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Clichés camp disappearing missions not working

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My camp keeps disappearing. Start game at camp no camp. Complete a resupply mission (trader) back to camp. Camp is gone. Put supplies in yellow marker, no rewards no nothing. Pitch camp somewhere else. Travel to it, no camp. Moonshine missions not working. Won't let me in the shack. Stuck on loading screen. Wagon for delivery mission not appearing, so can't do mission.

Loads of clichés last couple of days. Game just doesn't work. Never had so many issues. What are rockstar doing? Any one else having these problems? The game is not playable. I've messaged rockstar. Not expecting a response. Has anyone else had problems and resolved them some how?  

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Lol, I was just gonna ask the same thing. I had a couple of camp spawning and infinite loading screens issues here and there but nothing major. But last two or three days I cannot do anything. Nothing works. I can't set up camp no matter what, can't get into my shack and if by some miracle I get inside and manage start the delivery mission, the wagon disappears upon completion and I lose my moonshine and my money. The game is unplayable.

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I've been having this every day for the whole month I've been playing.  I messaged Rockstar too, even posted a couple of times on their Facebook page.  I gather it's pointless, that they have NO contact with their customers at all.


It's a real shame, they could have something fantastic here, if they just fixed the bugs (and eliminated the omnipresent hacking, which itself might be a source of the bugs).

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