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GTA 4 EFLC missing textures

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Posted (edited)

I've mentioned and tried so many times to get rid of this. The textures start popping and disappearing


This is how the game looks like now. 

I have alot of car mods, and Vucko 5K ENB, I honestly don't wanna lose them all. Even at like 5 car mods the game borks itself. Never happened on my older PC. Even with a lot of car mods. 

I've tried:

-commandline fixes, almost all of them


-compatibility settings



-running without Vucko ENB

-using the memory leak fix (where you trick the game into thinking the res is 800x600)


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Intel Core i5 2400 


Windows 10

I'm really considering GTA V, even though I have it on Ps4, just for the mods. 

Please help. 

Edited by RTechT
"Please help"

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To be honest the games works best in unmodded condition and latest patch. 

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But the point is that the game's driving is excellent for me and it will be so cool to drive a Lamborghini or Beemer or a Knight Rider with those physics. Ik it works well unmodded, but that eliminates my need for the game, I've finished it and don't seriously see more reason to play unmodded version. 

Like I remember on Windows 7, this game never did this. Only the Complete edition does...... Should I get just GTA 4? 

P. S. I'VE TRIED WINDOWS 7 COMPATIBILITY so don't bring that up as a solution

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Ok here's something interesting I've found. Whenever the game starts to do this texture issue, my CPU usage rises to like 80%. Doesn't happen on any other game, games newer than GTA4 i.e. The game did work fine on the same CPU before though....

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