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Luna Lovegood

Why fictional president names?

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If they were meant to exist in the same universe, there is no way that the writers would have characters talking about New York and California instead of Liberty City and San Andreas.  

They are both major components of the GTA universe that get mentioned across the GTA games.  There is just no way the Howsers would have let that oversight happen, particularly given that the game took something like 5 or 6 years to make.

There has also never been a reference to a major Red Dead location like St Denis or any of the Red Dead states in GTAV or online, and they have had many, many opportunities to drop such a reference.


I don’t know why they made that creative choice.  Even though the games do have a different tone, they are separated by century, so it’s not like they would ever be stepping on each other’s toes from a narrative perspective.  But that is the choice they made.

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Posted (edited)

You said that there were no references but there are several.

...just as I and several others have pointed out.


Here are a few more...


Madam Nazar has her own mini game The Casino update.


You can call Madam Nazar in GTA Online.


There's a Red Dead t-shirt.



Time code 07:25



City names are irrelevant in this case.

Especially when weighed against all the connections.


Here's another reason...


If I mention GTA, Rockstar, and California...

What comes to mind?


How about GTA, Rockstar, and New York?


And lastly, Florida?


Now throw into the mix the fact that Rockstar continues to release updates that are directly contradicting these ideas.

If that doesn't give you pause, then I don't know what will.


As I said in a former post...

There are even more connections.

Most are just simply overlooking them.

Edited by Deadman2112

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