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City name colour glitch

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Posted (edited)

I just got an infamous glitch, well as we know in the beta version of the game city names (in the right down of the screen) are colored as the gang controlling that turf (green=GSF/purple=Ballas/yellow=Vagos)

That's how the glitch were triggered for me.

There's a hood that is being attacked by the ballas I've ignore it till the message showed telling me that I've lost influence. That turf appears with gray color in the map and when I enter that turf it name shows with green color.

It's not a problem but I wanna ask you : Do you know this glitch and is it normal or what?


Edited by F5TEARS

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The gray color means that the turf is under mixed control if I recall right. So you would find both GSF and Ballas members there. The colors for the names can be re-enabled via silent patch so if you have that installed then I am saying it is normal.

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On 5/15/2020 at 8:16 PM, F5TEARS said:

Do you know this glitch and is it normal or what?


The colored street names appear when you have two or more gangs mixed with each other. Example if Idlewood is mixed with Vagos and Grove ST then the street would appear a unique lime green depending on the density indicating Vagos and Grove own the area. The street can appear a dark like green if Grove ST has more density but the Vagos gang is still present, vice versa. A unique color can also possibly appear if an area is controlled by Ballas but Grove ST has small density mix to the point where the area is about to go grey the street name would show up as a dark brownish purple color. Happened a few times in my game with a Balla set in LV that was mixed. 

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