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Drift Wood: Real Wild West game play on GTA V. New teammates!

Recommended Posts

This is a Major conversion of GTAV Map with a new desert and western folk. Missions are developing still and are still made with LUA for Open Source and to show the abilities of LUA.


The Map has been the biggest hold up. We have a great location now and are currently getting it ready.


I will upload a pic of the Map area of Drift Wood once it's all converted.



*All videos are of actual game play tests.


Our new Stagecoach is beautiful!


Kjb33 is making some sweet rides for us!


Here's a video of the Cannon test.


Testing anims and hand swap for Flintlock weapon.


Testing RDR2 radar for Drift Wood Mod. A bit glitchy but a good start.


Here's testing the saddle.


Testing new Bow and Arrow.


Here's a test, THIS IS THE FIRST TEST, of pulling the Stagecoach made by babaOrum. It's not possible in game to pull/push trailers or vehicles. But I found a way to do it. You need more horsepower!


Meet the Hawk. These tests include meeting hunter. I spawn to location then spawn to location of testing peds. 


Here are tests of a double waist holster and three ways of shooting from them.


Here are cowboy character choices, plus cowboy hat choices.


Here is a test showing cowboys and Indians shooting it out.


This shows the Horse and Rider animations like walk, trot, gallop and the slowing from gallop to trot and trot to walk.


Here's the Cast of characters and some weapons testing.



If you like the mod videos give a thumbs up or comment, others may be more inclined to pop in.


Main Dev Team:


N8Gamez - Mod conceiver, main scripter, main mapper, minor model editing, model rigging, dlc packs creator.


MN8R01 - Mapper, minor scripter.


DynsPr - Main weapons modeler.


Duuble AA (DaFryinMaya) - Main Ped/Character's modeller and weapons modeller.


MTN4456 - Modeler:

Red Dead 2 Ped acter models: male and female. 


flying_bulletzzz - Southpaw and double holster models maker.



Convert of our Mountain Map to GTA V! Saddles and buildings too.


Kjb33 - custom stagecoaches, wagons, carts and more!


Alweul -

Technical advisor and custom camera designer for horse riding.





Contributor Mods:


 Jupiter Kasparov - Clean GTAV map ( GTAV map remover.)


Contributors I am asking permission to use their mods but have hard time getting in touch with:

StillDre original Red Desert Map for GTAIV and

Aurthor Loupes - Red Dead Desert convert for GTA V( Who I connected with but informed me Credit goes to StillDre)


Queches13 - The horse model.


Vans123 - Smith &Wesson model 3 revolver.


Non active Team Members:


Here are Team Mates that helped for single projects:


Barak101 - Made Michael an Indian.


AWP3RAPTOR - provider of RDR2 audio files.


babaOrum  - provided a Stagecoach and gave a shot at rescaling the horse.



Here are people that helped us but life gets busy. Big thanks to each for their support with Mod development!


Canadian mods -

Put in effort to make vehicle Stagecoach. Good try, it's a big challenge.



You each deserve credit for your efforts, you inspired me and supported this Mod in  many ways. We will miss each of you.✌


Hard lessons:

Britishdevelopment requested I pay for Zmodeller3 license in order to make - animated vehicles: stagecoach, farm wagon.

I spent $40 for a year license but he has changed his name on Gta5mods and won't answer anything I ask him on Discord. He is/was the only "Team Member" who got paid in anyway to produce for the Mod.

Edited by N8Gamez
Announcing new Team member and New Map!
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Flintlock pistol is almost done, custom loading anims based on Musket.


Double barrel shotgun when aiming can fire single chamber from 'Shoot' button then fire second chamber by letting go of 'Aim' button, for dual trigger firing.

It also can fire double shot with quick 'Tap' of fire button.


RDR2 Minimap is getting close.


Here's a working compass.


Edited by N8Gamez
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18 hours ago, thalilmythos said:

I can't help you because i don't know how, but this seems ambitious so i'm posting to give it attention.


I wish you the best of lucks.

Help come in many ways, like you thanks.

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Weapons so far:


Bow that shoots arrows,

Spear to throw these are each retrievable, so can be pulled from victim they got stuck in.


Colt45 in back waist band for fast action shooting.


Smith and Wesson pistol in a Western style side holster that is pulled out in a couple of ways: draw from holster to aim And/or quick draw where pistol is pulled twirled and shot then returned to holster.


Winchester 44 with a simulated lever action feel and 6 bullets that get pulled from waist belt and loaded one at a time( player health and armour are added during reloading so the player doesn't die).


I will be testing today and might get a video up later.

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23 minutes ago, Gummy  said:

It looks very ambitious and interesting. Good luck.

Thanks, it's getting close to first release. Keep an eye on it. I may have someone to make new bow and better arrows.


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There aren't too many people who use the LUA script hook for GTA V anymore. jedijosh hasn't done any LUA coding for GTA V that I'm aware of either.


May I ask what this LUA script is for? Why are you using gsub to replace false to true? Are you writing this script or editing someone else's script? Could you rewrite this script in a more common language/script hook, such as C#/SHVDN?

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37 minutes ago, Jitnaught said:

There aren't too many people who use the LUA script hook for GTA V anymore. jedijosh hasn't done any LUA coding for GTA V that I'm aware of either.


May I ask what this LUA script is for? Why are you using gsub to replace false to true? Are you writing this script or editing someone else's script? Could you rewrite this script in a more common language/script hook, such as C#/SHVDN?

The "open source" is why I use Lua.

I am able to do many things with Lua. 

I am writing the script.

