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[VC] Can someone please help me set this up?

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So i found this skin things on the forums for Tommy and the original poster says that it works with every outfit but when i used it it doesn't. I looked around the file folder and i found the cutscence textures and the outfit textures. How do i get these to work? Original post is below.


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1] Download this.

2] Copy and paste the downloaded file SY_Modloader.zip in the GTA VC main directory where gta_vc.exe is located.

3] Right click the SY_Modloader.zip and click extract here. 

4] After downloading the skins, for example 50_CS_Tache.zip, extract it anywhere, copy the player.bmp from the models folder and paste it inside GTA VC\models\generic folder, 

Confirm the replacement.

5] Now copy the whole gta3.img folder and paste it inside GTA VC\modloader folder. 

6] Now copy the tache.bmp file from the skins folder and paste it inside GTA VC\skins folder. 

7] Run the game > Options > Player Skin Setup > Choose the tache. 

8] You're done! Profit!!!

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1. i'd download modloader from link's official source: https://github.com/thelink2012/modloader/releases (you want modloader.zip)

2. install it  (copy the modloader folder and modloader.asi to the same folder where the gta vc .exe is)

3. download my mod and extract it

4. then copy the extracted folder to the modloader folder

(for example: gtavc/modloader/CS_Wild/) (models and skins folder should be in CS_Wild itself)


that should do the trick iirc


othwerise, you could edit the gta3.img itself, where for exampe you took IMGtool 2.0, opened gta3.img and replaced the CSplay.txd files yourself


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The link I provided also contains actual modloader, but the zip contains the asi loader also, so the user won't have to download it separately. 

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