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Names for Arthur’s Horses

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We learn in the Bruised Ego mission that Arthur’s previous horse was Boudicea, the name of a Celtic folk hero (a Welsh Queen). I like to continue that theme when naming his future horses.

For males I use: Cormac, Fionn, and Taranis. For females I use: Morrigan, Rhiannon, Cerridwen, Brigid, Coventina, and Rosmerta. 

Certain names I’ll keep to certain breeds, such as Taranis being the Gaulish thunder god, I’ll assign him to a draft or war horse.

My current play through has Arthur atop a dark dapple-grey Hungarian Half-bred (stolen from bounty Albright) named Morrigan (Celtic goddess of death and war).


How do you all name Arthur’s horses?

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Mahogany Bay Tenesse Walker(His first horse) > Copper (because its Arthurs old Dog's name)

Dappled Black Throughtbred(special edition) > Boadicea II (Boadicea was Arthur's old horse)

White Arabian > Snow (Because i found it on snowy area)

Ardennes(Pre-order horse) > War (Because its called War horse :) )

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Cutter De Blanc
Posted (edited)

Iron Grey Roan Ardennes- Rozinante after Don Quixote's horse


Reverse Black Dapple Thoroughbred -Queen Anne after the famous horse race 


Tiger Stripe Bay Mustang- Llamrei after King Arthur's horse 


Raven Black Shire- Django after Django from the original movie (about the dude dragging a coffin, not Jamie Foxx)


I've really only reasonably used these 4 horses as my main horse the entire time I've played. 


I refer to the Rose Gray Bay Arabian as Hengroen, after King Arthur's other horse, but I never made it my main horse.

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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Posted (edited)

I prefer old German names but many of them don't go through the profanity filter. Even Adolf is not allowed I bloody have family with that name!


Other names triggering the profanity filter:





I don't know what my people have ever done wrong to deserve this.


Edit: if anyone is drawing a ww2 card on me that's not valid. I don't call my horses KikeErase1488 or anything like that.

Edited by FrancisMcReary

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In ly first playthrough, every horse I owned had a name that started with the letter "G":

-My first horse, a Morgan : Gus.

-My main horse : Gary.

-The white arabian horse I found : Grace (Female)

-My end-game horse : Gabe.

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I name the very first horse after Arthur's son, Isaac, but I don't do that until about halfway through the game. All of my other horses are named off the top of my head at the spur of the moment. 


Names I've used before: Montgomery, Jiffy, Lucky, Sanchez, Cassie, Edelweiss, Rose

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