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Drift Wood: Real Wild West game play on GTA V. New teammates!


Recommended Posts

17 hours ago, n8gamez1 said:

Please if someone can upload some Indian ped voices I need the for my Indians. Also maybe some cowboy speech files for I have about 7 cowboys and 5 Indian Peds that are too city.


PM me if you can upload some Ped audio.

Thank you very much 😊


I will include your efforts as part of Dev Team 😉👍

Peace, N8Gamez


Upload them from where? Rip them straight from RDR2 or record custom lines?

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From game files. I'll replace GTAV files with them. Export with OpenIV the file. I'll export wav files to import them.

Edited by n8gamez1
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Sweet, flying_bulletzzz is going to town. New Western cabins, covered wagon, buckboard wagon, stagecoach models on the way!

Mods moving faster with contributors from the GTA community!

Thanks for the assistance 😊.


I am eager to get a release and grateful for the interest and support.

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35 minutes ago, universetwisters said:


Upload them from where? Rip them straight from RDR2 or record custom lines?

Fr the game files would be great.

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Great progress today 🙌.


The IPL load/unload script gave major help!


Currently it unloads map areas of GTAV  which drastically improved performance of mod.


I may do whole GTA map unload with code leaving game structure intact. 


This means better scenery and better gameplay; even on low end devices!


Lots of files to do but so far x64o down to x64u maps are unloaded at startup to improve gameplay!


Yes, just a few thousand lines of code clears OG Map. This might make for a handy thing for map builders.


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Working on map to clear water issue, it floods in a few areas. 


X64m through x64u map IPLs are unloading now and gameplay is greatly improved!


These time consuming efforts have offered a new tool for others. I will look into it more as I am removing the GTAV map including interiors, some mappers may want those interiors accessible. So I may go through to assure they aren't unloaded.


But that's a back burner item for now. The mod owns my time. That's the way I like it. Lol.

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International mod development, America, Germany and Poland. Different time zones. I'm close to sleeping while other models are just beginning to get made. What fun.



Got x64k through x64u map areas unloading. Sweet performance improvement.

Mod is getting more stable.


Spent some time with a couple scripts, cleaning and improving them.


A Good days work.

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Had a tester run current build on LOW END DEVICE. Improved performance was notable. No controller so intro instructions for how to use weapons he was unable to practice. I will make different scripts: one for keyboard, one for controllers. It will be easier for me to do that.

Some issues with Lighthouse mission not loading IPL, oversight on writing IPL load script. I will resolve that this morning.


All in all Good review 👍

5 minutes ago, universetwisters said:

I used this one and did my own dlc. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/red-dead-desert

The other has neon signs, airplanes, gas stations. I want era of 1800's not race track. I changed textures on some buildings and added some other buildings, placed map off countryside coast near zanduco.

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I have 🐝 searching for someone to convert/make a few models:

A Indian Player replacement for Michael.

Convert a sweet 3Ds model of a Wells Fargo stagecoach to a vehicle/trailer.


I have been asking also for voice files from RDR2 to replace the ped voices of Indians and cowboys.


No luck yet but I just sent many requests again today on GTA5MODS.


I sure hope to get some help.


I only have internet access on my phone and RDR2 is download only, no DVD version. So I have to turn to others with RDR2 for sound files.


2 hours ago, universetwisters said:

Is it a no go on exporting audio from RDR2? 

I wasn't clear if you have game or not.

Thanks for your interest in the mod.

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6 minutes ago, n8gamez1 said:

Is it a no go on exporting audio from RDR2? 

I wasn't clear if you have game or not.

Thanks for your interest in the mod.


Yea, I don't have RDR2

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Great News.


I've been asking all over for someone to export Indian ped voices. I got a reply from AWP3RAPTOR who has the Game, OpenIV and an interest in helping.

A Major thank you to him for putting in the effort. OpenIV is not set for RDR2 as it is for GTAV so let's keep our fingers crossed that they are accessible.



More good News. Barak101 a player ped modeller on Gta5mods is interested in making an Indian player ped to replace Michael.




Help feels sooo good.


Big thanks to these guys.

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Made folders of comment types exported audio from first Male Indian ped to replace with Indian voices provided by AWP3RAPTOR; WHILE MN8R01 is working on Female voices. 

One of the Squaws is a_f_y_indian_01. Now she will sound like Native American Indian, Not from India.


We are very excited as we have replaced prologue Brad's voice for horse whinnies and snorts. So we have a good idea of what to do.


Can't wait to hear Indian Peds! 


The audio files AWP3RAPTOR provided give us both male and female as well as Michael, who will be Indian player ped.


It will set us back a bit in development but overall it will improve Mod tremendously!


Map removal of GTAV gave big boost in performance, which allows more grasses, trees etc. Smoother animations and more ped populating.


We are anticipating Cowboy voices to replace peds with. As we are near beach we can replace the beach peds and give new voices too! 

No more Vespucci or cellphone comments.


Wow, it's getting better and better.


flying_bulletzzz is working on cabins, gunbelts..


Barak101 is just starting to make Michael.


This is gonna be a cooler Mod than I could have hoped for.


Big thanks to the Team Members and their contributions!


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Well sometimes stuff happens and this is a sometimes moment.

I don't know how but much went South with hospital reset, IPL loader, ghost_horse scripts. It's 1:26am and I was about to test Indian voices when these issued arose. Most of my day was spent asking on forums for models, audio and I don't recall what I did, but there's a problem.


I'm tired I will start fresh tomorrow on fixing these issues.


That's all part of the mod Dev. Finding problems and making new problems that aren't as bad as the one resolved. A good rest is due. Been at computer steady like 16 hours a day.

Maybe I just need a break.


Well that's the update for June 3. 

