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is there an easy and painless way to complete wrong side of the track

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i have play this mission for weeks and its hard

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lil weasel

You could just build up your skill with Desert Eagle (One shot kills), or M4 (four or five shot kills) M4 is found at the end of the Airport Runway. And the Desert Eagle in the S/E corner of the Beach area next to the Dock behind a wall right by the Highway, under a billboard.

And then,

Just ride ahead of the train a bit. Jump off the Bike and auto-aim blast the Mex.

Repeat as necessary.

When riding ahead of the train be sure to keep its BLIP on the radar (or you will fail due to poor programing).

thus No fancy Riding Skill or Missed timing on the Jump.

Don't worry about leaving Big Smoke behind either.


OR Else: Ride parallel to the ‘Star & stripe’ on the locomotive on the far side of the other set of rails. Big Smoke must keep shooting almost all of the time. (not proven, yet, but Big Smoke’s ability may be linked to CJ’s skill.)

http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=194678] Wrong side of the Tracks mission



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Carl Theft Auto
Posted (edited)

You can give me your Savefile and I'll complete it for you. If you want,



Edited by Carl Theft Auto

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Use gtasnp >> upload >> done.

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Posted (edited)

Although the best strategy is to ride on the far-right end of the tracks to improve Smoke's accuracy you could also get a rocket launcher. You can easily get into the LS airport and then you just have to fly the Dodo up to the rooftop of a building in Downtown (see map). Then start the mission, ride in front of the train and make a few precise shots.


The again I think the best way to beat it clean, no trickery. Most of the times people ride too close to the train and that is their problem.



Edited by GhettoJesus

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