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Outlaw Biker Viking

Top 10 Most Evil GTA Characters of All Time

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Outlaw Biker Viking
Posted (edited)

Note: This list excludes GTA 1, 2, Advance, and Online characters.


1. Donald Love

Apparently, according to Villains Wikia, he is the only GTA villain (apart from Avon Hertz but he’s from Online so he doesn’t count IMO) to be Pure Evil. I can actually see why based on his performance in LCS.

2. Frank Tenpenny

Worked with the Ballas and other gangs, exploited people’s weaknesses, even ordered deaths of other cops. Need I say more?


3. Trevor Philips

You guys probably saw this one coming from me so I’m just gonna let it be self explanatory.

4. Catalina

She betrayed every man whom she deemed no longer useful to her. She was also borderline as crazy as Trevor in how she went about things.


5. Devin Weston

He never cared about anyone but himself and his businesses. He was also manipulative and a traitor, which didn’t help his case at all, especially where he sent Merryweather to kill Michael’s wife and daughter.

6. Steve Haines

Corrupt FIB agent who cared about nothing and no one. The torture of Mr. K was him at his worst though.


7. Dimitri Rascalov

You can always count on him to stab you in the back. Nice buildup to his true personality by the way.


8. Sonny Forelli

Again, quite a bit of buildup to reveal his true character.

9. Ray Bulgarin

Mostly based on his actions before the events of IV/EFLC as well as shooting and possibly killing his sister just because she was annoying him. The fact that almost immediately afterwards, he sends Luis to pick up a “gift” which turns out to be a severed head of someone Luis and Tony sold the diamonds to only reinforces the negative sentiment.


10. Billy Grey

For using the death of a friend just to steal heroin, banging Johnny’s gf named Ashley while bragging about it, and ratting out his so-called brothers in order for his prison sentence to be reduced.

Feel free to make your own list based on your personal opinions, express your agreement, or express your disagreement.

Edited by Outlaw Biker Viking
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I'd put Toni Cipriani pretty high on the list but I have to agree about Love being the first one. Hands down the most evil personality in the whole series, it's such a shame that we didn't get to kill the f*ck.

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1. Donald Love

2. Marty Chonks

3. Catalina

4. Dimitri Rascalov

5. Frank Tenpenny

6. Ray Bulgarin

7. Devin Weston

8. Trevor Philips

9. Playboy X

10. Toni Cipriani


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#1- Donald Love

#2- Toni Cipriani
#3- Claude

#4- Tommy Vercetti

#5- Dimitri Rascolov
#6- Frank Tenpenny

#7- Eddie Pulaski


#9- Devin Weston

#10- Sonny Forelli

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1. Donald Love

2. Toni Cipriani

3. Claude

4. Frank Tenpenny

5. Dimitri Rascalov

6. Tommy Vercetti

7. Billy Grey

8. Catalina

9. Playboy X

10. Sonny Forelli

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Outlaw Biker Viking

Slightly revised list:

1. Donald Love

2. Catalina

3. Trevor Philips

4. Frank Tenpenny

5. Devin Weston

6. Steve Haines

7. Dimitri Rascalov

8. Ray Bulgarin
9. Jerry Martinez

10. Billy Grey

Edited by Outlaw Biker Viking
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1. Donald Love

2. Eddie Low

3. Toni Cipriani

4. Dimitri Rascolov/Ray Bulgarin

5. Frank Tenpenny/Eddie Pulaski

6. Devin Weston

7. Trevor Philips

8. Armando Mendez

9. Claude Speed

10. Billy Grey

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Toni cipriani

Donald love


Billy grey


Frank tenpenny


Ray Bulgarian

Eddie low

Marty chonks

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