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Drift Wood: Real Wild West game play on GTA V. New teammates!


Recommended Posts

1 hour ago, MrSmarter22 said:

Never seen a thread quite like this lol. Anyways, cool mod!


I've always been strange. Lol

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Britishdevelopment had taken on the challenge of making this model.



In blender he can animate horses movement. I am excited to see what the result will be.


I am helping a neighbor today so won't be modding till later. 

It's getting fun working with different Nation's. I work then sleep while others are working. So Development is moving at good pace.

With IPL unloader scripts are fast, a bit too fast as I have to adjust for proper timing. But that's cool.


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The intro has been reworked, new animations, keyboard support added for tutorials, shortened time of intro some, it's not so long now.


Hospital resets have been linked to new location so mission scripts can get attention.


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I have being more of a controller user it's tricky to know comfortable key to use. For example using right arrow and Numpad2 seemed good for pulling pistol from holster. But players must use cross keyboard and use left hand as mouse is used to shoot. Or let go mouse to use right hand for keys. The numbers along to are R* used keys. Left cntrl, functn, etc. Are used by R* too. There are new special weapons, tomahawk, holstered pistols, backup gun, dual weilding, southpaw...

Boy it's tricky to find comfortable unused keys for keyboarders. 


There are different scripts for the different weapons so hotkeys are a challenge too.


I need to rework the keyboard keypresses I guess.


Well that's important to those who don't use controllers.


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Today I start with Thanks to flying_bulletzzz who provided the holsters for dual weilding and Southpaw.


Not everyone can spend the time I do on the mod. Each had a life outside of modding. 


I am very grateful for the time and effort he put in; and inspiration to make Southpaw and dual weilding a feature of this mod.


Thanks for all your help.



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As for Development, we are still progressing very well. MN8R01 has gotten much better with her coding. She is a great map editor too.

She and I are the backbone of the mod. 

She is my wife so we won't loose her.😌


I am looking for others to join the Team to help though, for we can use assistance to free us up for code development. The map needs more plants/grasses to cover some of the lowpoly look. It's a big map area. With others we can take care of missions, cutscenes, etc.


Without map editing help we can do it ourselves, it'll just push first release back.


So no worries this mod will continue as I want to get it out there.


It will be released, it will be fun and new missions will continue to be added after release. I assure you.🤓


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We welcome two new Team members.


DynsPr will take on making the Bow and Arrows. Thank you very much!!


We also welcome: BlueJeansGamer to the Team. He will be enhancing the Map for us.


Welcome to both of you.


Your each great modders and we're happy you have offered to help us.



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Really I mean WOW!!

DynsPr is incredible, absolutely mind blowing. In a few hours he produced some fantastic weapons. 




Bow and Arrows.


Very nice looking. No beautiful.


I need to adjust for the shooting arrows as they twist when shot, but that's on my end. 


I am bummed that his game crashed when installing the mod files, the mod currently has only been installed on my, MN8R01 and flying _bulletzzz. None of us have had issues.

We spent time troubleshooting but didn't resolve issue.

Archives weren't corrupt, and lua_sdk showed no errors.


I will have to wait until my nephew sends me current game version as I am on build 350. 


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MN8R01 has fixed the mineshaft mission. I replaced Spear, Tomahawk, Winchester and Bow. All worked well but I am trying to get anims better for bow shooting. Also need to fix arrow so it flies straight. Been on Discord most of day with Team members. Uploading current build, downloading New weapons.


I'm eager to see Indians shooting real arrows.


We are gaining traction for sure. New Map editor to allow for my focus on scripts. 


It's getting exciting 😁



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Today I get back to code. There are still two missions that need work to update coords to new location.


MN8R01 has been working more on code lately as mappers are stepping up to help. 


Many new ideas of mission, mini missions like ambushed.

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Oh boy, BlueJeansGamer has begun map editing today! 

Whew, that's one more thing I can not have to work on. I like his style and can focus on codes again.

It's time consuming keeping up with the Team but fun and very helpful.


With BlueJeansGamer beginning to work on map this really pushes us closer to first release.


First I will need testers, saavy people who are ready for mod to break/crash give input on what was going on when crash happened.


So if you're reading this and are that kinda cat let me know.

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An issue with an archive was found today.

My game version is build 350 I'm way behind on updating. So I had no revolver or double barrel shotgun and added them to winchester.dlc

This caused errors. I'll try to resolve that but it's blind work for me until my Nephew gets home and sends me my HDD with current game. 


I live waaaaaaay far from towns up in the Rocky Mountains of Arizona and there is no internet but on my phone.


But other than that things are good with mod.




Edited by n8gamez1
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New models coming in, western horse saddle, bridle, resized tomahawk, knife, and bigger bow, quiver, rifle scabbord.

We're rocking now. Map is getting dedicated love.


Codes getting polished, we are making great progress!



Edited by n8gamez1
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DynsPr had been a busy modeller. With a few models per day.

He doesn't know how to do peds... Yet.

Tonight in Discord we were looking at horse saddle for it doesn't fit player right.

He asked if there was a way to get horse model bigger.

