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found compaq laptop on the curb with Windows Vista


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I't has Windows Vista on it and was left there because half the right hand keys where missing, it booted up and showed  a very  overloaded disktop full of  disktop shortcuts, it had a mother and daughter desktop wallpaper, my friend gave me a old keyboard to use with it!, owe there was two sign in accounts on the laptop


I'm going to use the old laptop to display my favourite games maps  and help documents for my games, the laptop is 17' and was on the concrete in front of the cable box near the plaza I shop at

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It's twelve years old and my Go  flip cellphone has a camera on it!..

I got it to stop going to the  safe screen and formatted the backup drive, the main drive or  partition couldn't be formatted, it has a battery but I doubt it holds 

a charge anymore, power chord needs to be held in place with masking tape


Sorry only was able to take two clear screenshots with my shacky go flip cell,  the rest of the images were too blurry to post


owe it also has a DVDrom drive on it, owe the hd  is 225gb  on it


It well be used for gaming maps, hint sheets and youtube walkthrough's for hard bugged missions on certain games, I think it see's my wifi wireless connections because googles white page search came up on it

Edited by Craigsters
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i suggest find a laptop charger that isn't in poor condition and works with that laptop. and hopefully that hdd holds up and doesn't die on ya. 😎 

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