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GTA 4 or Red Dead Redemption 2

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Now I understand the hype for Red Dead 2 has calmed down and not as many people are playing it now, compared to when it launched, but it's a pretty solid rockstar game to me. For me Red Dead 2 is a return to some of the dark and gritty rockstar story telling that was lacking in games like GTA 5, and I feel like GTA 4 is also an example of this same story telling. Personally speaking without spoilers I feel like Red Dead 2 has a very story since it's not as predictable. The characters that you care about get killed in certain missions, which actually got me feeling emotional, and I only felt this same way near the end of GTA 4. So I feel like Red Dead 2 wins in story


Now for gameplay I feel like Red Dead 2 wins again, because in GTA 4 there isn't much customization, and also there isn't as much to do as in Red Dead 2 in free roam. Not only that, but things like the witness system really help me get immersed in the game, because in GTA 4 I can kill someone with no one looking, and I can still get cops, but in Red Dead 2 if I can kill a civilian and even a lawman for that matter, and as long as they're are no witnesses I will not recieve cops. Not only this, but it's fun as hell being able to rob trains, hunt, play blackjack, rob houses etc.. So Red Dead 2 wins


In terms of map, I feel like GTA 4's liberty city is the best map that rockstar have created. It feels like a big city, and I can feel like I'm actually in New York City. But due to the setting of Red Dead 2 doesnt have this, but it has a varied map with a small city. Red Dead 2 makes me feel immersed since everything feels natural, and a lot of random events make the map feel alive. But overall this is a tie for me because I like GTA 4's map due to the big city feel, and I also like Red Dead 2's map.


Physics is the next aspect of these games, and GTA 4's have aged like wine. While Red Dead 2 attempts to make the physics feel as realistic as possible, whereas with GTA 4's it just felt very dynamic. Like when I shoot people in the knee, they start limping, but in Red Dead 2 they dont really do that. Although despite this the gore is a huge upgrade in Red Dead 2 over any GTA game. But nothing can beat GTA 4, so it wins in this regard. 


I feel like that's everything I feel like comparing right now. Again I understand they're both different type of games, but I feel like comparing them anyway. What do y'all think about this ? Do you prefer GTA 4 or Red Dead 2 ? And Why ?

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Algonquin Assassin


I am surprised this one has not been added yet. Useful for ...


I was dreading the day someone would make this thread lol since both of them are my favourites. GTA IV for the GTA series and RDR2 for other R* titles.


In saying that it probably wont come as that much of a surprise, but I prefer GTA IV, but not by much.. Regarding stories I think RDR2 packs a more emotional punch in some ways, but Niko's story is more captivating to me hence why I've played through GTA IV's story so many times. Personally I think they're both great examples of well written stories and quite possibly it was because it was that GTA IV laid down a foundation to inspire the Red Dead series since GTA games never really had stories of that sort of caliber before.


Gameplay and physics I think GTA IV is on the upper end because its side missions interest me more and having access to cars, more modern weapons etc makes it easier to get into. Though I also love RDR2's. Urghh this is painful lol. 


In general while I do slightly prefer GTA IV there's no doubt RDR2 has been a powerful asset and probably the only game recently to challenge GTA IV as my overall favourite R* game. It speaks volume for how great of a game it is.:)

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This is a tough one. My fourth favorite game ever vs 6th. It's kinda hard to be objective when there are two games in two very different time periods so I'm mostly going with my feelings based on their release dates. 


Gameplay:GTA IV



Dialogue:GTA IV




Mission Design:Tied

Protagonist:Arthur Morgan


Final Verdict: Close but RDR2. 




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