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A4 Tech mice software safe to use with Gta Online

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Anybody have experience with using A4 Tech mice and its software and playing Gta Online? Is there a risk getting banned for using it? Reason i'm asking this is that whoever is playing Gta Online on pc platform is walking on thin ice because of R* anti-cheat and what it can detect as false positive and suspend player account for 1 month which basically means loosing every property and item.


From what i've read in some games like Rust and Counter Strike using A4 Tech mice is forbidden because of macro that you can customize in software that can grant unfair advantage for players such as automatic firing on some guns that are semi-auto or burst only and no recoil. I'm PVE player and i'm mainly playing Gta Online and i'm planning on using software to customize RGB and nothing more and the reason i'm buying A4 Tech P85 is for it's design, customizable RGB scheme and good sensor for price that i'm paying. 


I don't know if this is right sub-forum to ask this question and maybe i should've posted this in online help one, but i'm hoping someone can answer if i should risk using this mouse. I already asked someone in Gta online sub-forum on unrelated topic and that person said it was safe to use mice software because anti-cheat is not detecting it as malicious, but i wanted to see more opinions.

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I don't think that they can ban users in any game for using a specific mouse nor do I think that special buttons on mice constitute cheating. It's sort of like how a lot of gamers use the built in cross-hair on their monitor for weapons like snipers. They can't exactly monitor any of that with anti-cheat.

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