I had just been looking for animations tool and found a tutorial by Dekurwinator.

So as he asked I sent him link and blew his mind.


So it looks like he will learn to do Peds. I mean all he texted after seeing link was OMG.

That was an hour ago. I mean we were in mid discussion. Lol🤓👍

Edited by n8gamez1
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I'm starting to feel not many people are interested in this mod. 


25 days ago I began to post mod and there's been 4.4k views but only a few likes, a couple comments and only a 2 following mod.


So please let me know if you like mod or not. I put a Team together, we are each putting a lot of time in it but the other day a modder was offering to help then said not that many people are interested in a Western mod.


So please let us know if this project will be enjoyed or is a Western too slow paced for gameplay.


Thanks. Feed back is important.

Peace, N8Gamez


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Progress was good last night the saddle tested good. 

MN8R01 is getting quiver placement on player and will put arrows in it. I will work on anims to pull arrows from quiver and load bow. Then we have new scabbord to place on player and one for horse. BlueJeansGamer has been working on map edits. Britishdevelopment is still trying to get the animated Stagecoach model done. DynsPr is a mad modeller piping off new models daily, I can't code as quick as he produced models. Tomahawk and spear are mostly done/scripted just a few adjustments to do. flying_bulletzzz has exams but will return soon. MN8R01 has become a great scripter.

Team is strong 💪😎 mod is developing at great pace.


We are getting bugs worked out of the main mod so missions can be added to base mod.


I feel it close to first release.


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babaOrum saves the day!

He can edit horse, so it should have shadow now. He will make it a bit bigger and skinnier to fit ped and saddle better.


Wow, we have a great Team 👏

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DynsPr is on it. He's made his first animated prop after one day study.

This cat is hot on the trail. 


babaOrum is fixing the horse so it is bigger and a bit slimmer to fit saddle and player. DynsPr also updated the quiver so it can hold the arrows better.

MN8R01 is attaching it to Player and putting prop arrows in it.

In the bow test video you can see player reaching to left shoulder, I will hide an arrow in Quiver and put one in his had so it looks like he pulls arrow and loads bow. Like how the spear is pulled from back and given to player to throw and stick in peds, then retrieve the spear.


Might have found someone to make new map, not sure.


I keep seeking more support for Development as mod is taking on great form.



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Oh it on now!!

I just successfully changed the pig into a horse.

Yep. Now I can change some dogs too to add more horses, bears... This is great news. As far as I'm aware we have only been able to replace deer or cow as they are the only large quad Peds in game. But I figured it out.

I had changed animations, navmesh blend outs but the horse was still short, with feet sticking in ground. Then I found pedbounds.xml

And viola! 

A horse that squeels like a pig. I'll change audio too but this is awesome 😁.


Opens up a lot more plus I have deer back in game!


"It's all the way live" by Coolio came on and I spawned first horse. Lol.


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Last Saddle test looks cool, but can you add more frames to player's animations? It works very fast

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11 hours ago, mike43842 said:

Last Saddle test looks cool, but can you add more frames to player's animations? It works very fast

You mean for dismount?

Or both mount/dismount.

I can slow game speed. I am merging several animations to make it look like he's getting on/off.

Also attaching the models. 

Thanks, input is helpful, so I'm asking for a bit more to comprehend.


Please continue to offer criticism. I need it. 

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Minor set back. Was helping someone to make train mod script and he was adding +200 rail cars, custom tracks, props. Major memory issue. Someone made an effort to help and created a dll for him but his cops stopped responding and other issues arose. In trying to help it jacked up my game completely. I had to reinstall.

I told him he's messing with memory too much and pointed to some kid who was complaining that his graphics keep randomly messing up. The kid had +800 vehicle add-ons and was screwing with gameconfig files.


I mean this OCD and need to over load game is rampant in the community.


But I'm back up and running. Touching up the spear toss and bow scripts.





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Figured out why arrows were no longer sticking in peds. I was using is_control_pressed when I should be using is_control_just_released.


Now arrows stick in victim again.

New anims are cleaner so it looks like the arrow left the bow and player is grabbing another arrow and loading bow better. It's tricky for I'm using 2 bows. One with Arrow and drawn string the other with no Arrow and straight string.

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With mod progressing I thought maybe we can do a little open testing.

Here's a teaser of our Spear Weapon.

Install instructions included. I do ask for feed back, keep in mind it's an early release to wet yet whistle. I'm aware of left hand looking a bit strange when aiming. There's no other better animations that I've found.


Install with OpenIV, uses Lua.

Lua.asi included.


The Team hopes you like it.(We do)



Edited by N8Gamez
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Please like if you like the Spear.

Leave feedback too if you had issues/input/ideas.

Peace, N8Gamez

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With all the file sharing I ran out of internet and had to purchase more. This may happen from time to time as I live way off grid and only internet is on my phone. So if I am absent at times no worries mod is still developing. I'm looking at learning C# too. That's what killed my internet, downloading visual studio is like 8gb.

But if I get the hang of C# I'll convert scripts.


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Why not add all the updates and the current progress on the first page of the thread instead of posting one post after the other. It just makes the thread look messy and convoluted.

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