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I got the Indian voice files replaced and they sound much better than original ped voice. 

Haven't turned on computer today. Exhausted.


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Major overhaul.

In removing the GTAV map I am considering moving desert over the Airport near the prison.

This would give access to the mountains and caves. It means a big change as most scripts have coords assigned that would need to be readjusted.


The reasons I consider this is the current location is "Off Grid" and there's no navmeshes, I can't adjust water as it's out of boundaries. We could use more area, and pathways. Peds won't disappear into map, I could correct some issues of peds running in circles, animals would spawn easier.

It's a big decision as it will set back any release but give way better abilities.


I am seriously considering this and will test moving map today, MN8R01 can do the ped voices in mean  time. As for the code errors I think I found the issue.


I feel good in my recent consideration with map so I will post later my results.

Edited by n8gamez1
Stupid phone 😠
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Yeah ymap & ybn mover tool has been updated recently. I had issues with version 1 but the new version does what it should. Moves the ybn files too.

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Trying different locations for map. Prison area isn't right.

The new map mover makes it quick and easy.


More Indian voices were imported to Squaws.



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Relocated map from coast of Country Town to other side near Lighthouse. Left cs2 and cs3 map but unloaded most of GTA V map. 


The desert is pushed against the cliffs so it's joined. Now there is wilderness and desert. I am thinking of putting water where the freeway is so the mountains are usable with desert map.


It's very fitting placement. 

There's a lot of code now in need of reworking for I moved map -6100 on X, 1300 on Y and raised it about 5 on Z. But I don't mind as this new location opens up so much more. 


Peds will need to be changed in popcycle as we are closer to land. Traffic too. I removed so very large rocks from desert map I was using, they were too large for all the dense landscape of GTAV. The area near Lighthouse has little going on so the hillsides are extra lush. So removing the rocks helped performance.


The second Indian Squaw voice is done. There's still a Brave and the Chief left to redo. 


flying_bulletzzz is working on a new holster, cabins, the Bow and Arrows, plus his own stuff.


Great days progress.

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I'm still hunting for vehicle Modder to convert stagecoach, flying_bulletzzz doesn't have experience with vehicles.

So if anyone can please PM me.


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Linking scripts to new location, somewhere I lost Lighthouse map but found an earlier version with the map.


Moved it in place to allign with new location. It sits on a high rocky bluff and the view is so much better now with Mountains. I was inspired to make a dive location from the top as it's a long drop. I will assign search light later. 


Got new:

dual holstered gun belts, left and right side gun belts from flying_bulletzzz he updated them with ytd and corrected issues with texture failing on back of player.

Way to go Pal, you've been busy with helping everyday.


Still no luck on making stagecoach into a trailer. 


Well, I'm back to updating coords in the various codes. I'll check in later.

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Canadian mods from Gta5mods site has offered to make the Stagecoach!


How awesome!

 Welcome to the Team 💪.


Edited by n8gamez1
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I have unloaded the City, (x64i and x64j), though it helps the mod performance, I don't think the IPL unloader would be a good tool. The ybn files remain intact, so collision is still there just everything is invisible.

But for our needs it is helpful in reducing draw, thus allowing more memory.


MN8R01 has been helping get codes linked to new location, now that she has finished the Indian voices.


Great Job MN8R01 your a big help, as are all the Team.


Each are working continuously and the set back is getting back on track.


Thanks much to everyone checking out the mod 😊


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Morning as broken as Dev continues.

Canadian mods is making the Stagecoach, it may not have front axel but that's ok. It is a challenge to make this vehicle with no steering wheel, no engine or engine sounds, 4 wheels but front would turn as one, no animations to climb to enter but we are both working together to make it happen.


flying_bulletzzz is working on Bow and Arrows currently which requires some time as there will be 2 bows and the arrow to shoot.

MN8R01 is testing the new location, there was a zlib error we need to figure out. Usually this is a corrupt .rpf so both she and I are looking for resolve.


I sent a message to Barak 101 to find out if he is making the Indian player ped.


The IPL unloader script seem to be working fine.

A tester with low end laptop has seen fps increase.


So all in all things are progressing well.


I still have a boatload of scripts to redo but I knew that when I chose to relocate map.


Well I had my ☕ and it's time to start working.


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Had issues of zlib error. Tried to hunt it down but ended reinstalling game file. 

This was good as it allows me to reinstall mod files and assure everything is good. Which it is.


Another model maker may take on making a farm wagon. That would be 3 vehicles if I include the horse.

Oh boy.

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We want to thank our newest Team Member:

Barak101 for taking on the challenge of making a farm wagon vehicle.

The wagon and stagecoach are a challenge. There are no steering wheel, they have one axel not two front wheels, no engines, no handling files attached and no animations made to board or enter. But they stepped up to the challenge.



Thank you Barak101 for joining us.

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The Intro has been rewritten, the hospital resets is up next for me, MN8R01 has been working on the cows and random animals script and is almost done. Next up for here will be the Indian mission.


Trouble has a way of finding it's way in places. Canadian mods is challenged with Stagecoach. It's a tuff cookie as I said earlier. We have Barak101 who will begin the wagon in a week, maybe he can find some way to make it work once farm wagon is done. 

Still I encouraged Canadian mods to try making it a trailer instead of vehicle. I can script the rest.


In the mean time I have been contacting other modders to make Indian Player Ped and see if I can get another vehicle modeller to give the Stagecoach a shot.


Edited by n8gamez1
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Well I have had two replies so far from modellers brave enough to take on the challenge of making the Stagecoach. This is good. I will give them as much support as I can.

I know it can be done.(I think🤔).



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Britishdevelopment has accepted the challenge of the Stagecoach and Farm wagon!

He makes great models and is confident in making these very challenging vehicles.


Welcome to the Team 💪😎


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