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Do you remember any shenanigans/stories you want to share from your elemantary/highschool days?

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Saran Wrapped the principal's entire car with a LOT of saran wrap for a senior prank...probably be considered vandalism today.

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Sophomore - senior.


- mate left his macbook unattended, we shared gay pr0n on his facebook

- all boys went to school drunk after we threw a legendary party the night before

- drinking ''soda'' in the class before TGIF bar

- jumping out of windows to skip mandatory lectures in the ball room successfully

- having sex in the lockable group rooms and classrooms during/after school

- getting stoned before class

- lacing coffee with bourbon

- hiding in the basement

- made a popular meme page regarding the school, got snitched on


I know all that is considered degeneracy rather than shenanigans, but we all had a good laugh back then. Good times indeed.


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I got my ass beat a few months back because I accidentally keep fouling in a 2v2 basketball game that I really didn't take seriously and they weren't even hard fouls.

Dude couldn't shoot for sh*t,everytime he went for a 3 pointer I just waited for the rebound.Only thing the sucked is that my hand got f*cked up and I couldn't play games properly for a few weeks.

                        I hate middle school with a passion and I can't wait to be out of education in 2025🙏🏿



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Posted (edited)

High school freshman year 2010-11. Some guy took my notebook because he thought it was his but it clearly had my name on it they probably looked similar and thats what caused the confusion. Anyway I take it back when he's not looking. Dude tells the teacher someone took it. Teacher tells people to speak up and say who took it. I say nothing. We wait until the end of class guy still thinks his notebook is missing teacher says someone better give it back or he's keeping the entire class for a few minutes.


I say nothing like a boss and we stay for like 5 minutes lol. Mind you this is a catholic high school and during one of our theology classes. I didn't give a sh*t.

Edited by Zello

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Grotti Vigilante

Near the end of the second-to-last academic year, sports day was coming up. Now even though I'm a martial artist and gym-goer, I still hate sports day, especially since we never had to take part in it and therefore I was just sitting around last time doing nothing. As such, me and my group of cronies all decided to collectively bunk off. I planned to stay off the days prior so I could realistically pass myself off as ill, two of them were able to convince their parents to let them stay off, but the fourth one wasn't able to get his day off. Determined not to do it, I jokingly suggested that he tell the school he had a dentist appointment, which he had due anyway and thus a reason to stay off, but he couldn't. However, I didn't think he'd actually do it, and as such despite not being able to get a new appointment, he told the school anyway through an email he set up in his parent's name, and then he pretended to leave for school while sneaking over to his friend's house.


However, it turns out for whatever reason, the school called his parents and asked where he was, and soon she tried to contact him. So at this point you'd think he'd just own up given how he was caught red-handed, yeah? Well, in a state of panic, he made the incredibly stupid decision to turn off his phone and watch a film, and when he turned it back on he found several missed calls and a text message threatening to call the police. Ever so luckily he managed to call back before that happened, but he was in deep trouble! The next day he told me everything, and he lost his break period as punishment and had to be on supervision all morning. Later, we were all brought up and asked to see some teachers who were suspicious at the fact the four of us all stayed off on the same day. I explained my own situation, and thanks to being three steps ahead and bunking off, I got off scot-free! For me it all went right, but for him it all went wrong, and it will never not be funny! 

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