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Red Dead Redemption 10th anniversary


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I didn't know exactly what to expect before I first played but I do know that it changed gaming for me. What a masterpiece!

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1 hour ago, KarimNTerr said:

Started a new playthrough of the game a few hours ago after a long time since I last played it, a couple of years maybe (?), and man... this game on the PS3 looks like a PS4 game, I will never get bored of it and the details are amazing!


I'm still discovering new things, like when I unlocked the second treasure map, the one that leads you to the Rio Bravo area, and a random NPC just outside the Armadillo Saloon said something along the lines of "I know there's a treasure in Rio Bravo, and I'm gonna get it!", and I was like, WOW! :O


Also how you can see...

  Reveal hidden contents

... Dickens laying on the Armadillo doc's bed after you rescue him at the end of his first mission

I was just doing a playthrough myself and found a random event I've never done before. Woman at Manzanita asking me to search the roads for a stolen wagon. When you get close to the wagon you can see vultures circling over it. Thought that was really clever design. This is what sets Rockstar apart from other developers. So much depth to their games. I can't think of any other company with games people are still combing through and finding basic content they haven't seen yet 10-20 years later. 

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Ten years... I remember first playing Red Dead Redemption and its been my favorite game ever since! I personally think it still holds up really well, and I enjoy still playing it

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God damn, and Rockstar didn't even do anything except a tweet. Unbelievable, but not really.


Like others, my favorite moment had to be when Far Away started playing once you reached Mexico. I was no stranger to musical scores in Rockstar's games after Bully, but having that play after the events of the last mission, and the gravity of the situation, holy crap what a moment. The gunplay was solid, the story was solid, all the side activities fit so well with the game and its' world. It's pretty much Rockstar's perfect game in my eyes. One of my all time favorites up there with Max Payne 1.


Really wish there was a PC release of some sorts, but I guess I'll have to wait until Xbox One X prices drop once the new Xbox launches, and even then, I'll still be waiting for Xenia to make some huge leaps in progress so I can experience it on the PC.

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I've been wanting for a remaster/retelling of this story in RDR and hoping that R* would do that in the 10th anniversary. I guess not.

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Wish we could start a movement for them to re-release RDR1 on PC. The full experience enhanced for PC. Multiplayer included in its original form but with an added player count like they did for GTA IV PC. A long time ago they said whenever it was technically and financially possible they would. I'm sure if enough noise was made they would but they are focusing all their efforts on GTAO and RDO so that's a bummer. RDR1 multiplayer kicks them to the curb.

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A little late to the party, but I didn't even realise it was its 10th anniversary.:O


Anyway happy 10th birthday RDR1. This game along with GTA IV, Vice City, RDR2, TLAD, Mafia II etc holds a very special place in my heart. Although I prefer RDR2 overall I'll never forget that fresh experience 10 years ago playing RDR1 for the first time. Such a roller coaster journey, beautiful soundtrack. Just wow. It's a fantastic game.


Speaking of the soundtrack Dead Man's Gun is by far one of my favourte OST songs ever. 



R.I.P John and Arhur. Outlaws to the end, brothers for life.:(


Now I've finished with GTA IV I might boot RR1 back up on my XB1 as I'm playing RDR2 and Mafia II on PS4.:)

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