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[PC] Seismic Gaming Clan Recruitment!


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We are Seismic gaming, a multi-game community with over 2000 members.


We value the social aspect of gaming above all else and always push to make our community more like a family each and every day.


We have members from all over the world meaning wherever you live, we always have someone ready to play with you.


The GTA division is a newly reformed Division within the Seismic gaming community. At the moment, we only have a few members but are still very active. We gladly help each other out with heists, selling products, etc. Once we gathered enough Members, we plan to do different Events every week.


In Seismic, we have many other divisions that we separate into different divisions for ease of member access. These divisions include games such as:


Destiny 2
Call of Duty
Rainbow Six Siege
Monster Hunter: World
Rocket League
Apex Legends


Meaning even though you may play more than just GTA, we can still provide you with a community for the other games you might play.


On top of that we host servers for games such as Rust and Space Engineers, and we also have, of course, the general gaming channels for people to play whatever they like.


If Seismic sounds like the place for you, head over to our website at https://seismicgaming.eu/ and send us an application telling us about yourself.

Discord activity is required https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/seismic_gaming/wall


We look forward to receiving your application!


Happy gaming


Edited by SG_Tim
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