There are several scripts like one to handle the bow and arrow weapon as seen in video above. Everything in those videos I wrote in Lua format for open source. The animations, blending anims, in many of my scripts like:

hospital resets, riding horse, loading unloading ipl for map, creating file to read from for progressive gameplay.


I have been able to do many things with Lua which can easily be seen and perhaps comprehended by budding modders. Dll, asi... are not open to learn from as easily.


I am amazed at what I can do with Lua, so here I sit on one area I am stumpped on.


I want to be able to append false for true so when a weapon is accessible I can change take to true so next time game starts new weapon is accessible.





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C#/VB.NET scripts (using ScriptHookVDotNet) can be easily made open-source, just like LUA. Instead of compiling the C#/VB project to .dll, just provide the .cs/.vb file. ScriptHookVDotNet automatically compiles .cs/.vb files in the scripts folder.

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21 hours ago, n8gamez1 said:


 Ha, my issue of gsub() writing to end was because I was using append, which writes at end. Lol

Or beginning.


Now using vals={}

I am writing numbers at end which I don't want to do. I'm Trying to figure out how to not write numbers in output.

Any tips are appreciated 😉

Edited by n8gamez1
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I got a message from Kopalov on Gta5mods he did a savehouse Lua mod.

I got great input on tabling converting int to string and in array to write.

My issue of gsub() resolved and writing current values helps me to allow for progressive gameplay, unlocking New weapons. The way I am doing this progressive advances allows a weapon to be unlocked without order of unlock. 


So Indian missions can unlock Bow, Spear but not necessarily in that order.


I just got 2 new 12v batteries with 1,140amp hours each which will be sweet for many times I mod until ninty-million o'clock in the morning.


Oh boy glad those issues are cleared up.



If you have suggestions for what would be cool to see in the mod feel free to reply.

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Today's efforts go toward:

Cattle run missions.


You must protect and deliver cattle.


Wranglers will try to cut your herd, Indians might attack you too.


You can bullwhip or shoot from horse. Or dismount for cover and defend from cover. 


Don't let cattle stray too far or you might loose them, resetting the mission.


I am trying to get branding to work too. Rope cow, brand it and add to your stock. 


Oh boy the mod keeps growing!

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I connected with flying_bulletzzz on Gta5mods. He too is busy on a mod but when done will make a sweet long bow with an arrow to replace the bow and arrows I am currently using.


This is fantastic news! He does great work.


Now to find someone to make Michael into an Indian.

I want to switch between cowboy and Indian player. So cowboy has lasso, Winchester, revolvers whereas Indians have bow, tomakawk and spear.

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Also flying_bulletzzz will make another western holster, for diversity.


Welcome to the Team!


The mod is gaining traction now! 

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Spent last night going the 1,869 item placements to reorganize/create new map IPL's for loading unloading.


flying_bulletzzz has a beautiful long bow and spear model to work up as well as a saddle.

Oh boy. 


I approached another modeller for an Indian player. Fingers crossed.


Fixed dying while on horse, now ped falls off, a ghost of player appears, complains and disappears giving another life to player so you don't die riding; but player can still die once dismounted.


I will give another look into lassoing soon.


I am focused on map right now there are some areas that crash game and I need to fix that.




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Found the errors in map. A couple plants that weren't showing and one bush out of thousands of plants that was crashing the game.


Yea, the map is fine but could use some more foliage to hide the polygons of map in areas.


Organized IPL's better and will begin testing hot loading later.


Yahoo! I found the needle in the haystack.

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There were a few invisible walls found and cleared from Map.


Also I started a surprise feature. I think all will love. 


Cleaned ghost horse script added anims for shooting pistol, so rider pulls gun from holster fires at ped and returns gun in holster.

Edited by n8gamez1
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Now you can lasso peds and drag em through town.


Targeting system needs improvement but the effect is solid.


Cowboy action in motion!!



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Been struggling with targeting system for lasso, plus animation calls.

Got real close but I don't like the targeting system so I am rewriting it after building it most of the day.


Worked on minor issues in ghost_horse, a few unused functions and commented out lines were removed.Also is an issue of lasso textures don't show on first lasso looping. I want to fix that cause he looks cool twirling that rope before tossing it.


I want to be able to select ped with marker so you can choose which ped you want to lasso.  


I tried Ray casting, get_nearest_ped().

I'll try free_aiming next.


I'll look into these later tonight or tomorrow.

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The newest video show dual wield southpaw and right hand revolvers with twin holsters.


I need to fix dual wield the guns come too soon and anims could start a little later.


Great progress 👍.

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Here's my Surprise... A Hawk to attack peds. He's not available when on 🐎 but is a stealthy Hunter/killer. Since your ped isn't attacking there's complete amnesty!


Also I improved the Southpaw so player faces ped to shoot, not firing to off screen(stage right).


The quick draw got touched up too.


Mn8r01 is finalizing a few last edits to map for now. There lots of land still needing grass etc. to cover low poly map.


Found a stagecoach that may work. Asked in a RDD2 forum for audio files of peds to replace with modded peds. Especially Indians!


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Busy day, many edits to the Hawk. New hunter animations and comments put in Hawk intro.


Trying to figure out how to make ped paths where there is no navmeshes.


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Started having an issue with ghost horse script, sometimes there is a model of player standing where horse spawned.


I fixed it before but sometimes you make new errors when fixing one error.


I'm tired today 17+ hours a day at computer trying to get the mod closer to release. 

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Been searching and asking for Indian and cowboy voice files from RDR2 to replace the voices of my Indians and cowboys.


If anyone has RDR2 and can provide them I will include you as mod contributor.


Sure hope to replace those voices, especially the Indian Peds.



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