texture any roads that will stay, remove telephone lines, neon signs, stuff like that.


Wow it makes a very sweet map for a Western mod now.

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Relecent or RelecentM8 has joined us he'll start with the old time Virginia Steam powered train. 

He also does weapons. Which is cool.


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I've seen your posts, and I'm satisfied.

Btw, what scripting engine do you use for your mod?

If you plan on making your mod's progress saveable, check out my YOS mod. I can even help with scripting in it...


So YBNs... To be precise, they're not collision archives, but static collision maps; most of the original GTA V map has no 'connected' collision, but YBN files and YMAPS placed at the same locations..

So YBN files are totally different kind, they are not connected to YMAPs in any way - just placed 'luckily', so that it looks like at first glance, if they were 'connected'. With deactivated YBNs the full map becomes a non-solid ghost map...


I checked out now, YBNs are registered in the '_manifest.ymf' file, the 'Bounds' section.


For me, 'connected' collision means composite collision, built into the YDR models. Besides, I only saw YBNs and built-in collisions for GTA V - the outdated COLL (collision archive) most likely isn't supported.


Cheers ;)

Edited by Jupiter_Hortenzievich
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Thank you very much,

Jupiter_Hortenzievich, I just used the images.meta for the mod so far. I don't see any issues and it removed the map. I'm not aware of how/what/why's of the rest.

I use Lua code.

Not familiar with any other languages enough to keep going.

Sure I'd love to have assistance with scripting, I'm sure my code is most likely laughable to more advanced coders, but it works. So if you want to help by all means. I'm almost finished the recent build, I want to fix the intro first and maybe a couple missions: it's just a matter of getting coords to move existing missions to match new map.


Thanks for the input, boy do I need it.😉


I'll send message you with link to mod as soon as I upload. Though it is in Lua format we may be able to use your YOS or perhaps convert the Lua over.


Much love your mod made a HUGE difference!

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Jupiter_Hortenzievich is revitalizing the mod codes, I am way outdated and waiting for my nephew to send me updated game files. I am stuck in version 350.


Jupiter is translating the code to YOS (Your Own Storyline) a tool he designed. This will not only make for a more stable code but aide me to learn how to write code other than LUA.


Big thanks to Juipter. Way to go!

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Hide what was reported by OP
next time use edit button to post more news, if someone else hasn't bumped the topic

Bump with new post only if noone has posted in a long time and for big progress news



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Lost my hard drive last night.

All game, tools, mod structure, you name it.

My nephew has a hard drive of mine with many tools I use but he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I have other external drives and am copying to one the current game, MN8R01 has some stuff and recent edits so we are scrambling to get things back up and running. 

The hotfixes I worked on are mostly on my desktop aside from scripts.

It's a set back but I won't stop development!


I should be back up and running by this afternoon.

Always have backups is a known principal of modding. Keeping them accessible is another thing. Lol

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New flintlock pistol.

We are changing many weapons and peds.

Calvary for army is scheduled next.

Michael as Indian is almost done. Franklin as Sheriff cowboy is in the works.

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New flintlock pistol( with custom loading anims based on Musket loading.)


and a Mississippi

 musket(replaces bullpup with musket audio anims and sound).


We are changing many weapons and peds.


Calvary for army is scheduled next.


Horse has been redone and is scaled appropriately, it looks fantastic.


Michael as Comanche Indian warrior/Chief is almost done.


Franklin as Sheriff cowboy is in the works.

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Good work, man. I really like the animation and sound of the flintlock pistol. Overall, top notch weapon.

Edited by HzanRsxa2959
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The horse now is full sized, no more deer sized horse. Also it has a shadow!


Saddle reworked to remove blanket as it was too blocky and styrups removed as the player feet don't attach so it looks weird.


End result is a Real sized Horse with saddle and shadow.



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To c# or not to c# that is the question I ask of thee!


I confess, I feel a bit limited with c# compared to Lua.

With Lua I can edit on the fly, reset code in game and test edits. With Lua sdk I can know what line to look at, what error to look for.


With Lua I can use notepad++ a much much smaller tool than even vs code. (VS Community is bulky)


With Lua I can use Native code of R* like "wait()". And though I don't really use Lua Natives I don't have to, the platform is enough to write code for GTA V.


With c# it seems everything must be created. I have no idea if code will work and seemingly no SDK to aide me.


I'll have to shut down game to edit code, again and again.


So c# is feeling more blind and limited, at the moment.

I hope learning c# will be the advantage I seek. 


But what of others?

With Lua the mod can be written straight forward, using primarily the GTAV Native database. So any one could learn how to make missions, mods etc.


That's why I chose Lua as mod platform.

Not some trainer or mission builder but so people can begin to see how to write mod scripts. Create more fun and exciting mods for all of the GTA community.


So I ask of you all. 


To c# or not to c#?

Edited by N8Gamez
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IAfter deviating from development for 7 days to learn c# I'm am convinced that the best format remains Lua.


I have shown code of the same simple mod to different people with no programming experience. I also provided the GTA V Natives both codes were built from.


The replies were the same in regards to the mod codes.


Lua clearly shows what Native was used, how the parameters were filled. The c# was overwhelming to interpret, whereas the Lua was readable and interpretable as to what was going on and how the Natives allowed the mods function.


End result?

In me writing the scripts in Lua people are more enabled to read the code as it's not compiled in a dll but openable with notepad or notepad++. The script is interpretable and can be used to learn how to make a script mod or mission.


This is my primary intention, not to hide or lock up what/how but SHOW HOW to create a script.


It's much easier than most believe, especially when they don't have to learn Pascal, c, c++ or c# for a few months/years.


I personally have not found much done in c# that can't be done in the easier format of Lua. Also Lua depends on ScriptHookV not Rage or ScriptHookVDotNet which both depend on ScriptHookV. So any update to ScriptHookV you don't also have to update Lua.asi. on top of the fact that notepad++ is a small, useful tool to write code in compared to downloading several gb to install visual studio community, then setting up the right environment while learning how to use visual studio.


So staying with Lua format seems to be the best way to enable creative minds to see how to create.


A far greater way to share than just doing it for people and leaving them blind as to how to make a mod script.


Lua will be the way the mod will be created, with no further verification required for me I will return to getting mod ready for first release.



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