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The Destroyed Factory - Mission Pack made by Golden Wolf

Golden Wolf

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Golden Wolf


                                THE DESTROYED FACTORY






Hey guys! My name is Golden Wolf and welcome to my first Mission Pack that I ever made! I hope you'll like this Mission Pack, I put hard work on it. There are 63 missions which are connected to each other and constitute the Mission Pack! ENJOY!



You can download the Mission Pack to play it here: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/56889





Maurice Peterson and his cousin, Patrick Peterson (two boys which joined the Brad Gang to replace Gerald Peterson, Maurice's father and Patrick's paternal uncle after his death) had an important job from their boss, Randy Brad to take care of his factory. Maurice and Patrick left the factory and went to the bar thinking nothing bad can happen with it..But while they were there, an anonymous person destroyed the factory. Maurice and Patrick decide to tell to Randy about the event. Randy becomes mad and tell to Maurice and Patrick that he spent 20.000.000$ in the factory. In this case Randy tell to Maurice and Patrick to make money to reconstruct the factory because they were irresponsible and if they won't do that both of them will be dead. Will Maurice and Patrick manage to make the money and end Randy's fury?






Maurice Peterson





Patrick Peterson






Randy Brad





Walter Ronald






Christian Duke






Logan Roberts







Bobby Rigger






Sebastian Welly







John Earnest







Stanley Nicolas






Jackie Nicolas






Kenny Belt






Drake Welly






Thomas Duke






Vincent Stewart







Adam Miller





  • Freddy
  • Company's Boss
  • Jeremy
  • Jimmy
  • Donald Rigger
  • Andrew
  • Florian
  • Florian's son
  • Terry
  • Mr. Whinkle
  • Brian Sullivan
  • Kadem Sokolov
  • The Informant
  • Pedro
  • Troy
  • Benny











Edited by Golden Wolf
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Golden Wolf
2 minutes ago, MihajloS said:

Looks real interesting!

Thanks man. Play it and give me a feedback after that! 

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